Free Themes v Paid Themes

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Steven Smith

Staff member
Jun 26, 2011
British Columbia
For every free WordPress theme out there, there will normally be a premium version or a paid for version. Just because a WordPress theme will come free, it does not mean it will be limited or it won’t look good, I have built many a professional website using only free themes.

Very often the extra features of the premium version will be clearly displayed whilst using and editing the free version, this will allow you to make an easy decision on whether you would like to upgrade or not.

A lot of the time it will be an easy decision to make as the paid version will enhance the look and increase functionality.

For example, if we were building a WordPress site for a hotel, the free version will usually come with the basics to get you up and running, however, the paid version might include extra theme colors and a premium plugin for live guest support on the site and the ability to take bookings.

Now you could search and easily find similar plugins that will do these things for free but the convenience of having everything under one roof from the same developer is usually worth the upgrade.

As well as that, premium themes normally come with premium support should you be unsure about anything in relation to the theme.

WordPress themes can range anywhere from free as discussed, to a few dollars all the way up to $100’s. Normally the most expensive themes will be fully integrated e-commerce solutions or themes that come with a number of niche templates which will cover every eventuality.

I personally like these types of multi-niche themes as they normally have you covered for whatever type of website you would like to build.

Whether you choose a free or a premium theme will come down to your individual preference and your own needs. As WordPress and 1000’s of its themes are free, have a play around which will cost you nothing and then decide later