The Complete Guide to Downloading Videos from Facebook

As a serial entrepreneur who frequently creates video content for marketing, I know how useful it can be to download videos from Facebook for offline viewing or use in your own projects. However, it‘s essential we do this responsibly and legally.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll share my best practices on downloading Facebook videos based on extensive research and real-world experience.

Why Download Facebook Videos?

Over 8 billion videos are viewed daily on Facebook, making it a prime source of viral, educational, inspirational and entertaining video content. Reasons why entrepreneurs like yourself may want to download Facebook videos include:

  • Saving precious memories and moments
  • Re-watching tutorials, how-tos, recipes etc. offline
  • Using clips in your own presentations, projects or compilation videos (with permission)
  • Viewing content on planes, subways or other places with no reception

However, it‘s critical we respect content creators‘ ownership and get consent where required.

Methods to Download Videos on Desktop

There are several straightforward methods to save Facebook videos on your Windows PC, Mac or Linux computer:

1. Browser Extensions

Dedicated browser extensions like Video DownloadHelper (Chrome and Firefox) make downloading videos a breeze. Just install, open the video on Facebook, and click the extension‘s download button next to the address bar. This is my personal favorite method.


  • Simple point-and-click downloading
  • Supports many sites beyond just Facebook


  • Need to install extension first

2. Online Converters

Alternatively, you can use online tools like and Just copy and paste the Facebook video URL into the site to generate a download link.


  • No software installation required


  • More ads and popups
  • Need to copy/paste URLs for each video

3. Facebook Video URL Hack

You can also hack the Facebook video URL to force a download prompt:

  1. Copy the video URL
  2. Paste it into your browser‘s address bar
  3. Replace "www" with "mbasic"
  4. Press Enter and right-click the video to "Save Video As"

This tricks Facebook into thinking you‘re on a mobile device.


  • Doesn‘t require any extra software or sites


  • More complex process

Downloading Facebook Videos on Mobile

Saving Facebook videos on your iPhone, Android, or tablet is also easy with the right apps:

  • iOS: Documents by Readdle +
  • Android: Facebook URL + FB Video Downloader

I explain step-by-step how to download Facebook videos on mobile devices here.

Responsible Video Downloading

When saving any media from Facebook or other sites, there are important ethical considerations:

  • Verify share permissions: Public videos = OK, Private = No
  • Don‘t reupload anywhere without explicit consent
  • Credit original creators
  • Check video licenses like Creative Commons for reuse guidelines
  • Seek permission from friends before sharing their content

Think twice before downloading and ultimately respect content owners. Violating Terms of Service risks account suspension plus legal consequences.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

John Smith
Founder, Smith Social Media