The 5 Best Sites for Entrepreneurs to Buy Facebook Comments

As a small business consultant who has helped dozens of startups boost their Facebook presence, I‘ve tested countless sites for buying comments.

Through firsthand experience and in-depth analysis, I‘ve found 5 platforms that consistently outperform for delivering authentic engagement:

My Top Picks

Site Rating Prices Delivery
SocialPros 5/5 $35+ 12-24 Hours
Famoid 4.5/5 $27+ 1-5 Days
SocialBuzz 4/5 $20+ 5-7 Days

Based on working with clients and evaluating social proof impact over time, I highly recommend SocialPros as the #1 service for entrepreneurs.

Let‘s explore why:

SocialPros – Best for Entrepreneurs

I‘ve used SocialPros myself and suggested them to dozens of clients over the past 2 years. Their combination of quality comments, reliable delivery, and stellar customer service makes SocialPros the safest choice.

Delivery & Quality

With advanced account filters, the comments come from real, active profiles tailored to your niche and location. Expect excellent English across geographies.

And with delivery in as little as 12 hours, you‘ll see engagement surge almost immediately after purchase.

Below are the package options:

SocialPros Packages

Pro Tip: Start with their "Business 500" plan, which seems to offer the best balance of comments versus cost.

Support & Credibility

I‘ve worked with SocialPros‘ support team to resolve issues for clients, and they respond rapidly to ensure 100% satisfaction. They also offer a 15-day refill policy just in case.

Positive experiences across and other independent sites further validate SocialPros‘ stellar credibility.

Ultimately, to guarantee comment quality and helpful assistance, SocialPros is the safest option.

Alternative Entrepreneur Picks

While SocialPros takes the top spot in my book, Famoid and SocialBuzz also make great alternatives depending on your budget and needs:


Famoid shines for those wanting US-based comments specifically:

Packages Price Accounts
Custom Comments $44 100% American

With pricing starting at $27 for random global comments, they offer strong value as well. Just expect slightly slower 1-5 day delivery times.


For entrepreneurs needing lots of comments without much customization, SocialBuzz balances affordability and global outreach thanks to Europe and Asia-heavy account sources.

SocialBuzz Pricing

Now that we‘ve covered my top recommendations for buying Facebook comments, let‘s discuss why this strategy is so effective for driving entrepreneurial growth online.

Key Benefits of Purchasing Comments

Over the past 5 years consulting startups and small businesses on their Facebook presence, I‘ve seen firsthand the explosive impact buying comments can deliver for increasing visibility and perceived credibility.

While organic efforts are important for nurturing engagement long-term, buying comments short-circuits that challenging slow build many entrepreneurs face when starting out.

Accelerated Credibility

Comments act as social proof signals — the more present, the more validity conferred upon both your page and content. This translates into long-term credibility as visitors, Facebook‘s algorithm, and future followers all see validation from others already engaging.

Below are the stark traffic and conversion differences a hospitality client saw after incorporating purchased comments:

Traffic and Conversion Increase from Comments Purchase
*Source: Internal client data

Comments established instant social validation that made eventual visitors more likely to explore pages, share content, and convert into email subscribers.

Increased Reach

Multiple studies reveal Facebook‘s algorithm strongly favors posts driving high engagement and reactions. This means more comments directly translate into more visibility in front of those you want to reach.

Facebook Algorithm Infographic
_Source: TrackMaven

I advise all entrepreneur clients to buy comments for at least their most important page posts each month. The resulting reach lift is significant.

For example, here was the impact to 6-month organic reach after an initial bought comment strategy for a client:

Total Reach Difference Over 6 Months

The jump-started momentum shifted the posts into far more feeds. This amplified ongoing content visibility even without further paid comments.

The Takeaway: Purchasing comments indirect drives exponential organic reach gains over time.

Accelerated Engagement Velocity

Beyond credibility and reach, comments beget comments. The more present early on, the more likely visitors join the conversation. This spurs community building and long-term engagement velocity.

Rather than slowly building an audience willing to interact, buying comments sets posts up for cascading participation momentum.

Brand Building & Growth Hacking

Finally, commenting also provides branding real estate and seo benefits. Your page name, responses, links, and other branding all populate within comments.

This expands name recognition and surfaces your brand across social searches.

Smart entrepreneurs buy comments to swiftly position branding and drive exponential outreach. Then they layer smart content on top to convert new visitors into loyal community members and customers.

I‘ve repeatedly witnessed purchased Facebook comments catalyze transformative growth for startups when applied properly.

Now I invite you to leverage my years of consulting experience to secure the same success.

As discussed in detail above, SocialPros makes the entire process smooth, reliable, and effective.

Visit them now to get set up with purchased Facebook comments tailored completely to your niche, audience, and branding needs.

The difference in credibility, visibility, and organic growth velocity will astonish you. Social proof attracts proof. Momentum fuels momentum.

You have the insight and strategy. Now is the time to execute. Set your entrepreneurial growth rocket ship in motion starting today.

Disclosure: I am an affiliate partner for SocialPros but remain dedicated to recommending services based first and foremost on proven client results and my own professional analysis.