Does eBay Accept Afterpay? A Small Business Guide

As an ecommerce entrepreneur running a store on eBay, you likely want to offer customers flexible and convenient payment options. Afterpay, a popular buy now pay later (BNPL) service, is one such option that more and more retailers now integrate. But should you offer Afterpay payments on eBay too? Here‘s what small business sellers need to know.

Overview of Afterpay and How It Works

Afterpay allows shoppers to split purchases into 4 interest-free installments paid every 2 weeks. Customers pay 25% as a deposit first, then the remainder in 3 payments. Afterpay charges no interest if on-time payments are made, but late fees apply for missed payments.

To use it, buyers need an Afterpay account connected to a bank account or debit/credit card. Afterpay approves accounts using a soft credit check. The service has seen huge growth, with over 11 million users as of 2019 according to Afterpay‘s annual report.

For retailers, Afterpay payments get deposited upfront minus their fees so there is quick access to funds. However, sellers take on risk if the buyer misses instalment payments.

Does eBay Allow Afterpay for Sellers?

Yes, eBay does provide the option for sellers to accept Afterpay payments on eligible purchases made through To offer it, sellers must:

  • Have an eBay store subscription. Afterpay is not available to basic account holders.
  • Apply and get approved to accept Afterpay through their account.
  • Integrate Afterpay as a payment option in their listings. This makes Afterpay visible at checkout.

However, as an eBay seller you are not required to offer Afterpay. You can choose not to integrate it as a payment option.

Important Considerations For Sellers

If you do decide to accept Afterpay payments, keep these key points in mind:

  • Not All Items Qualify: Afterpay has restrictions on item types based on value and risk. High-value goods over $1000 or business purchases may not be eligible.
  • Increased Risk of Late/Missed Payments: You take on risk as the seller if the buyer misses instalment payments. This can impact cash flow.
  • Returns Go Through Afterpay: Refunds get credited back to the buyer‘s Afterpay account, not original payment source.
  • There Are Fees: Afterpay charges sellers a merchant transaction fee per order. Rates vary based on factors like sales volume.

Tips for Offering Afterpay on eBay

Based on my experience as an ecommerce seller, here are some tips if you do decide to accept Afterpay payments:

  • Closely monitor late payment rates and pause Afterpay if too high
  • Ensure your eBay listings display Afterpay payment terms clearly
  • Have effective processes to manage Afterpay returns
  • Check buyers‘ Afterpay purchase limits before shipping high-value goods
  • Consider increasing prices slightly to account for Afterpay fees

The Bottom Line

eBay does give sellers the option to accept Afterpay for added payment flexibility. However, it also comes with risks like late payments. As a seller, you should weigh the pros and cons before enabling Afterpay payments in your eBay store. Make sure to follow best practices if you do move forward with offering Afterpay on eBay.