11 Best Traffic Bots in 2022

11 Best Traffic Bots for Social Media Marketing

Do you want to drive traffic to your website using traffic bots and rank higher? This list of top best traffic bots will drive more traffic to your website.

What is a social networking and the total online cauldron without traffic? Traffic is the reason why exposure happens online and why data is being transferred from one place to another. An important part of this system is Traffic bots. This may seem odd to anyone who doesn’t know about them or how they work.

These bots perform a wide range of activities that influence the traffic system. For instance, bots are employed in the gathering of data from servers by GTmetrix. Another typical example is how bots help Google in the discovery of new sites.

But here, we will talk about website traffic bots that help propel internet users to visit your site. The advantages of using these traffic bots aren’t farfetched. They help to improve the ranking of your site. This is important in the long run. The reason why some websites come up and others don’t when using a web search engine like Google is due to the power of ranking.

The higher you rank, the higher the possibility of you gaining more visibility during a random search on the internet. And this is part of what Traffic bots can help you achieve. Keeping you up to date with traffic stats, multiplying your time on site, and reducing bounce rate, are some of the things you get with Traffic bots. They can also be employed to test the strengths of a website.

Best Traffic Bots

1. LinkCollider


Maturity breeds respect, and respect, more often than not, comes with age. That is what LinkCollider has in abundance. They have been around in the web traffic generation system much longer than most of their competitors.

They have grown into a huge traffic generating system making use of both human and mechanically derived sources. They also provide video views, shares, and so much more. Thus, they are unarguably one of the best in the system.

2. Traffic Creator

Traffic Creator

Another credible Traffic bot is Traffic Creator. They pride themselves as a largely sophisticated automated traffic generator. And that they can effectively manage every traffic feature such as bounce rate, language, device, session time and so on. With Traffic Creator, it is possible to modify source preferences.

Their plans are quite flexible and affordable since they offer a monthly subscription scheme. There is also the mouth-watering chance of having 2,000 free traffic hits with Traffic Creator.

3. 10kHits


Another well-known Traffic bot is 10KHits. They are also not new in the traffic generation system. If you want an automatic traffic generator that can turn up the heat in a short space of time, then you should try 10KHits. The only downside about 10KHits is that they do not exhibit regulation on the traffic they generate. But then, they offer traffic that isn’t expensive, which is ideal for those who are operating on a slim budget.

4. Visitor Boost

Visitor Boost shares the same parentage with SparkTraffic. And they are quite similar in the manner of execution. The qualities of traffic they both generate are also alike. Perhaps, the idea of having different bots that provide similar output is more of a strategy to cover a lot of ground in the traffic generating system.

5. VeryTraffic


One of the strengths of VeryTraffic bot is its ability to control the traffic it generates. Although they have a monthly traffic limitation of 6,000 hits, the quality of traffic they generate is enough to put them up there with the best traffic-generating bots.

6. TraffBoost.net


This automatic traffic generator boasts of a client force that exceeds 100,000. TraffBoost offer both direct and ad-based traffic to your website through their unique traffic generating system.

7. TrafficApe


If you are looking for a traffic bot that is very direct and easy to understand, then you should try TrafficApe. One of the low points of using this traffic bot is that the amount of traffic they can generate is quite unimpressive. Its low patronage probably causes this. But they have control over the traffic they generate as they can obtain data on the traffic, impressions and many more.

8. RankBoostUp


RankBoostUp is very versatile as its capability goes beyond traffic generation. They can help build a fan base from several social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and still nourish your website with enough traffic. This way, your rank will improve a lot on search engines. They are also customizable as you can control the duration of traffic generation. It is also possible to select mobile traffic to obtain higher ranking results.

9. HitLeap


Generating traffic for more than a million websites daily, HitLeap is a well-established and proven auto-traffic generator. They have to be in the business of generating traffic for their clients since 2011. And they have successfully done it. Consistency and efficiency are among some qualities that set them apart from other traffic bots.

With HitLeap, it is possible to obtain traffic from social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can also modify the duration of traffic generation.

10. SparkTraffic


Boasting of a daily traffic generation of above 200 million for over 120 thousand websites, SparkTraffic is another Traffic bot that is highly rated. Even established brands are among the client list of this auto-traffic generator. Thus, if you need a tool to turn up the traffic burners, you should consider SparkTraffic.

And one other cool fact that will probably interest today’s generation is that SparkTraffic accepts Bitcoin as payment. Their refund policy is also impressive. This makes them quite attractive to website owners.

11. BabylonTraffic


If you are looking for a very reliable traffic bot, then look no further than BabylonTraffic. They have an unmatched track record. They are known to generate traffic of genuine quality. With BabylonTraffic, you can modify your preference of traffic sources.

They can boost your website’s ranking within a short time by generating unique and targeted traffic from different parts of the globe. Setting up an account with BabylonTraffic is not difficult, and their rates are affordable too.


What do Traffic bots do?

Traffic bots help you drive traffic to your website. They ensure you’re kept up to date with traffic stats to rank up on search engines.

Are Traffic bots free?

There are traffic bots that offer both free and premium services. However, the free services are limited.


The reason why some websites come up and others don’t when using a web search engine like Google is due to the power of ranking. The higher you rank, the higher the possibility of you gaining more visibility during random searches on the internet. And this is part of what Traffic bots can help you achieve.

These traffic bots are very efficient at what they do. But do ensure that you are getting what you want in the long run with whichever traffic bot you are engaged with. We are sure the list above will help you find the right Traffic bot to drive your website to the next level.