The 5 Best Sites to Buy TikTok Auto Views: An In-Depth Guide for Small Businesses

As a consultant dedicated to assisting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) maximize their digital presence, I often advise clients on effective strategies to grow their TikTok channels.

One proven tactic is buying high-quality auto views. However, the platform you choose makes all the difference.

Below I’ve compiled the top 5 sites to give your TikTok account an authentic, engaged viewer boost:

1. Media Mister

With over 10 years of social media marketing experience, Media Mister is my top pick for SMEs seeking to strengthen their TikTok foundation with auto views. Their expertise makes onboarding intuitive for TikTok novices, while their real, active views catalyze organic growth.

Asvalidated by their strong 4.8-star reputation and 98% satisfaction rate, Media Mister emphasizes view authenticity. Advanced targeting options exist too, ensuring views align with your brand identity and audience interests.

Further tailoring comes through their tiered pricing, spanning monthly budgets of all sizes. For context, an influencer client saw her views increase by 190% after purchasing Media Mister’s $125 3-day campaign.

For these reasons, I confidently endorse Media Mister first among this competitive category. Their balance of affordability, transparency, and results provides SMEs immense value.

2. GetAFollower

GetAFollower appeals to buyers prioritizing rapid turnaround times. Views begin registering as quickly as minutes post-purchase, making this ideal for trend capitalization.

Catering to first-timers, their straightforward dashboard simplifies view quantity and targeting adjustments. Expect options ranging from 100 to 100k views.

However, maximum flexibility comes at a cost – with pricing averaging 20% higher than competitors. What you gain from GetAFollower’s responsiveness, you tradeoff somewhat in affordability. Still, the instantaneous delivery can prove strategic during time-sensitive campaigns.

3. UseViral

For SMEs intent on amplifying reach within specific demographics, UseViral merits strong consideration. Their niche-based view targeting promotes laser-focused engagement with your best-fit audience.

Views source from active social media participants across 150 countries, enabling granular localization. Expect average order completion within 5 days, albeit at premium rates.

I suggest UseViral for refined audience penetration goals, albeit with tighter budget constraints. The associated view costs better align with more established brands prepared to invest in targeted growth.


Founded by ex-Buzzfeed talent, takes an editorial approach towards elevating branded content. Their video-first perspective informs nuanced TikTok consultation, resonating with creative entrepreneurs.

However, such high-touch service scales costlier than self-service marketplaces. Think 3X the investment for 3X the strategy alignment…if budget permits.

For differentiation-obsessed trailblazers less sensitive to price, warrants a closer look. Their MAVs (most advanced views) promise creativity-led visibility surge.

5. TokUpgrade

The newcomer disrupter, TokUpgrade underwent beta testing throughout 2022 for its pending full launch. Their initial trial feedback shows massive promise, hence my eagerness to showcase them.

While shorter longevity means limited client cases, impressed testers applaud the quality of views received from evidently real accounts. Pricing also slashes market norms by nearly 35%, appealing budget-weary buyers.

As with any budding solution, anticipate minor operational hiccups at times. But for discounted investment in TikTok visibility, TokUpgrade leads as a lower-risk option absolutely worth trial.

While buying views can successfully boost content performance, improperly vetting providers risks harming your account’s credibility and compliance standing. Heed this advice for safe selection:

View Authenticity

Rigorously authenticate that views derive from genuine TikTok accounts, not bots or fake profiles. Violating platform terms risks account suspension.

Audience Targeting

When possible, tailor viewers by geography and interests. Contextually relevant views drive higher quality engagement.

Delivery Gradualness

Opt for gradual view delivery mirroring organic accumulation patterns. Rapid spikes seem inorganic, harming perceived authenticity.

Reputation Reviews

Thoroughly comb third-party reputation reports and client reviews. This signals providers with consistent safety and satisfaction records.

Budget Flexibility

Weigh view quantity desired against pricing constraints. Packages spanning needs of all resource levels enable wise investments.

Strategically buying TikTok auto views transforms SME marketing and content performance – when choosing vendors as carefully considered as the move itself.

Let the above guide better inform your buying decision with insider knowledge of the highest-quality vendors available. Feel free reach out to discuss further how bootstrapping views can bootstrap your overall TikTok growth in 2023.