The 3 Best VPN Services for Privacy & Security in Buffalo

Buffalo is an off-the-beaten-path destination with world-class art galleries, architecture, and sports, not to mention, those famous chicken wings! However, public Wi-Fi threats abound, so it‘s essential travelers arm themselves with a reliable virtual private network (VPN). As an entrepreneurship consultant advising small businesses daily, I always recommend protecting devices and connections with a premium VPN.

From securing online banking and credit card transactions to accessing geo-restricted streaming content and sports, a VPN should provide uncompromising privacy, elite security protocols, and excellent speeds. Based on extensive evaluation, I suggest considering these top-performing VPNs for your Buffalo travels:

1. NordVPN – Best Overall VPN for Buffalo

Outranking its competition, NordVPN offers the complete package with over 5,500 worldwide servers, including 40+ located right in the Buffalo region. Their proprietary NordLynx protocol built on WireGuard technology provides rapid speeds for HD streaming and lag-free video conferencing.

I advise clients on the highest encryption standards to defend sensitive information from data breaches. NordVPN encompasses industry-leading AES-256 bit encryption alongside a kill switch, DNS/IP leak protection, zero-log policy, and anti-malware filtering.

While connecting from Buffalo coffee shops and hotels, that fortified encryption will keep your passwords, bank account details, and credit card numbers safe from hacker threats on public networks.

2. Surfshark – Best Bang for Your Buck

Boasting one of the most affordable plans around, Surfshark still packs impressive security protections like AES-256 encryption, a private DNS, and MultiHop connections routing through multiple servers at once. Their flagship feature allows clients to have unlimited device protection under a single account.

Small business owners can safeguard every employee‘s laptop, smartphone, and tablet seamlessly. Say you have a team of five remote workers connected while at conferences in Buffalo – Surfshark will encrypt all their traffic simultaneously.

Independent audits validate Surfshark‘s infrastructure security and stringent no-logs policy upholding user privacy. This VPN punches well above its weight class despite the bargain pricing.

3. Atlas VPN – Blazing Fast Speeds

AsConsulting startups and entrepreneurs on a tight budget, I often suggest Atlas VPN for offering a robust free plan with unlimited data usage. Even without paying, clients benefit from ad blocking, anti-malware protection, and a non-logging policy to avoid tracking.

While their global network is smaller at just 750+ servers, Atlas VPN‘s optimized server locations provide blazing fast speeds for streaming sports and videos without endless buffering wheels. I haven‘t encountered a free VPN able to unblock Netflix and other geo-restricted platforms as reliably.

Upgrading to one of their premium tiers unlocks even faster connections, expanded server access, and dedicated customer support. Given the quality free offering, Atlas VPN proposes tremendous overall value.

Why Entrepreneurs Choose VPNs for Buffalo Travels

As an entrepreneurship consultant supporting SMBs, I recommend all clients equip their devices, whether company-owned or personal, with a premium VPN before traveling for conferences, sales meetings, client visits, and other business activities.

Here are the core reasons entrepreneurs choose secure VPN connections in destinations like Buffalo:

  • Wi-Fi Protection – Public hotspots in airports, hotels, cafes and convention centers pose security risks for transmitting sensitive data. A VPN provides encryption to keep customer records, transactions, and communications safe on any untrusted network.
  • Restricted Content Access – Entrepreneurs traveling internationally can leverage VPNs to access familiar sites and apps blocked overseas. Whether you need to use Google, Zoom, payroll processors, or other US-based tools, a VPN grants access by assigning you an American IP address abroad.
  • Enhanced Privacy – A VPN prevents guest networks and crafty hackers from intercepting passwords, emails, and web activity by masking your IP address and online footprint. This protects proprietary information and trade secrets for any entrepreneur on the move.
  • Secure Data Transit – For entrepreneurs handling payments, credit cards, wire transfers, and other financial transactions via VPN-encrypted connections, data remains protected from prying eyes or MITM (man-in-the-middle) attacks.

Don‘t take chances with your startup‘s sensitive information, intellectual property, client records, or financial transactions while traveling through Buffalo or any other destination. Implement these VPN security and privacy essentials right away!