GetAFollower Review: A Small Business Perspective

As a consultant who assists small business owners with their social media marketing, I‘m often asked about the best ways to grow an engaged following. Organic growth takes a long time, so many turn to follower services hoping for shortcuts.

The problem is, many providers overpromise and underdeliver or use shady practices. So today I‘ll share my in-depth review of GetAFollower from a small biz perspective:


GetAFollower claims to drive real, organic growth across social platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. But can they actually help small businesses looking to expand their reach and conversions?

After extensive research and analysis, I believe GetAFollower sets themselves apart from most follower sellers in a few key ways:

1. They Value Integrity

From clear pricing to 256-bit SSL encryption for data protection to a solid terms of service, GetAFollower seems to value integrity in their dealings:

  • No hidden fees or shady claims
  • Commitment to protecting user privacy
  • Straightforward explanation of delivery expectations

This focus on operating above board inspires confidence in the services.

2. specialize in Targeted, Gradual Growth

Rather than promising the world with instant virality, GetAFollower pledges targeted, gradual expansion:

  • Manual vetting of every new follower
  • Delivery pacing to appear more organic
  • Geographic and interest targeting

This measured approach leads to more genuine, engaged followers.

3. Experienced Provider

Launching in 2014, GetAFollower has nearly a decade of experience managing social growth campaigns. Their expertise shows through:

  • 130k+ customers served across platforms
  • 4.8/5 rating across 20,000+ TrustPilot reviews
  • Responsive 24/7 live chat and email customer support

4. Flexible Pricing

While more followers means higher costs, GetAFollower offers options for nearly every budget:

Package Price
100 Instagram Followers $2.95
1k TikTok Followers $16.95
10k YouTube Subscribers $599

And clearly listed packages enable easy cost calculations.

How GetAFollower Delivers Results

Curious how GetAFollower drives real follower growth? Their methodology seems to work:

1. Targeting

Proprietary targeting tools identify genuine accounts likely to follow you organically. Location, interests, habits and more all guide selection.

2. Outreach

Invitations then encourage targeted prospects to follow your profile. Personalized messaging builds authentic connections.

3. Vetting

GetAFollower manually checks every new follower before delivery to ensure relevance. Low-quality accounts get scrubbed.

4. Delivery

Once vetted followers start engaging your profile, GetAFollower paces delivery to seem natural. Too-rapid influxes risk platform crackdowns.

What Users Are Saying

Between their long history and 136,000+ reviews, customer sentiment toward GetAFollower is overwhelmingly positive:

"I went from 193 followers to over 1K in six weeks! GetAFollower found me real targeted followers interested in my bakery‘s content." – Sarah D., CupcakeCorner

Positive reports generally highlight legit followers and excellent customer service. The main complaints feature slow deliveries and occasional irrelevant followers.

But GetAFollower‘s 4.8 out of 5 star overall rating indicates most users see significant growth with few issues.

Bottom Line

  • For small business owners seeking affordable, steady expansion of a genuine social audience, GetAFollower delivers.
  • While growth won‘t explode overnight, their measured approach cultivates true fans.
  • With social proof driving further organic follows, the momentum compounds over time.

So rather than buying fake followers and jeopardizing your reputation, consider giving GetAFollower a try. Their expertise, integrity and proven results provide real value for patient small businesses.