How to Change Your Facebook Email for Business in 5 Simple Steps

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, your Facebook presence is invaluable for networking, finding new contacts, showcasing your brand, and connecting with customers. However, you may find yourself wanting to change the email associated with your Facebook account for various reasons.

Having separate personal and business emails on Facebook can help entrepreneurs stay organized, build professional connections, and keep different types of communications streamlined. Fortunately, updating your Facebook email is a quick and straightforward process.

Why Change Your Facebook Email for Business?

There are a few key reasons an entrepreneur may want to change their email on Facebook:

  • Separate professional contacts from personal ones: 60% of small business owners use Facebook to network and find new business contacts. Having distinct emails helps keep these contacts organized.
  • Distinguish between personal and company communications: A separate business email allows you to easily filter and manage Facebook notifications related to your brand.
  • Present a professional appearance: An email like [email protected] looks more official than a personal gmail address when connecting with partners.
  • Enhance account security: Using a unique business email and password prevents personal account access if credentials are compromised.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Changing your Facebook email only takes a few minutes. Follow these simple steps:

1. Access Your Facebook Settings

On desktop, click the down arrow > Settings & Privacy > Settings. On mobile, tap the three lines > Settings & Privacy > Settings.

Facebook settings dropdown on desktop

2. Open Contact Info

Choose Contact on desktop or Personal Information > Contact Info on mobile.

3. Change Your Email

Delete the old email and type your new business email. Click Add Email Address. Check your email for a confirmation link and click to verify.

4. Make Primary (Optional)

Designate your business email as primary for associated communications.

5. Save Changes

Don‘t forget this final step for changes to take effect!

Security Consideration

For an extra layer of login protection, enable two-step verification under Security and Login in your settings.

Illustration: Facebook two-step verification settings

With over 60% of small businesses leveraging Facebook to find new contacts, it’s important for entrepreneurs to showcase professionalism and keep their brand communications organized.

By dedicating a business email to your Facebook presence and connecting collateral like Instagram or Oculus, you can easily distinguish company notifications and contacts. Streamlining all communications through a single mailbox allows busy owners to respond promptly to sales inquiries, partnership opportunities, and customer requests coming through various platforms.

As an entrepreneur and marketing consultant focused on crafting brands through digital engagement, I highly recommend reviewing all public-facing touchpoints on at least an annual basis. Are your emails, social media pages, and websites putting your best foot forward as your business evolves? Do they present cohesion aligned with your brand style guide?

Keeping presentation professional on Facebook while separating business interactions is a small but mighty step every founder should consider.