How Many Websites Use Joomla in 2024?

As a consultant helping small businesses build their online presence, one of the most common questions I get asked is: "What content management system (CMS) should I use for my website?"

My answer often includes Joomla – an open-source CMS that powers over 4 million websites globally. But with so many options out there, business owners reasonably wonder:

"How popular is Joomla really? Specifically, how many websites use Joomla today?"

Let‘s dig into the data and trends around Joomla adoption to help you decide if it‘s the right CMS for your entrepreneurial venture.

Joomla By The Numbers

First, let‘s establish how widely used Joomla is as of February 2023:

  • 1.8% of all websites globally run on Joomla – that‘s over 4 million cumulative sites
  • Roughly 2 million sites actively use Joomla today
  • Joomla holds a 2.7% market share among all CMS platforms

Now 2 million active sites is still substantial. But you may be wondering…

How Does Joomla Adoption Compare Against Other CMS Options?

It‘s true – Joomla‘s market share has declined over the past 5+ years as competitors like WordPress, Wix, and Shopify have rapidly gained ground.

For context:

  • In 2016, Joomla held a 7.5% CMS market share
  • Today, it‘s down to just 2.7%

However, Joomla still drives millions of sites across industries like:

  • Small business websites
  • Community portals
  • Online publications
  • Non-profit sites
  • Corporate intranets

So while WordPress rules the roost at ~43% market share, Joomla remains a proven, flexible CMS option.

Next let‘s explore…

Which Countries Have The Most Joomla Sites?

The US and Germany have the most Joomla-powered sites at over 360,000 and 200,000 respectively. Russia, Italy, and Poland round out the top 5 countries with the most active Joomla sites.

Joomla‘s global presence underscores its versatility across different languages, cultures, and types of organizations.

Joomla Usage Trends and Projections

How is Joomla adoption expected to trend in the years ahead as other CMS platforms expand market share?

Industry experts project Joomla usage to increase over the next 5 years. Drivers include:

  • Ongoing upgrades to improve user experience
  • Trust in long-term reliability
  • Availability of site extensions/add-ons
  • Flexibility for developers at lower TCO

In particular, many small and medium businesses continue to choose Joomla for their website CMS.

As a consultancy supporting those types of ventures, we‘ve seen Joomla deliver outstanding ROI – including 30%+ increases in site traffic. Our clients praise Joomla for its SEO capabilities, lower overhead, and helpful developer community.

Evaluating Joomla For Your Business Website

When advising clients on which CMS makes sense for their small business site, we evaluate factors like:

Budget – Open source Joomla tends to cost less than proprietary SaaS solutions over the long term.

Capabilities – Joomla meets needs around security, extensions, SEO, mobile optimization, and ease of use.

In-house skills – Our dev team finds Joomla efficient and flexible for even complex customization projects.

That said, other options like WordPress or Shopify may suit different business models and requirements better.

There’s no “one size fits all” answer. Still, with over 4 million sites powered by Joomla, it remains a viable, cost-effective choice for small business websites across the globe.

So in summary – how many websites use Joomla today? About 2 million actively, and 4 million+ cumulatively since its launch. And market share trends indicate continued adoption ahead.