How to Check If Someone Has Unfollowed You on Facebook in 2023

As a small business owner, having an engaged social media audience is critical for reaching potential customers. But inevitably, you‘ll notice some drop-off in followers over time as people unfollow you. According to Sprout Social, the average Twitter user loses 2-5% of their audience per month due to unfollowers. While Facebook unfollower rates vary based on audience size, losing followers can be discouraging. Here‘s how to check if someone has unfollowed you on Facebook in 2023.

Why You Should Track Your Facebook Unfollowers

  • Understand your audience – Seeing who has unfollowed you can provide insights into which types of content may be falling flat with your target demographic.
  • Improve your content – If you notice people with certain interests are consistently unfollowing you, try tailoring your content more towards your ideal customer avatar.
  • Monitor engagement – Watching for spikes or dips in unfollowers over time shows how well your audience is engaging with your updates.
  • Benchmark success – Tracking unfollower rates allows you to set goals around follower retention and growth. Aim to keep unfollowers under 5% per month.
  • Spot red flags – Seeing lots of unfollows after a specific post could indicate you shared something controversial or in poor taste.

As a small business, staying on top of your Facebook unfollowers means maximizing the return from the time and money you invest in social media.

Check Your Facebook Followers List

The easiest way to see if you‘ve lost Facebook followers is to check your followers list directly within Facebook:

  1. Go to your Facebook profile page.
  2. Click on "Friends" below your cover photo.
  3. Select "Followers" from the dropdown menu.
  4. Scroll through and look for missing followers.

However, this followers list has some limitations:

  • It only includes followers who have chosen to publicly display their follow status.
  • It doesn‘t show you when the person unfollowed you.
  • It only displays a portion of your followers at a time.

Use Unfollower Tracking Tools

For a more comprehensive view, use a third-party Facebook unfollowers tracker like Social Blade or Crowdfire. These tools refresh automatically to show you real-time unfollower data. Key stats provided include:

  • Who recently unfollowed you
  • When they unfollowed you
  • How many followers you‘ve lost in a given time period

According to Social Blade, their unfollower tracking tool can identify up to 99% of your total unfollowers. For a small business owner, the insights unlocked with these tools are invaluable.

Focus on Creating Great Content

Don‘t get discouraged by losing some followers over time. With over 2 billion monthly active Facebook users, shifts in your audience are inevitable.

As an entrepreneur, stay focused on understanding your target customer and creating content tailored to their needs. Rethink your social media strategy if you notice significant drops in followers after certain types of posts.

The followers you retain by providing value through your content are the ones who can potentially convert to customers. Nurture that high-quality audience by continually honing your brand voice and messaging on social media.

Tracking your Facebook unfollowers doesn‘t have to be time-consuming or stressful. By taking advantage of follower analytics and staying agile with your content, you can maximize your social media presence and reach as a small business owner.