How Small Business Owners Can Strategically Edit Their Facebook Name

As a small business owner, the name displayed on your personal Facebook profile can significantly impact your branding and online presence. According to research, 93% of small business owners use Facebook to market their business. With over one billion daily active users, standing out on Facebook is critical for entrepreneurial success.

That‘s why understanding how to edit your Facebook name can give your small business a competitive advantage. This guide will walk through the name change process while outlining key strategic considerations for small business owners.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Updating Your Facebook Name

  1. Click on the down arrow in the top right and select "Settings & Privacy"
  2. Click “Settings” in the left sidebar
  3. Under "Personal Information," select "Name"
  4. Edit your first and last name
  5. Review Changes and confirm by entering password
  6. Click "Save Changes"

Tip for Business Owners: Add your business name or branding into your updated name for marketing purposes.

For example: Mary Smith, Founder at ABC Company

Why Editing Your Name Matters for Small Business Branding

As a small business owner, strategic name changes allow you to:

  • Incorporate your business name for branding
  • Add credentials to establish authority (Dr., CEO, Founder)
  • Include context about your business
  • Increase search visibility by optimizing name

Statistics show profiles with strategic names see 25% more engagement.

For example, “Jane Smith” could change name to “Jane Smith, Founder at Smith Coffee Co."

Example of Facebook name with business branding

Best Practices for Updating Names as a Small Business Owner

When editing your Facebook name for business purposes, keep these guidelines in mind:

Reflect Current Role: Update as your position changes (Founder, Marketing Director, President)
Mind the 60 Day Limit: Facebook only allows 1 change every 60 days
Check Policy Requirements: Use authentic names displayed on legal documents
Add Context If Needed: Include middle name if common first/last name

Key Takeaways

Editing your Facebook name offers small business owners distinct marketing advantages and should align to current branding and positions. Follow Facebook policies, highlight credentials, and incorporate strategic elements into your name.

I‘m always happy to offer personalized guidance to small business owners looking to optimize their Facebook presence. Please reach out with any other questions!