How to Save Your Twitch Streams in 2023: An Entrepreneur‘s Guide

As an entrepreneurship advisor who has helped founders build, manage, and scale their small businesses, I understand the demands creators face. Producing engaging streams is difficult enough without simultaneously editing, optimizing, and repurposing that content across platforms. There simply aren‘t enough hours in the day.

The solution? Save your Twitch streams to simplify content production.

In this article, I’ll provide actionable guidance to entrepreneurs looking to get more from their valuable streaming efforts this year. Follow these best practices to reduce creator burnout, expand your audience, and give your business a competitive advantage.

Why Saving Streams is Essential for Founders

Let’s start with some data:

  • 78% of entrepreneurs work more than 40 hours a week [Source]
  • 72% struggle to find enough time to complete all their business tasks [Source]

It’s clear that most founders are strapped for time as they handle various roles—from product development to marketing, customer service to partnership outreach.

Based on my experience, streaming itself requires 4+ hours per session to have engaging sessions that convert viewers to followers and subscribers. That doesn’t even account for editing and distribution across other platforms.

By saving streams instead of live streaming daily, entrepreneurs can reallocate 6-8 hours/week towards higher value business activities.

Now let’s explore exactly how creators can save streams on Twitch…

Step 1: Enable VOD Storage and Set Expiration

First, you’ll want to configure your Twitch settings to store broadcasts after you finish streaming…