The Ultimate Guide to Canceling Verizon Fios: Everything You Need to Know

Are you considering canceling your Verizon Fios service? Whether you‘re moving to a new location, switching to a different provider, or simply looking to cut costs, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the process step by step. As a retail and consumer expert with over a decade of experience, I‘ve gathered all the essential information you need to make your Fios cancellation as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Understanding Your Needs and Budget

Before diving into the cancellation process, it‘s crucial to take a step back and evaluate your current needs and budget. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are you satisfied with your current Fios services, or do you feel you‘re paying for features you don‘t use?
  2. Have your streaming habits or internet usage changed since you first signed up for Fios?
  3. Are you looking to cut costs due to financial constraints or lifestyle changes?
  4. Are alternative providers offering better deals or packages that suit your needs?

By honestly assessing your situation, you‘ll be better equipped to make an informed decision about whether canceling Fios is the right choice for you.

Step 1: Review Your Contract and Early Termination Fees

Once you‘ve decided to cancel, the first step is to understand your current contract status and any potential early termination fees (ETFs). Verizon Fios typically requires a minimum service term, and if you cancel before the end of this period, you may be subject to ETFs.

According to Verizon, the ETF for Fios services is calculated based on the remaining months in your contract and the type of service you have. As of 2024, the maximum ETF for Fios Internet is $345, while the maximum ETF for Fios TV and Home Phone is $235. These fees are prorated based on the number of months left in your contract, so the earlier you cancel, the higher the fee.

To avoid surprises, carefully review your contract and contact Verizon Fios customer service to determine your specific ETF amount before proceeding with cancellation.

Step 2: Explore Alternatives to Cancellation

If you‘re canceling due to financial concerns or temporary life changes, it‘s worth exploring alternatives to a full cancellation. Verizon Fios offers options like service suspension and package downgrades that may better suit your needs.

Service Suspension

Service suspension allows you to temporarily pause your Fios services for up to 90 days. During this time, you‘ll pay a reduced monthly fee (currently $15) to maintain your account and avoid ETFs. This option is ideal if you‘re traveling for an extended period or experiencing short-term financial hardship.

To initiate a service suspension, contact Verizon Fios customer service at 1-844-837-2262 and request a "vacation hold" or "seasonal suspension."

Package Downgrades

Package downgrades allow you to reduce your monthly costs by switching to a lower-tier plan. For example, if you have a Fios Gigabit Internet plan, you could downgrade to a 100 Mbps or 300 Mbps plan to save money while still maintaining your Fios service.

According to a 2023 study by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, 38% of surveyed consumers reported saving money by negotiating with their cable or internet provider for a lower rate or promotional deal (Consumer Reports, 2023).

To explore package downgrade options, review your current plan and compare it to Verizon‘s latest offerings. Contact customer service to discuss your options and potential savings.

Step 3: Contact Verizon Fios Customer Service

If you‘ve decided that cancellation is the best option, the next step is to contact Verizon Fios customer service. As of 2024, you can reach them by calling 1-844-837-2262 Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 6 PM EST.

When you call, have your account number and most recent billing statement handy. The customer service representative will ask for this information to verify your identity and access your account details.

Clearly state your intention to cancel your Fios service and ask about any outstanding balances or ETFs that may apply. The representative will guide you through the cancellation process and provide instructions for returning any rented equipment.

Tips for a Successful Cancellation Call

  1. Be polite but firm in your request to cancel. Remember, the representative‘s job is to retain customers, so they may offer incentives or discounts to persuade you to stay.
  2. If you‘re canceling due to dissatisfaction with the service, provide specific examples of the issues you‘ve encountered. This feedback can help Verizon improve its services and may even lead to a resolution that convinces you to stay.
  3. Take detailed notes during the call, including the representative‘s name, any confirmation numbers, and the agreed-upon cancellation date.
  4. If you‘re unable to reach a satisfactory resolution with the first representative, don‘t hesitate to request to speak with a supervisor or manager.

Step 4: Return Your Rented Equipment

If you have rented equipment from Verizon Fios, such as a router, set-top box, or network extender, you‘ll need to return these items to avoid additional fees. Typically, you have 30 days from your cancellation date to return the equipment.

Verizon Fios offers two main return methods:

  1. UPS Drop-Off: You can take your equipment to a UPS Store location, where they will pack and ship it back to Verizon free of charge.
  2. FedEx Pickup: You can request a FedEx pickup online or by phone, and a FedEx driver will collect your equipment from your home or office at no cost to you.

Be sure to obtain a tracking number and keep a record of your return to avoid any disputes about unreturned equipment. According to Verizon, unreturned equipment fees can range from $99 for a standard router to $350 for a Fios TV One media server (Verizon, 2024).

Responsible Disposal and Recycling

If you own any equipment purchased from Verizon Fios or have old devices you no longer need, consider responsibly disposing of or recycling them. Many electronics contain hazardous materials that can harm the environment if not properly handled.

Verizon offers a recycling program for its customers, accepting a wide range of devices, including routers, set-top boxes, and phones. To participate, simply bring your old equipment to a Verizon store or mail it to their recycling center using a prepaid shipping label available on their website (Verizon, 2024).

Step 5: Monitor Your Final Bill and Account Closure

After you‘ve completed the cancellation process and returned your equipment, keep an eye on your final Verizon Fios bill. This bill will include any prorated charges, ETFs, and equipment fees (if applicable).

Review the bill carefully to ensure all charges are accurate and contact customer service immediately if you notice any discrepancies. Once you‘ve paid your final bill, your account will be closed, and your Fios service will be officially canceled.

Obtaining a Final Billing Statement

For your records and to assist with any future disputes, it‘s essential to obtain a final billing statement from Verizon Fios. This statement should clearly show a zero balance and confirm that your account has been closed.

To request a final billing statement, contact Verizon Fios customer service or log into your online account. If you‘re unable to access your online account after cancellation, you may need to contact customer service to have the statement mailed to you.

Common Misconceptions About Canceling Fios

  1. Canceling Fios will negatively impact your credit score: Canceling your Fios service alone will not directly affect your credit score. However, if you fail to pay any outstanding balances or ETFs, Verizon may report this delinquency to credit bureaus, which could negatively impact your credit score (Experian, 2021).
  2. You‘ll never be able to sign up for Fios services again: Canceling your Fios service does not preclude you from signing up for Verizon services in the future. However, you may not be eligible for certain promotional offers or discounts available to new customers.
  3. Canceling Fios is impossible due to long-term contracts: While Verizon Fios does require minimum service terms, it is still possible to cancel your service. You may be subject to ETFs, but these fees are prorated based on the remaining months in your contract.

Tips for a Smooth Transition

To make your Fios cancellation as seamless as possible, consider these expert tips:

  1. Schedule your cancellation date to coincide with the start of your new service to avoid gaps in connectivity.
  2. Keep detailed records of all correspondence with Verizon Fios, including cancellation confirmation numbers and equipment return tracking information.
  3. If you‘re switching to a new provider, research their offerings thoroughly and take advantage of any promotions or incentives for new customers.
  4. Update your contact information with Verizon Fios to ensure you receive any final communications or billing statements.

Handling Unexpected Issues

While most Fios cancellations go smoothly, there may be instances where you encounter unexpected challenges. Some common issues include:

  1. Disputed charges: If you believe you‘ve been charged incorrectly, contact Verizon Fios customer service and provide documentation to support your claim.
  2. Difficulty returning equipment: If you experience issues with UPS or FedEx returns, reach out to Verizon Fios for alternative return methods or extensions on your return deadline.
  3. Service interruptions before cancellation date: If your Fios service is disconnected prematurely, contact customer service immediately to rectify the situation and request a prorated refund for any lost service time.

Remember, persistence and clear communication are key when resolving unexpected issues. Don‘t hesitate to escalate your concerns to a supervisor or manager if needed.

Issue Resolution
Disputed charges Contact customer service with supporting documentation
Difficulty returning equipment Request alternative return methods or deadline extensions
Service interruptions before cancellation Contact customer service for rectification and prorated refund

The Future of Fios and Alternative Providers

As the telecommunications industry continues to evolve, it‘s worth keeping an eye on the future of Verizon Fios and the emergence of new alternative providers. With the increasing popularity of streaming services and the growing demand for high-speed internet, providers are constantly adapting their offerings to remain competitive.

Some industry trends to watch include:

  1. The expansion of 5G networks and their potential to replace traditional broadband services (Opensignal, 2021).
  2. The growth of fiber-optic networks and their ability to deliver faster, more reliable internet speeds (FCC, 2021).
  3. The emergence of new providers, such as SpaceX‘s Starlink satellite internet service, which aims to provide high-speed internet to rural and underserved areas (Starlink, 2021).

As a savvy consumer, staying informed about these developments can help you make better decisions about your internet and entertainment services in the future.


Canceling your Verizon Fios service may seem daunting, but with the right information and preparation, you can navigate the process with confidence. By understanding your contract, exploring alternatives, and following the step-by-step guide outlined in this article, you‘ll be well-equipped to make the best decision for your needs and ensure a smooth transition.

Remember, as a savvy consumer, you have the power to take control of your services and make changes that align with your lifestyle and budget. Don‘t be afraid to advocate for yourself and seek out the best options available.

If you found this guide helpful, please share it with others who may be considering canceling their Verizon Fios service. Together, we can empower consumers to make informed decisions and take charge of their digital lives.