How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Amazon? A Guide for Students

Amazon employs workers across a wide range of ages, including many high school and college students looking for jobs to gain experience and income. If you‘re a student hoping to work at Amazon, here‘s a comprehensive guide on Amazon‘s minimum age requirements, student opportunities, hiring process, and tips to getting hired.

Minimum Age Requirements at Amazon

The federal Fair Labor Standards Act sets the minimum employment age at 14 for most non-hazardous jobs, while limiting work hours for 14- and 15-year-olds. States can choose to set a higher minimum age requirement.

For Amazon, here are the typical minimum age guidelines:

  • 16 years old for most hourly roles like warehouse associates, retail associates, food service workers. This applies in most states.
  • 18 years old for delivery driver roles requiring a license such as Amazon Flex. Also required for some skilled trades.
  • Over 18 for managerial roles due to additional state law requirements.

Always verify the minimum age for the specific job opportunity and location you‘re applying for. Certain positions may require being 18+ or a high school degree.

Exciting Opportunities for Students

Amazon actively recruits high school and college students and even provides tailored programs like:

  • Amazon Future Engineer – Paid internships and scholarships for STEM students. In 2022, over 500 students participated.
  • Amazon Scholarship Program – Over $10 million in scholarships awarded annually to 800+ college students nationwide.
  • Amazon Student Programs – Paid internships and co-ops across many fields like business, marketing, operations and more.
  • Short Work Breaks – Allow students time off for exams without sacrificing job security.

In 2022, Amazon employed over 150,000 student workers in seasonal, part-time and flexible schedules.

What to Expect in the Amazon Hiring Process

Landing a job at Amazon as a student requires preparation but provides valuable skills and experience:

  • Submit an online application with parental consent if under 18. Create a polished resume highlighting relevant coursework, activities, and achievements.
  • Be ready to provide age verification documents like a passport if under 18.
  • Expect an in-person or video interview where you‘ll need to demonstrate skills and motivation.
  • Pass a drug screening and background check if required for your role.
  • Review and agree to follow youth work regulations on hours and prohibited duties.
  • Display professionalism, communication abilities and problem-solving skills throughout the hiring process.

Tips for Students Applying to Amazon

As a student aiming to work at Amazon, here are some top tips:

  • Research available roles on the Amazon Job site and apply to those matching your interests and experience. Look for student-friendly positions.
  • Highlight relevant coursework like warehouse operations, retail, sales or technology on your application.
  • Summarize extracurriculars like sports, clubs or volunteer work displaying your work ethic.
  • Apply early as the hiring process can take weeks and positions fill quickly.
  • Check application status regularly and prepare for drug/background checks if moving forward.
  • Practice interview skills and have questions ready about training, growth opportunities and company culture.

With preparation and putting your best foot forward, students have an excellent chance at starting a rewarding career path at Amazon.