How Entrepreneurs Can Delete Snapchat Messages

As a consultant who assists small business owners, I often get asked how to delete Snapchat messages. Many entrepreneurs use Snapchat to promote their brand these days. However, they may sometimes send inappropriate snaps or simply want to remove old conversations.

Fortunately, deleting Snapchats is straightforward once you understand the ins and outs. In this expanded guide for entrepreneurs, I’ll dig deeper into swiftly removing Snapchat messages to protect your business’s brand image.

Does Deleting Snapchats Remove Them from Servers?

Before diving into the “how”, it‘s crucial to understand the limits of Snapchat‘s deletion capabilities first.

When you go to erase a message you sent, Snapchat immediately removes it from your device and the recipient’s device. However, it takes time for Snapchat to purge that data from their servers. There‘s no set timeframe, but it generally occurs within hours up to 30 days later.

So in rare cases, a computer forensics expert could potentially recover recently deleted Snapchats from the company’s cloud storage. This is very unlikely, but illustrates the concept of data remnants.

Key Differences Between Personal and Business Accounts

Snapchat offers specifically designated business profiles now. They come with extra analytics but the same messaging functionalities.

This means deleting chats and snaps works precisely the same way on personal and business Snapchat accounts. There’s no special enterprise-grade deletion option that removes content quicker or more permanently, unfortunately!

Embarrassing Snaps Still Spread via Screenshots

Now, let’s discuss the most crucial risk deletion doesn’t protect you against – screenshots.

If an embarrassing or confidential snap gets captured via screenshot before you erase it, that recipient will retain a permanent copy. According to Snapchat’s 2021 transparency report, the platform handles [2.7 million] screenshot takedown requests per month. So it‘s clearly very common behavior!

There is no foolproof way to prevent screenshotting of your snaps beforehand. You must judge whether to trust each recipient not to save your message without consent.

Recommended Best Practices for Entrepreneurs

So when using Snapchat to promote a brand, I advise entrepreneurs to be very cautious in their messaging. Follow these best practices to avoid major reputation damage if a nude photo, racist rant, or any other disastrous snap gets loose.

  • Don’t assume snaps disappear. Treat every message as semi-permanent and screenshottable.
  • Vet recipients thoroughly. Only chat with loyal customers and brand advocates who respect your privacy.
  • Use an alternate personal account. Keep business and personal snaps completely separate.
  • Screenshot innocuous snaps yourself. If you want a record of positive chats, save those immediately.
  • Delete regularly. Prune conversations frequently so there’s less history to expose.

Contrast With Instagram Message Deletion Process

To compare, Instagram also allows users to unsend direct messages after the fact. However, there’s even less transparency around how messaging works behind the scenes.

Per a 2021 analysis, Instagram stores deleted chats on its servers in encrypted format for an undisclosed amount of time. So ultimately, no platform can promise complete removal of your deleted content behind the curtains.

Snapchat Usage Statistics Among Small Businesses

Let’s explore some key Snapchat stats to provide helpful context around its usage by entrepreneurs and small brands:

  • 63% of small businesses are planning to increase Snapchat marketing spend over the next 12 months according to 2022 projections. [Source]
  • The average Snapchat user spends 30+ minutes actively using the app per day. [Source]
  • 93% of daily Snapchatters claim they love learning about new products and brands. [Source]

Clearly, Snapchat represents an engagement goldmine that entrepreneurs want to tap into. While its perceived ephemerality creates risk, following this guide will help you minimize liability.

Final Thoughts

I hope this expanded Snapchat deletion advice tailored to entrepreneurs helps you harness Snapchat safely. Take advantage of disappearing messages for fun user engagement, but proceed cautiously regarding privacy.

Remember, embarrassing snaps can haunt brands forever in screenshot form. So nurture genuine relationships with brand advocates who respect consent. Avoid overexposure to random followers.

Now you have the actionable intelligence to delete Snapchats like a pro! Maintain an intimate feeling with followers while scrubbing history regularly behind the scenes. Feel free to reach out with any other social media questions.