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Steven Smith

Staff member
Jun 26, 2011
British Columbia
If you would like to promote your website or blog on the forums under each of your posts, now you can!
Once you have completed the following you may add a signature to your account.
  • 50 Useful Message(s)
  • Be a member for more than 30 day(s)
After you have made your 50th post, you will be able to add your signature with up to three links and three lines to promote your sites or blogs or even have an inspirational or funny message to sign your posts with.

Additionally, after reaching 50 posts, you will be promoted to "Active Member" status and will also be able to post links into your posts.

*Linking to any affiliate program is not allowed, please direct-link to your own web properties.
*Adding email addresses in posts or signatures is not allowed. (This includes any public area of this site)
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