How Many People Use Etsy in 2023? The Platform‘s Continued Growth and What It Means for Sellers

Etsy, the global online marketplace for unique and creative goods, has seen tremendous growth over the past decade. In 2023, Etsy remains one of the fastest growing e-commerce platforms with no signs of slowing down. But exactly how many people actively use Etsy today as buyers and sellers?

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll dive into the latest statistics on Etsy‘s users and what the continued growth means for current and prospective Etsy entrepreneurs.

Etsy By the Numbers: Key User Statistics

To fully understand Etsy‘s scale and opportunities, let‘s look at some key statistics on the platform‘s active users:

  • As of 2023, Etsy has 89.9 million active buyers who spent $13.3 billion on the platform in 2022 alone. This represents 21% year-over-year buyer growth.
  • Etsy has over 7.9 million active sellers worldwide as of 2023, up from just under 2 million in 2017.
  • 62% of Etsy sellers are based in the United States, but the platform has a global reach, with buyers in nearly every country.
  • On average, an Etsy seller can earn around $44,000 per year on the platform currently. Top Etsy sellers make over $100k annually.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic led to a major surge in Etsy‘s growth. In 2020 alone, the platform saw seller sales increase by 125% year-over-year.

Clearly, Etsy has an enormous global community of buyers eagerly shopping for unique handmade, vintage, and crafted goods. As an entrepreneur, this presents major opportunities if you can create products that resonate with Etsy‘s buyers.

Why Etsy Continues to Grow Rapidly

Several converging trends explain why Etsy has sustained such impressive user growth over the past 5+ years:

  • The rise of online shopping – More consumers than ever prefer the convenience of online shopping, which accelerated during the pandemic.
  • Demand for unique products – Etsy sells specialized products you can‘t find at big box retailers.
  • Support for small businesses – Consumers want to support independent artists and small business owners. Etsy facilitates this.
  • Custom and personalized items – Etsy sellers can customize products to a buyer‘s exact specifications and style.
  • The passion economy – More entrepreneurs are turning their passions into businesses by leveraging platforms like Etsy.

Etsy has capitalized on all of these trends to create a thriving global marketplace for creatives and shoppers alike. As an entrepreneur, you can absolutely tap into this demand.

Maximizing Your Etsy Shop Potential

As an Etsy seller myself, I‘ve learned firsthand through experience how to build a successful shop that stands out:

  • Stellar photos and listings – Invest significant time into product photography and compelling descriptions that sell the product‘s unique value.
  • Excellent customer service – Communicate swiftly, ship orders quickly, and provide top-notch follow up care.
  • Run promotions – Offer coupon codes and sales to incentivize purchases and new product launches.
  • Leverage social media – Promote your shop and products actively on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.
  • SEO optimization – Research relevant keywords for your product types and incorporate them into listings.

By excelling in these areas and offering truly special products, your Etsy shop can thrive even in a competitive marketplace.

The Future Looks Bright for Etsy Sellers

Given Etsy‘s remarkable growth over the past decade, the prospects look very bright for Etsy entrepreneurs in 2023 and beyond. With nearly 90 million active buyers ready to purchase unique and handcrafted goods, huge opportunities exist across dozens of product categories.

As long as you focus on creating a positive customer experience through engaging listings, solid branding, competitive pricing, and excellent service, you can absolutely build a prosperous Etsy shop over time.

Will it require hard work and dedication? Absolutely. But for creative entrepreneurs passionate about leveraging their skills, Etsy provides a direct path to success in the thriving passion economy.