How to Change Country on Amazon: A Guide for Small Businesses

Expanding your ecommerce business internationally on Amazon? Changing your Amazon country opens up localized marketplaces, customers, and exclusive business opportunities. As a small business consultant, I‘ve helped many entrepreneurs navigate this process successfully.

Access New Customers and Marketplaces by Changing Countries

Over 50% of Amazon‘s annual revenue comes from international markets. Tap into new demographics and geographies by changing your account‘s country setting.

For example, changing to Amazon Canada opens a marketplace with over 2 million weekly users. France has over 8 million weekly Amazon users you can access.

Start selling to more customers located in your target countries when you switch your Amazon setting.

Change Countries to Manage Listings and Sales Locally

Amazon country settings dictate how you manage your seller account. By changing your country:

  • List and sell items in local currency. This saves cross-border fees.
  • Update shipping rates and options per marketplace.
  • Run promotions and ad campaigns targeting each country.
  • Optimize listings for local SEO requirements.
  • Review analytics and reports by specific country.

Localized management helps you optimize conversion rates and transactions in each international market.

Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Account Country

Ready to expand your ecommerce borders? Here is how to change countries on Amazon as a seller:

  1. Log into Seller Central and go to Settings > Account Info
  2. Select Change next to Country Settings
  3. Choose your new country from the drop-down menu
  4. Click Update Country to confirm

It can take 24-48 hours for the change to fully take effect across your account. Listings may be inactive during this transition.

Managing Amazon Prime by Country for Maximum Benefits

Over 50% of US households have an Amazon Prime membership. This increases to 60% in markets like Germany.

Offer Prime-eligible products to increase conversion rates among these loyal buyers. When changing countries:

  • Check Prime program benefits and eligibility by market. Offerings vary.
  • Localized Prime shipping speeds depend on logistics networks.
  • Manage Prime pricing and promotions separately per country.

Fine-tuning your Prime participation improves customer experience and satisfies members in each marketplace.

Optimizing Shipping and Logistics When Selling Internationally

Changing Amazon countries means adapting your ecommerce logistics and shipping. Consider these factors:

  • Amazon‘s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service is available globally. Evaluate FBA vs self-fulfillment in each country.
  • Research popular shipping carriers, rates, and options in new target markets.
  • Take tax and duty implications into account when shipping internationally.
  • Adapt returns and exchange policies to fit cross-border ecommerce.

Reviewing logistics per country reduces delivery costs and transit times for buyers.

Get Local Support from Amazon on Changing Countries

Encountering any issues when changing marketplace settings? Amazon offers country-specific seller support channels:

  • Contact support teams in your language after changing countries.
  • Schedule 1:1 support sessions for guidance on international selling.
  • Join Amazon‘s Seller Forums to connect with ecommerce entrepreneurs in each country.
  • Access educational resources tailored to each region.

Getting localized assistance ensures a smooth transition to new global marketplaces on Amazon.

Expanding Your Ecommerce Horizons

As an entrepreneur, changing your Amazon country unlocks new ecommerce frontiers ripe with opportunity. Take advantage of localized marketplaces, customers, Prime benefits, and support when you switch your account settings. With some strategic preparation, you can successfully sell worldwide.