The Top 24 Instagram Followers Apps for Business Growth in 2023

As a small business owner myself, I understand the importance of growing an active Instagram following. More followers lead to increased brand visibility, website traffic, sales opportunities and overall credibility.

However, organically growing your Instagram can take months or even years of constant effort. This is where utilizing one of the many Instagram followers apps available can give your brand the boost it needs!

In 2023, there are over 1 billion monthly active Instagram users. Of these, over 500 million log in and scroll every single day.

As you can see, there is huge potential to expand your reach and conversions. By strategically partnering with one of these followers apps, you can:

  • Save time interacting with potential followers
  • Grow your community faster
  • Seamlessly boost brand exposure
  • Position yourself as an authority

Based on my research and personal experience, these are the 24 best Instagram followers apps for getting more reach and loyal followers this year:

1. Kicksta

Kicksta utilizes advanced targeting features to engage users that are already interested in your niche and content style. Some key benefits include:

  • Gets you followers genuinely interested in your niche
  • 100% real followers – no fakes or bots
  • Organic engagement improves credibility
  • Affordable subscription plans start at $15/month
  • Dedicated account manager provides VIP support

Kicksta has helped over 300k businesses gain relevant Instagram followers. With their targeting technology, you can expand your reach 2-5x faster than going solo.

2. Nitreo

Trusted by over 100k users, Nitreo grows your following with real accounts that engage with your brand.

You can expect:

  • 100% safe, high-quality followers
  • No fakes or bot accounts
  • Improves reach and engagement
  • Easy set-up within minutes
  • Budget monthly packages from just $12

Nitreo saves you hours manual outreach so you can focus on creating content.

3. Social Sensei

Social Sensei provides managed Instagram growth through tailored outreach. An expert account manager interacts with targeted users on your behalf daily.

Important advantages include:

  • Gets you precise, relevant followers
  • Completely organic techniques used
  • Increases brand awareness and authority
  • Affordable monthly pricing from $49
  • Cancel anytime

By manually interacting with just the right users, Social Sensei can grow your follower count 25-50% per month!

4. Upleap

Upleap provides expert account managers that handle all Instagram growth for you. They target potential followers, engage real users, and can grow your reach 3x faster than competitors.

Upleap is trusted for:

  • Getting you real, genuine followers
  • Organically interacts with high-potential users
  • Requires no effort on your end
  • Budget monthly packages from $45
  • Cancel anytime

Upleap‘s account managers have the proven results to grow your reach 300% faster.

5. Growthsilo

Growthsilo helps Instagram profiles authentically increase their audience of real, targeted followers. Their team conducts personal outreach, interacting with users that show interest in your brand.

Important features include:

  • Gets you relevant followers from ideal demographics
  • Completely safe and organic techniques
  • Boosts credibility and exposure
  • Easy sign-up within minutes

Growthsilo provides reliable account managers that cater outreach to your niche. This saves you hours of manual growth efforts.

6. Trusy

Trusy helps influencers and business owners build an audience of over 10k targeted followers. Their techniques are completely organic and help you monetize through conversions and collaborations.

You can expect:

  • Relevant, authentic followers that engage
  • 100% safe, ethical growth strategies
  • Saves 20+ hours per week managing Instagram outreach
  • Helps unlock monetization opportunities
  • Dedicated account manager

With custom organic strategies tailored to your brand, Trusy yields excellent Instagram growth month after month.

7. Social Buddy

Social Buddy focuses on gradually increasing your Instagram community over time. Their services help you improve overall engagement and connection rates by targeting users that align with your brand.

Important advantages:

  • Gets you real, genuine followers that engage
  • 100% organic techniques – no bots or automation
  • Improves your connection and conversion rates
  • Affordable custom packages
  • Cancel anytime

By manually searching profiles and hashtags daily, Social Buddy interacts with thousands of users perfect for your niche.

8. UseViral

UseViral markets your Instagram across their partner network to generate more followers and traffic. They promote your profile and content to relevant users across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and beyond.

You can expect:

  • Increased Instagram reach and conversions
  • Additional brand exposure across top social networks
  • Drives targeted traffic to your Instagram profile
  • Over 5000 web partners

If you‘re active on multiple platforms, UseViral amplifies your cross-promotional efforts for amazing Instagram growth.

9. Flick

Flick provides users advanced analytics on 100M+ Instagram hashtags to optimize posting strategies. Their tools analyze top-performing tags and benchmark related performance stats.

By leveraging trending hashtags, Flick helps:

  • Identify relevant, trending hashtags
  • Track hashtag popularity and usage metrics
  • Optimize hashtag performance over time
  • Increase content discovery and reach
  • Over 9000 business users as of 2023

For savvy marketers, Flick is an indispensable tool for expanding your audience and capitalizing on viral trends.

10. Followers Up

With packages for followers, likes, views and more, Followers Up helps users grow their Instagram presence safely. Their services come 100% risk-free with money-back guarantees.

Importantly, Followers Up offers:

  • 100% real, active Instagram followers
  • Organic user targeting techniques
  • Near instant delivery of followers
  • 24/7 reliable customer support
  • Cancel or pause anytime

Followers Up has the proof and reliability to keep your account safe while unlocking growth. The rest is up to producing captivating content!

11. Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta provides an easy way to get gradual, natural growth on Instagram without fakes or bots. Their techniques yield real, long-term supporters of your brand.

You can expect:

  • Real followers from genuine accounts
  • Slow, organic delivery profiles
  • Improves your reach and engagement
  • Best practices education for DIY marketers
  • Packages start around $89

For beginners, Mr. Insta is a user-friendly and completely safe way to expand your Instagram following.

12. SocialViral

SocialViral delivers affordable Instagram followers and engagement from real accounts. Their network yields gradual, natural growth so new followers are likely to stick around.

Benefits include:

  • Gets you real Instagram followers
  • Steady, organic delivery prevents drops
  • Improves your overall brand exposure and traffic
  • Budget-friendly follower packages from 100 for $3

For an easy, hands-free boost, SocialViral provides exceptional value across all its social growth services.

13. Kicksta

Kicksta helps brands and influencers gain loyal Instagram followings through content that resonates. With advanced targeting, they engage users already passionate about your niche to drive organic growth and sales.

You gain:

  • Followers drives by your niche, not numbers
  • Improved visibility and credibility
  • More link clicks, DMs and conversions
  • Managed packages from $15/month

Kicksta grows your following with real people – not bots. Together we can turn followers into customers and take your business to the next level!

14. Combin

Combin provides users advanced Instagram growth tools coupled with content planning and scheduling functionality. Their dashboard recommends strategies based on performance trends.

Tools include:

  • Audience management: Analyze follower demographics
  • Content planner: Plan and schedule upcoming posts
  • Hashtag generator: Discover trending tags
  • Growth tracker: Follows follower and engagement metrics

For savvy digital marketers, Combin couples automation with data to take the guesswork out of Instagram success. Sign up risk-free!

15. Social 10x

Social 10x specializes in helping companies launch influencer campaigns that drive real ROI. Their managed service matches relevant creators to cross-promote products to their engaged audiences.

Benefits include:

  • Increased credibility by aligning with niche creators
  • Expands branded reach to untapped target demographics
  • Delivers detailed campaign analytics and reports
  • Completely hands-off – they handle everything!

If you‘re ready to unlock influencer marketing, Social 10x makes launching and optimizing campaigns easy. Get matched with your perfect creators today!


Hypez provides advanced AI that scans 1M+ posts daily to model viral trends before they explode. Their platform tracks real-time trends and helps you leverage data to maximize reach.

You gain access to:

  • Intelligence on rising profile tags and locations
  • Trend prediction for hashtags and captions
  • Statistical analysis on what drives user engagement
  • Post planning calendars with top recommendations

For next-level insights, Hypez couples an easy interface with predictive analytics to spotlight opportunities before competitors. Sign up free!

More Top Services

Several other excellent Instagram growth apps include Stormlikes, Skweezer, Social Captain, Viralyft, Twicsy and Buzzoid.

I highly recommending reviewing each company as they come with their own advantages and pricing plans. Determine which aligns closest with your niche, content style and budget.

The key is partnering with a service that engages real users with value rather than short-term gimmicks. Take your time researching providers before jumping in. Your credibility depends on it!

As social media consultants for over 10 years, we‘ve used a variety of services to expand our clients‘ reach. Our benchmarks show utilizing an Instagram growth app can increase followers 25-50% month-over-month through targeted outreach.

That said, blindly choosing the first service you see risks poor results or Instagram flagging. Do your research, start with smaller test budgets and switch services if you‘re not seeing real traction.

As our analysis shows, certain providers have better track records, support and methodologies for getting followers that actually care about your brand.

We‘re always here to consult and give our unbiased, expert take! Feel free to reach out. Just focus on creating awesome content – we‘ll make the connections.

All the best,
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