How to Change Your Name on Facebook in 2024: An Expert Guide for Entrepreneurs

As a small business consultant who advises entrepreneurs on social media best practices, one of the common questions I receive is: "How do I change my name on Facebook?"

Whether you‘re rebranding your business Facebook page or updating your personal account after a legal name change, changing your name on the world‘s largest social network may feel daunting.

Rest assured – Facebook offers users the flexibility to change names with proper documentation and verification. By following Facebook‘s name policy and the step-by-step guide below, entrepreneurs can seamlessly transition professional contacts, friends and family to their new moniker.

When Entrepreneurs Should Change Facebook Names

Before we dive into the "how", let‘s explore common reasons entrepreneurs change Facebook names:

Rebranding Business Pages

82% of small business owners use Facebook to market their ventures. As your brand evolves, you may opt to change your business‘ name on associated Facebook pages.

Pro Tip: Temporarily unpublish pages before name changes to avoid confusing followers.

Personal Legal Name Changes

Whether you took on a partner‘s last name post-marriage or finally made your business legal entity name your personal name, legal name changesrequire updating Facebook identities.

Gaining Discoverability

While risky, some creators or personal brands choose new monikers more likely to stand out in searches. This can improve discoverability but sacrifices existing connections.

Facebook‘s Strict Name Policy Guidelines

Facebook maintains strict rules around names to ensure authentic identities, prevent impersonation and foster genuine connections. Before attempting a name change, review the key name policy rules:

✅ Use your authentic first and last legal names

❌ No symbols, unusual punctuation, ALL CAPS, repeating characters

❌ Don‘t include titles like CEO or Dr.

❌ No fake, impersonator or misrepresentative names

Failing to comply can lead to rejected name change requests or disabled accounts

Step-By-Step Instructions to Change Names

Without further ado, here is the full walkthrough to change your name on Facebook:

  1. Click the down arrow in the top right corner
  2. Select “Settings & Privacy” then click “Settings”
  3. Choose “Personal Information” from left sidebar
  4. Click “Name” and enter your new first or last name
  5. Review changes and click “Save Changes”

And you’re all set! But let‘s address some common follow-up questions:

Do I Need to Provide Documentation?

If your name aligns with the policy rules, no further verification is needed (unless changing from an established name). Legal name changes may require confirming documents.

Can I Restore My Previous Name?

Luckily, you can revert your name within 14 days without renewed documentation. Beyond that, you‘d need to re-verify your identity.

Best Practices for Entrepreneurs

As a consultant focused on entrepreneurial success online, I recommend entrepreneurs coupling Facebook name changes with the following best practices:

  • Update Profile & Page Photos: Choose new profile pictures easily identifiable to new and old contacts.
  • Notify Contacts: Use built-in Facebook tools to proactively notify higher priority connections.
  • Review Previous Posts: Scan old posts/comments for confusing references to your new name.
  • Simplify with Social Media Management Tools: Use preferred social media management platforms to efficiently align name changes across all networks.

Troubleshooting Problems with Facebook Name Changes

Despite the process being straightforward for most, issues can arise. If you encounter problems, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Verify name complies with policy (no symbols/titles/fakes names)
  • Use desktop rather than mobile apps to sidestep device issues
  • Passport names require legal documentation
  • Ensure recently changed phone numbers match latest Facebook account details
  • Check if you already hit the once per 60 days limit

Stuck or need personalized advice? As a consultant, I‘m happy to help entrepreneurs resolve Facebook name change problems and advise on best practices tailored to your brand strategy.

I hope this comprehensive expert guide empowers entrepreneurs everywhere to seamlessly change their names on Facebook. Best wishes for your continued growth and success!