The Complete Guide to Blocking Someone on Snapchat

Snapchat can feel like a fun and casual way to communicate with friends. But what if someone is making you uncomfortable? Blocking unwanted contacts is an easy way to control your Snapchat experience.

Why You Might Want to Block Someone on Snapchat

Before jumping into the how, let‘s discuss some common reasons for blocking another user:

  • Harassment. If someone sends you unsolicited, inappropriate snaps or messages, blocking them instantly puts an end to further contact. 38% of young Internet users report being harassed online at some point[^1]. Don‘t tolerate it on Snapchat.
  • Privacy concerns. Did someone screenshot your snaps without permission or share them publicly? Blocking the offender can help minimize damage to your privacy.
  • Ex contact. Trying to move on from an ex? Blocking them can help avoid old feelings resurfacing at the sight of their posts or stories.
  • General discomfort. We all have different comfort levels. If someone‘s content simply bothers you, blocking removes it from your feed.

Bottom line – if someone makes you uneasy on Snapchat, block them with no second thoughts. Your comfort takes priority.

Blocking Step-by-Step

Blocking another Snapchat user is straightforward on both iPhones and Android devices. Let‘s look at the process:

On iPhones

  1. Navigate to your Friends list in the Snapchat app.
  2. Press and hold down on the person‘s name.
  3. Tap More.
  4. Select Block.
  5. Confirm again by tapping Block.

iPhone blocking process screenshot

On Android Devices

  1. Press and hold on their name in your Friends or Chat list.
  2. Tap the ⚙️ icon
  3. Select Block.

And that‘s it – they‘re blocked. They won‘t be able to see any of your stories or location updates. You also won‘t receive any content from them or see their icon.

Implications of Blocking Someone

So what exactly happens when you hit block? Here are the implications:

  • They can no longer view any of your stories or posts, recent or old
  • Any snaps or chats from them will no longer reach your inbox
  • Your name and icon disappears from their friends/contacts list entirely
  • You are removed from each other‘s Snap Maps location sharing
  • They are unable to search you or find your profile to send a friend request

In summary – a complete disconnect of all Snapchat communication.

Beyond Blocking: More Privacy Tips

In addition blocking individuals, Snapchat has customizable privacy settings to limit broader exposure:

  • Disable Snap Map location sharing with ghost mode
  • Allow only certain friends to view stories
  • Turn off Quick Add feature to prevent stranger adds
  • Disable receive snaps from everyone then cherry pick contacts

Combined with blocking, these options let you fully control your Snapchat adventure.

On a final note, harassment and bullying take on many forms in the digital age. While Snapchat blocking is a start, additional actions like reporting abuse may be necessary depending on the situation.

I hope this guide serves as a helpful resource to make your Snapchat interactions feel safer. Never hesitate to block anyone bringing negativity or toxicity!