Best Sites to Buy Instagram Live Views in 2024: A Consultant‘s Guide

As a social media consultant specialized in helping entrepreneurs grow their personal brands, I often get asked about the best and safest ways to increase Instagram live video views. While buying views may seem tempting, proceed with caution. In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll explore top sites to purchase Instagram live views, pricing and delivery expectations, associated risks, and smarter alternatives for legally increasing your viewership.

Top 5 Sites to Buy Instagram Live Views

Based on extensive research into over 12 different companies selling Instagram engagement, these 5 services stand out for their reliability, delivery speed, and pricing. However, risks still exist when artificially inflating live views.

Site Price Per 1000 Views Delivery Time Refund Policy
UseViral $15-$30 1-12 hours 30 days
SidesMedia $25-$35 1-24 hours 14 days
Media Mister $3-$15 24-72 hours 7 days
GetAFollower $2.99-$20 24-48 hours No refunds
Buy Real Media $30-$75 12-36 hours 30 days
  • Pricing for 1000 live views generally ranges from $3 on the affordable end to $75 for faster, premium delivery.
  • Most sites deliver views fairly quickly, with average times being 1 to 72 hours. Instant delivery under 1 hour costs significantly more.
  • Refund policies vary widely, from no refunds to 30 days to cover failed deliveries. Checking reviews assists with vetting quality.

My top recommendation is UseViral for the best balance of good pricing, quick delivery, and reliability based on site reputation and customer feedback.

The Risks of Buying Live Views

While services exist to deliver cheap and fast Instagram live views, several risks give pause:

  • Account Bans: Instagram cracks down on inorganic views, so purchased engagement risks account suspension if caught. Always research site reviews carefully.
  • Stunted Reach: Low-quality or bot views won‘t meaningfully engage with your videos, limiting reach and conversion rates. Prioritize authenticity over vanity metrics.
  • Wasted Money: Views may disappear after delivery if provided by bots or inactive accounts, wasting your investment. Vet site reputations thoroughly before purchase.

Use extreme caution before buying views – while fast and enticing, focus first on creating compelling live content optimized for organic visibility.

Smarter Alternatives to Increase Live Views

As an entrepreneur specializing in social media growth strategy, I recommend these tactics instead for getting more eyes on your Instagram live streams:

Optimize Streaming Schedule

Go live during peak times when more of your audience is actively online and likely to discover your broadcast through hashtags and the app‘s notifications.

Promote Streams Ahead of Time

Share promotional posts and Stories leading up to scheduled streams so current followers tune in live when you‘re broadcasting.

Invite Guests for Cross-Promotion

Collaborate with influencers, experts, or brand partners to co-host live videos and tap into each other‘s audiences.

Make Contents Shareable

Include value additions like giveaways, Q&As, tutorials etc. to inspire viewers to invite others or generate user-generated content.

Interact with Viewers in Real Time

Respond to incoming comments and questions to spark deeper conversations that extend stream duration and viewer satisfaction.

By focusing on creating captivating streams and leveraging organic promotion strategies, you can authentically increase live viewership without risking penalties. Reach out as a consultant if you need any personalized advice on optimizing your Instagram presence.