How to Cancel Showtime on Amazon: A Quick and Easy Guide

As a small business consultant who assists entrepreneurs with optimizing expenses, I often encourage clients to analyze their recurring subscriptions to see if they are still adding value. With so many streaming options today at various price points, it pays to be selective about which services you actually use on a regular basis.

If you‘ve determined that it‘s time to cancel your Showtime subscription through Amazon, either because you simply don‘t watch it enough to justify the costs or you want to test out alternative platforms like Netflix or Hulu, rest assured that cancellation is quick and straightforward process. However, there are a few important steps to take for a smooth exit.

Why Entrepreneurs May Want To Cancel Showtime

Tight cash flow is a reality for many small business in the early stages. Analyzing your recurring expenses and cutting back on services you rarely use is an effective way to reduce monthly costs. Surveys suggest that up to 35% of video streaming subscribers pause or cancel their accounts temporarily to save money. As an entrepreneur and consultant, I always advise clients to:

  • Track subscription usage carefully each month
  • Identify low-value services that could be cut back
  • Test out lower cost platforms like basic Hulu ($7.99 per month)
  • Rotate between streaming services to access unique content

Showtime offers quality programming but with a standard plan priced at $10.99 per month, it may not make sense for cash-strapped entrepreneurs. Evaluate whether you watch enough Showtime to justify the costs or if pausing your subscription could help shore up cash flow this quarter while testing alternatives.

Step-By Step Guide To Cancelling Showtime on Amazon

Canceling the service through Amazon is fast and simple by following these steps precisely:

Access Your Amazon Account

You‘ll need to access your account on either or via the Amazon mobile app. Be sure to use the credentials connected to your Prime and Showtime subscription:

Login screen

Navigate To "Your Subscriptions"

From your Account screen, select Your Subscriptions from the menu. This houses all active subscriptions through Amazon, including Prime Video channels like Showtime.

Identify Showtime Subscription

Scroll down to find the Showtime subscription you want to cancel. Verify that it is the correct account before moving ahead.

Select Cancel

With Showtime highlighted, click or tap the Cancel Subscription button and follow the prompts to confirm your cancellation.

Cancel subscription

Important: If you subscribed through a free trial, choose End Trial and Benefits to avoid being charged when the trial ends.

Review the information to ensure you want to proceed cancelling Showtime. Once confirmed, your subscription will remain active only through the end of the current billing cycle.

What Happens After Cancellation

When you cancel Showtime through Amazon, you‘ll retain full access through the end of your paid billing cycle. So if you cancel mid-cycle, you can continue streaming all included content on Amazon Prime Video until those 30 days expire.

However, once your final paid period ends, you‘ll lose access to Showtime unless you choose to resubscribe in the future.

Key Points:

  • Immediate cancellation confirmed
  • Full access until billing cycle completes
  • Resubscribe anytime to regain access
  • Try alternative platforms like Netflix to mix up content

As you can see, the process through Amazon is very convenient whether you‘re looking to take a temporary break from Showtime or want to cancel indefinitely.

If you have any issues canceling or questions about the process, don‘t hesitate to contact Amazon Customer Support. They have extensive experience helping subscribers manage Prime Video channels.

I hope this guide gives you the step-by-step details and confidence needed to cancel Showtime on Amazon Prime Video and start testing some alternative streaming platforms. As a small business owner myself, I understand the need to carefully manage expenses during the early stages. Evaluate all recurring costs that may be non-essential right now. Every dollar counts when you‘re building your entrepreneurial dreams!