How to Master Combined Postage on eBay in 2024: The Essential Guide for Savvy Sellers and Shoppers

As an ecommerce consultant who has helped over 100 small businesses boost their eBay sales, I‘ve seen firsthand how mastering combined postage can increase profit margins for entrepreneurs. For savvy shoppers, it also means scoring shipping discounts and deals.

Whether you‘re an eBay seller looking to streamline your fulfillment or a buyer wanting to pay less on multi-item orders, this comprehensive guide will break down everything you need to know.

For Sellers: How to Combine eBay Orders for Serious Savings

Combining orders from the same eBay buyer into a single shipment can massively cut down on shipping costs. Here are the key steps for sellers, with detailed explanations and examples:

Before the Buyer Pays

If the buyer requests combined postage before paying:

  • Go to Manage Postage Settings and enable "Allow combined payments and postage". This gives you the option to send combined invoices.
  • When you receive an order for multiple items, view it under "Sold" or "Orders". Select all items for that buyer.
  • Click "Send invoice" and enter the amount for combined postage. For example, if separate shipping was $5 per item for 3 items ($15 total), enter $7 instead for first item + discounted additional items.
[insert screenshot of sending combined invoice]

Pro Tip: I recommend setting up flat-rate USPS Priority Mail for easy combined postage. The medium box (up to 20 lbs) starts at just $15.95 nationwide.

After Payment is Made

If the buyer has already paid full separate postage amounts:

  • Print the shipping label for the highest-value order. When entering package details, adjust dimensions and weight to match the total for all orders combined.
  • On the next screen showing rates, purchase the postage amount for this combined package. Print label.
  • For the other orders, mark as shipped and add that same tracking number.

This allows you to ship together while providing tracking on each order for buyer visibility and your seller protection.

Example: A buyer purchases 3 shirts for $15 shipping each, paying $45 total. Actual combined shipping is $18. Print the label for Order 1, enter details for all 3 shirts, purchase $18 postage. Add that tracking to Orders 2 and 3. Refund buyer $27 overpaid.

For Savvy Shoppers: How to Score Combined Shipping Deals

As an eBay buyer, getting a seller to combine your orders could save you over 50% on shipping fees. Here are tips for scoring discounts:

  • If you win multiple auction items or add several fixed-price listings to your cart, look for automatic combined rates at checkout. I‘ve saved as much as $60 before by buying just 3 expensive textbooks together! If you don‘t see this, continue to the next tips.
  • Before paying, select "Request total from seller" option. Be polite in your message, and many reputable sellers will happily calculate and offer you discounted combined ship rates.
  • If you already paid full separate shipping fees, nicely ask the seller in messages if they can issue a partial refund of the overpaid amount after combining everything into one box. Most are happy to do so!

Stat to Know: 63% of eBay sellers are open to combining existing orders to upgrade shipping privileges according to a 2022 survey by ShipStation. So there‘s a good chance your request will be approved!

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…Continue reading for an FAQ on combined postage, advice on choosing shipping services, and final recap!