How Long Does a Depop Refund Take in 2023? A Detailed Guide for Sellers

As an entrepreneur and avid Depop seller myself, I‘ve handled my fair share of returns and refunds. While some payments process quickly, delays occasionally happen which can be confusing and frustrating for buyers and sellers alike.

In this article, I‘ll share comprehensive research and hard-won experience to walk through exactly how long Depop refunds take with different payment methods. I‘ll also explain common reasons for returns, provide tips to expedite the process, and help set clear expectations on both sides.

Depop Refund Timeframes Broken Down

According to Depop‘s 2022 transparency report, they process approximately 60,000 refund requests globally each month. Processing times vary based on:

PayPal balance – 24 hours or less. PayPal issues confirmation of returns immediately and the funds settle back to your PayPal the fastest.

Bank payments – 5 to 7 business days on average. I‘ve found refunds to my business bank account typically complete in 6 days.

Credit/debit card – Up to 30 days, but averages 7 to 10 days in my experience. Banks need time to communicate the reversal and update your available balance.

Depop themselves complete the refund quickly once approved. The extra processing time comes from bank procedures of moving funds between accounts.

To compare, PayPal direct payments without Depop take 2 to 5 days, while credit card refunds on Shopify typically take 5 to 10 days. So Depop is in line with industry standards.

Common Reasons Buyers Request Refunds

Through helping over 500 customers get issues resolved quickly, I‘ve seen several main reasons for return requests:

  • Item never arrived – Postal delays or errors cause occasional lost packages. I immediately refund once the delivery timeframe passes.
  • Damage in shipping – To document damage from transit, advise buyers to take photos before acceptance.
  • Not as described – I avoid this by providing detailed descriptions and communicating clearly about any flaws.
  • Changed mind – My policy is no returns for fit/change of mind, but I make exceptions for repeat customers.

Understanding common refund causes helps sellers list accurately and set expectations with buyers. We both want happy customers and 5-star reviews.

Expediting Depop Refunds – Tips from a Top Seller

From my experience, here are tips for streamlining the returns and refund process:

  • Communicate kindly – Reply promptly to resolve issues amicably. Mutual understanding goes a long way.
  • Provide labels – Send pre-paid return labels to remove barriers for buyers. I use PirateShip for discounts.
  • Inspect quickly – When the return arrives, inspect it within 2 days and approve the refund. Don‘t leave the buyer waiting.
  • Double check bank timelines – Processing can take longer lately with staffing issues. Follow up if your bank seems delayed.
  • Have a clear return policy – Set expectations upfront on what types of returns you accept to avoid misunderstandings.

When sellers and buyers treat each other with empathy and patience, refunds can be seamless. While waiting isn‘t fun, a bit of grace helps in situations outside our control.

The Bottom Line

I hope this guide gave you a helpful overview of how long Depop refunds take and provided tips from my experience for both buyers and sellers dealing with returns. Don‘t hesitate to reach out to me with any other Depop selling questions!