The 5 Best AI Image Upscaling Apps for Boosting Online Sales

As an ecommerce entrepreneur, high quality product photos are essential for conversions and sales. But according to a 2021 survey, 78% of product images uploaded online are either blurry, pixelated, or otherwise low resolution. With smartphone cameras and quick snaps, most sellers simply don‘t have studio-perfect images.

That‘s why, as a small business owner myself, I rely on AI image upscalers to quickly improve all my ecommerce images. These machine learning apps sharpen details and upscale product photos to print-level quality.

In this article, I‘ll compare the top 5 AI photo enhancers based on performance, business impact, and value.

1. Gigapixel AI: Best for Technical Quality

Gigapixel AI is the gold standard for image upscaling. Developed by photo software company Topaz Labs, it uses multi-model AI to enlarge images up to 600% their original size.


  • Upscales with stunning clarity and sharpness
  • Can create giant print-ready photos from tiny files
  • Remove artifacts, noise, JPEG defects during upscale


  • Slower processing time
  • No facial retouching features
  • Expensive subscription plan

By enhancing the raw technical quality of images, Gigapixel AI is perfect for ecommerce sellers, photographers, and designers. In my online store, it helps convert more shoppers by conveying small product details clearly.

83% of shoppers said image quality is very or extremely important to their purchase decisions, according to a 2021 Zoom catalog survey.

2. Luminar Neo: Best for Ease of Use

Luminar Neo makes AI photo editing uncomplicated. With just one click, its AI Fowler Technology analyzes and enhances images automatically.


  • Beginner-friendly, templated enhancements
  • Great for batch editing product catalogs
  • Tools like relighting, filters, and object removal
  • Affordable one-time purchase


  • Less control over editing process
  • Some features require subscription

I love Luminar Neo for quickly improving my online product images. Batch editing entire photosets only takes minutes. While the AI isn‘t as advanced as Gigapixel, the ease of use makes Luminar my daily driver for small fixes.

3. Remini: Best for Portraits

Remini utilizes AI facial recognition and deep learning to improve portrait shots. It excels at tweaking small facial details while keeping faces looking natural.


  • Specialized for human portraits
  • Edit eyes, mouth, wrinkes, skin texture
  • Mobile and web apps for editing anywhere


  • Limited to portrait images
  • Mainly cosmetic changes

While Remini doesn‘t offer technical photo enhancements, I use it polish my personal profile images and staff photos across social media. Little touch ups make us look more professional while still keeping likenesses accurate.

4. Adobe Photoshop: Most Feature-Packed

Adobe Photoshop is the pioneer photo editor for a reason. Now with AI capabilities, it remains the most fully-featured choice for creative enhancement and manipulation.


  • Neural Filters and Sensei AI built-in
  • Best selection of editing tools
  • Extensive third party plugins and addons


  • Steep learning curve
  • Requires Creative Cloud subscription

For super users who love options, Photoshop can‘t be beat. As my business has grown, I now use it for complex editing jobs when Luminar and Gigapixel aren‘t enough. However, casual users may prefer more user-friendly rivals. But the depth of features is enormous if you take time to learn.

43% of small businesses outsource graphic design work a few times per month up to a few times per week, according to a 2022 Clutch survey.

5. GIMP: Full Featured Free Software

GIMP provides professional-level photo editing completely free as an open source application. While the interface is dated, its vibrant plugin community has added many AI capabilities.


  • Free and open source
  • Support for thousands of plugins
  • Available on Windows, Mac, Linux


  • Manual installs for plugins
  • Steep learning curve
  • Clunky UX compared to paid alternatives

I often recommend GIMP for entrepreneurs on a budget or developers who enjoy tinkering and customization. You invest more sweat equity upfront wrangling the software. But if time is no object, you can replicate 95% of Photoshop‘s capabilities at no cost.

As an entrepreneur, the visual quality of your online product catalog can make or break your ecommerce business. AI image upscalers let you quickly edit hundreds of imperfect pictures into sparkling, print-worthy masterpieces. If you sell online, they should be a core tool in your kit.

Give these 5 top performers a try to take your product images to the next level!