The Complete Guide to Buying Threads Followers as an Entrepreneur in 2023

As an entrepreneur, being an early adopter on new social platforms like Threads provides a valuable opportunity to establish authority and drive brand growth. However, organically growing a following as a small business takes significant time.

That‘s where buying Threads followers comes in.

Purchasing followers is a proven social media marketing strategy that allows entrepreneurs to quickly establish credibility and social proof on new platforms. Of course, bought followers alone won‘t grow your business long term. But used strategically, they provide the initial momentum your brand needs to gain visibility.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll explore how entrepreneurs can successfully buy real, high-quality followers on Threads to jumpstart their growth as an influencer and thought leader.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Buy Followers on Emerging Platforms

Here are some of the key reasons buying followers makes sense for entrepreneurs on new platforms like Threads:

  • Social proof – Having an established follower base displays social proof that you know your niche, even as a new account. This instant credibility appeals to real users who will then follow you.
  • Influencer marketing – Thought leadership and influencer marketing are key for entrepreneurs. More followers help position you as an authority.
  • Lead generation – Increased followers leads to greater reach. This allows you to promote your brand, content and products to potential new leads and customers.
  • Improved visibility – Accounts with higher followers are more discoverable and likely to appear on trending threads. This is free exposure.
  • Competitive edge – You can outpace competitors who are still organically growing their Threads following while you use followers to pull ahead quickly.

As you can see, buying followers is a strategic investment for entrepreneurs on emerging platforms like Threads. Done right, it puts your brand ahead right out the gate.

5 Best Sites to Buy Targeted, Quality Followers

To help entrepreneurs accelerate their Threads growth, here are the top sites I recommend for purchasing real, high-quality followers after extensive research:


  • Pros: Extensive targeting options, high retention rate, great customer service
  • Cons: On the pricier side
  • Best For: Getting very niche, targeted followers
  • Price Example: 500 Followers for $74

2. FollowersUp

  • Pros: Location and interest targeting, guarantees on delivery
  • Cons: Has limits on minimum purchases per order
  • Best For: Getting local followers and followers in your niche
  • Price Example: 100 Followers for $12

3. UseViral

  • Pros: Global network, privacy protections, drip-feed delivery
  • Cons: Packages may be too large for new accounts
  • Best For: Organic, safe follower growth
  • Price Example: 250 Followers for $39

4. ThreadsBoost

  • Pros: Very budget-friendly, fast delivery, easy to use site
  • Cons: Less advanced targeting available
  • Best For: Getting starter followers affordably
  • Price Example: 100 Followers for $2.99

5. Media Mister

  • Pros: High retention rates, great satisfaction guarantees
  • Cons: Minimum orders are higher
  • Best For: Buying larger quantities of engaged followers
  • Price Example: 500 Followers for $59

I recommend starting with 100-500 purchased followers and assessing results before buying more. Target location, interests, and audience demographics that align with your brand.

How I Successfully Grew My Threads Following

As the owner of a digital marketing agency, I used buying followers strategy to quickly establish my credibility on Threads in my industry:

  • Researched to find provider offering real, high-retention followers with interest targeting.
  • Started with just 250 local business targeted followers to test it out.
  • Published 8-10 threads/week around digital marketing tips, trends etc.
  • Liked, commented, and engaged with followers and users in my target niche.
  • Grew from 400 to 2,000 organic followers in 2 months after the initial boost.

Tips for Entrepreneurs New to Buying Followers

If you‘re new to buying followers as an entrepreneur, keep these tips in mind:

  • Research providers – Only use services with proven reputations. Read reviews and check reports of retention rates and follower quality.
  • Start small – Don‘t buy thousands out the gate. Try 100-500 and scale up based on performance.
  • Review analytics – Analyze follower demographics, interactions, and growth charts to identify patterns.
  • Engage followers – Convert purchased followers into active brand advocates by conversing and providing value.
  • Drip-feed delivery – Opt for gradual delivery schedules that seem natural vs. obvious bulk buying.
  • Post consistently – Bought followers are supplemental. Keep posting great threads to continue organic growth.

Key Takeaways for Entrepreneurs

While bought followers shouldn‘t replace organic marketing, when used strategically they can provide the jumpstart entrepreneurs need on new platforms like Threads. Focus on these key points:

  • Buy followers from reputable providers known for delivering real, high-quality accounts.
  • Target followers relevant to your niche and audience for maximum impact.
  • Start small and scale up gradually based on performance.
  • Continuously engage purchased followers and post consistently.
  • Monitor analytics to identify any fake or bot accounts.

Threads presents an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs to establish their brands as leaders and influencers early in the game. Are you ready to jump in?