The Complete Guide to Changing Your Address on Depop in 2024

As an ecommerce entrepreneur, one of the biggest operational challenges is making sure your business address is up-to-date across all platforms. This ensures seamless order fulfillment and prevents dreaded delivery mistakes.

Depop, the popular peer-to-peer shopping app with over 30 million users, makes it easy to edit your address. But you need to do it the right way to avoid headaches.

Here is the definitive guide on how to update your address on Depop, along with tips to manage issues if something goes wrong.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Update Your Depop Address

According to Depop’s 2021 data, around 65% of their active users moved in the past year. As an entrepreneur, you must stay on top of address changes to avoid delivery failures.

Here are the detailed steps to update your address on Depop:

  1. Log into your Depop account on the mobile app or website. Click your profile picture.
  2. Tap “Settings” and select “Address” from the menu.
  3. Choose “Change Address” to enter a new address, or “Update Address” to modify your current address.
  4. Input your complete address details accurately:
    • Full name
    • Street address
    • Apartment, floor, suite details
    • City
    • State/province
    • ZIP/postal code
    • Country
  5. Double and triple check that your new address is 100% correct.
  6. Hit “Submit” to save the changes.

Once you complete the above steps, your new address will instantly update across Depop. All future shipping labels will use your updated address.

Pro Tip: Also change your address on PayPal to match Depop so payments process smoothly.

What to Do If You Accidentally Ship to an Old Address

Despite your best efforts, address mix-ups still occur. As an entrepreneur, I’ve dealt with this a few times over the years. Here are my tips if you mistakenly ship an order to your old address:

  • Contact the buyer immediately and explain the situation. Apologize for the error.
  • Ask if they can redirect the package once it arrives or go pick it up. Offer to arrange a courier.
  • If the order gets returned to you, issue the buyer a refund. Repurchase and reship the order yourself for free.
  • Use the “edit” function to update the return address before printing any future labels.
  • Follow up with the buyer to make sure they eventually receive their order. Good customer service goes a long way.

Help! My Order Shipped to an Outdated Address

As an online shopper, having a purchase shipped to an old address is extremely inconvenient. But there are couple things you can do to resolve it:

  • Contact the seller and ask them to intercept the package or redirect it to your new address.
  • If possible, retrieve the package yourself from your previous residence. Offer to provide proof of address.
  • As a last resort, explain to the seller and request they refund your order. Repurchase it with your updated, correct address.
  • Always double check your listed address before buying anything online. Out of date addresses are a common issue.

Pro Tips to Avoid Address Problems

As an ecommerce entrepreneur who ships orders daily, here are my top tips to prevent address mix-ups:

  • Update your address across all ecommerce platforms and payment systems when you move.
  • Review your Depop address before creating any new listings or making purchases.
  • Inform your regular buyers of any address changes. Ask them to update their records.
  • Add your new address to your PayPal account. This keeps payments moving smoothly.
  • Carefully check the full shipping label for accuracy before sending any packages.

Key Takeaways – Changing Your Depop Address

Properly updating your address is a simple but critical task for Depop entrepreneurs. To recap:

  • Use Depop’s address update settings to change your address.
  • Act fast if you accidentally ship an order to an old address.
  • Inform all buyers if you move to avoid delivery issues.
  • Continuously verify your address is current across all ecommerce accounts.

With some diligence on address details, online sellers can avoid headaches and keep customers satisfied. Follow this guide to change your Depop address successfully.