The Small Business Owner‘s Guide to Buying Facebook Event Attendees

As a fellow entrepreneur dedicated to helping small businesses succeed, I know how valuable yet challenging planning a successful event can be. Generating excitement and driving attendance is crucial but not easy, especially when just starting out.

Luckily, purchasing Facebook event attendees from reputable providers gives small business owners like you an edge. Real attendees who align with your target audience can increase signups, engagement, and visibility for your next product launch, conference, networking event and more.

However, the quality of providers in this space varies enormously. You need real, active users – not bots or fake accounts that will do more harm than good.

That‘s why I‘ve put together this detailed guide examining the top 5 sites to buy Facebook event attendees tailored specifically to the needs of small business owners like yourself.

A Quick Look at the Benefits of Purchasing Event Attendees

Before diving into the top sites, let‘s review the key advantages quality event attendees can offer:

  • Increased Visibility: More event responses give the impression of a popular, credible event and extends your reach.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Real attendees will interact and share event content to boost organic visibility.
  • Momentum Effect: Seeing high interest builds FOMO and social proof, influencing others to join.
  • Established Authority: Strong attendance signals you‘ve built something worthwhile that aligns with audience needs.

Now let‘s explore the leading platforms to buy attendees that actual entrepreneurs recommend and use for their own events.

1. Social Tradia – The Full-Service Social Media Marketing Agency

Founded in 2014, Social Tradia is an award-winning social media marketing agency making a name for itself in Facebook event marketing. Trusted by over 10,000 clients, they‘ve driven attendance for over 50,000 events globally.

Background Verification Process

Social Tradia puts all potential attendees through background checks on factors like profile completeness, activity level, location, interests and more before approval, resulting in over 95% qualified attendees.

Pros for Entrepreneurs

  • Targeted high-quality attendees matched to your niche
  • Packages start at just 100 attendees for $99
  • Delivery within 24 hours drives momentum


  • Requires minimum order of 100 attendees
  • Custom targeting and filters cost extra

"Social Tradia took our small product launch from 30 uncertain RSVPs to over 400 confirmed attendees. The targeted attendees they provided were a game changer!" – Sarah D., eCommerce Entrepreneur

2. UseViral – The Budget-Friendly Attendee Site

Operating since 2014, UseViral emphasizes affordability and reliability with clients like Microsoft, Disney, and Oracle. They‘ve delivered over 1.5M event attendees to date.

Pro Tip

UseViral‘s bulk discounts reward higher volumes – order 500+ attendees to pay just $0.80 per attendee.

Pros for Entrepreneurs

  • Low-cost event attendee packages, starting at $1 each
  • Reputable company with guaranteed real attendees


  • Limited demographic and interest targeting
  • Slowest delivery time of 5-7 days

"As a startup, we were blown away by the high-quality attendees UseViral delivered for just $2.5k, allowing us to achieve 450 registrations." – Ryan F., Founder of MarketingHub

3. Social Boss – The Full-Service Social Media Marketing Firm

Launched in 2012, Social Boss provides end-to-end social media services alongside great event attendee packages catering to startups.

Pro Tip

Social Boss offers managed services to not just deliver attendees but also promote and manage your entire event‘s social presence.

Pros for Entrepreneurs

  • Dedicated account manager guides you through the promotion process
  • Strong Money-back guarantee if attendees don‘t engage


  • 48-hour delivery time is slower than others
  • Minimal targeting options beyond basic demographics

"The targeted attendees Social Boss provided allowed us to hit our signup goals and gain invaluable exposure for our new SaaS launch." – Miranda S., Co-Founder of Creative Technologies

4. Media Mister – A Top Media Buying Agency

Founded in 2017, Media Mister has quickly become a leading pay-per-click and social media agency with over 50k clients.

Pro Tip

Media Mister is ideal if you want Facebook event attendees bundled with other services like paid ads, graphics, and analytics.

Pros for Entrepreneurs

  • Holistic services ensure maximum event exposure
  • Purchase attendees anonymously if preferred


  • Premium packages have higher minimums and costs
  • Custom attendee targeting is limited

"Media Mister‘s premium event promotion bundle with social media ads, analytics, and event attendees accelerated our summit‘s success." – Matt R., Founder of CryptoBlock

5. SidesMedia – Specialists in Social Media Growth

SidesMedia is a growth-focused social media agency founded in 2016 that offers an array of services including event attendees.

Pro Tip

SidesMedia has experience promoting events across niches from conferences to product launches to networking mixers.

Pros for Entrepreneurs

  • Experts at targeting attendees aligned with your niche
  • Range of budget-friendly packages


  • 72-hour delivery time
  • Requires 200 minimum attendees

"The targeted attendees from SidesMedia allowed our small pay-per-click bootcamp to sell out fast and build credibility." – Rebecca T., Digital Marketing Consultant

How to Get the Most Value from Purchased Event Attendees

Follow these tips to maximize the impact of your purchased Facebook event attendees:

  • Engage promptly by liking and commenting on their posts to spur organic visibility.
  • Share relevant content that resonates best with your target audience.
  • Respond to comments and questions to build connections.
  • Remarket to engaged attendees via ads to convert signups.
  • Analyze attendee data like demographics and interests to refine future marketing.

Comparing the Pricing and Order Size Options

Provider Starting Price Per Attendee Minimum Order
Social Tradia $1.99 100 attendees
UseViral $1 50 attendees
Social Boss $3 200 attendees
Media Mister $2.50 75 attendees
SidesMedia $2 200 attendees

As you can see, UseViral has the best per-attendee rates for budget buyers, while Social Tradia offers the lowest minimums suitable for smaller-scale events.

The Takeaway: Buy Targeted Event Attendees to Accelerate Success

At the end of the day, purchasing quality Facebook event attendees from reputable sellers provides immense value in amplifying your event‘s visibility and engagement. It kickstarts momentum and social proof that ultimately drives sales and signups.

Just ensure the attendees align tightly with your target niche through demographic, interest and location targeting. Also, give preference to legit providers with a track record of satisfied entrepreneur clients.

Apply this guide‘s recommendations to find an event attendee provider tailored to your budget and goals. Feel free to reach out if you need any other tips for planning a standout, successful event!