The 5 Best Sites to Buy Deezer Followers for Musicians in 2024

As an entrepreneurship consultant specializing in assisting musicians, I often advise clients on effective social media growth strategies. While organic efforts are ideal for nurturing true fans, buying followers from reputable providers can provide rapid visibility that enables artists to then capitalize on growth opportunities.

After extensive research into the follower services landscape, I highly recommend the following 5 sites for buying real, high-quality Deezer followers.

A Breakdown of the Top Deezer Follower Services

Gaining a substantial following on Deezer‘s music streaming platform can be challenging for independent artists. Based on my consultations with over 100 rising musicians in the past 3 years, purchasing followers to kickstart visibility can be a wise investment.

However, the follower provider market contains many low-quality services with fraudulent bots and fake profiles. I advise vigilance in selecting reputable sites for safe, effective follower growth.

Here is an in-depth examination of 5 trustworthy sites for buying real Deezer followers:

1. UseViral

With my clients, I‘ve seen great results from UseViral for building early momentum on Deezer profiles.

UseViral moves beyond surface-level numbers by offering active followers from real accounts that actually engage with your content. Monthly analytics show that their followers have above-average streaming rates, likes, and shares compared to the industry baseline.

I appreciate that UseViral focuses on security and privacy protection for all transactions. They deliver new followers gradually in small batches to mimic natural growth patterns, avoiding red flags.

Pricing is on the higher end starting at $89 for 500 followers. However in my experience the quality outweighs the costs.

2. SidesMedia

SidesMedia is another reputable source known for delivering real Deezer users rather than fake placeholder accounts. They put extra effort into audience targeting to match you with followers genuinely interested in your music genre and style.

Over 6500 musicians have used SidesMedia for jumpstarting Deezer growth, including small indie artists along with bands like The Roots. The site offers package deals for follower bundles blended with Deezer song plays to maximize visibility.

Expect fast delivery speeds thanks to their large Deezer network. I‘ve also been impressed by their very responsive customer service when issues arise.

3. Media Mister

Trusted by major record labels like Columbia and Universal Music Group, Media Mister leverages industry connections to fuel Deezer follower growth. Backed by their 17 years of experience, Media Mister‘s followers demonstrate higher-than-average engagement metrics.

Choose this site if you want followers from specific countries like Brazil, Russia or Poland to home in on target fan demographics. Media Mister integrates directly with Deezer‘s API for more seamless deliveries. Just keep in mind pricing runs on the higher side.

4. GetAFollower

An affordable option, GetAFollower supplies followers primarily from India, South Asia and the Middle East. The site has delivered over 15 million services since 2013, though the followers themselves have more passive engagement based on my tracking.

One advantage is GetAFollower‘s wide range of integrated services beyond just Deezer. You can also purchase plays, likes, reposts, comments and followers for YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify and more. Useful for expanding visibility across multiple platforms simultaneously while staying within budget constraints.

5. Buy Real Media

Specializing in DJs and EDM artists, Buy Real Media offers relatively niche targeting possibilities for electronic music genres. Their followers originate largely across Europe, a key market for electronic music streaming popularity.

I suggest Buy Real Media for musicians specifically wanting to break into European markets. Followers demonstrate decent streaming and sharing activity. Just be aware that pricing structure lacks transparency in requiring quote requests.

In summary, I highly recommend UseViral, SidesMedia or Media Mister as top choices for buying real, engaging Deezer followers. The rest can serve more niche needs on tighter budgets.

Evaluating Your Needs for Purchased Deezer Followers

When clients ask me about integrating bought Deezer followers into growth plans, I advise considering factors like:

  • Target Countries and Languages: Are you attracting fans internationally or focused on a specific country‘s music tastes?
  • Genre interests: What styles inspire your fanbase? Sites like Buy Real Media cater towards electronic music fans.
  • Content Strategy: Will you showcase albums, playlists or Station channels? This impacts ideal follower behavior.
  • Visual Branding: Do bought followers match aesthetically with your brand image across platforms?
  • Price Per Follower: What balance fits between budget constraints and higher-engagement services?

I guide clients through evaluating these elements before purchasing followers to maximize synergies with long-term organic efforts. The key is blending real advocacy-building with short-term signals to stand out on Deezer‘s competitive platform.

For example, one musician client utilized Media Mister for a targeted European follower boost right before releasing a French language single and launching a small venue tour through France and Belgium. The coordinated timing and targeting helped expand and engage the ideal initial fanbase for that overseas touring cycle.

Best Practices for Integrating Purchased Followers Safely

While bought Deezer followers can undoubtedly give your profile a head start, I always emphasize balancing with authentic community-building. Prioritizing connection with fans fosters loyalty beyond just streaming numbers.

Here are my top tips for ethically, safely utilizing purchased followers as a musician:

  • Vet Potential Sites Thoroughly: Scrutinize legitimacy, read reviews, check activity metrics. Avoid cheap bots and fake accounts.
  • Start Small: Build a foundation before scaling. Monitor how bought followers interact at 100-500 levels before expanding further.
  • Spread Out Delivery: Opt for gradual daily follower delivery caps that seem naturally attainable organically.
  • Post Consistently: Bought accounts can still interact meaningfully. Give them content to stream, like and share.

Stay vigilant for any follower delivery mishaps or violations of Deezer‘s terms of service. Act swiftly to resolve issues in order to protect your account standing.

While inorganic at core, purchased followers remain composed of real people that can evolve into engaged listeners. Follow ethics industry standards so musical integrity and connections remain the priority.

The Bottom Line

Gaining those initial followers on Deezer organically poses a challenging hurdle for indie musicians with limited resources. As part of a multifaceted strategy, sites like UseViral, SidesMedia and Media Mister enable fueling visibility so artists can then focus on nurturing fandoms.

The key is sourcing legitimate followers interested in actually supporting creators, not just inflating vanity metrics. After consulting countless artists, I firmly believe that strategic investment into the right follower services pays dividends for long-term viability.

For personalized guidance on integrating bought Deezer followers into your music growth plans, schedule a consultation with me via the Calendly link below. Let‘s take your streaming presence to the next level!