Factors that are important while selecting a domain?

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what are the major factors that one should kept in mind while purchasing a domain?


Well, I guess you must be confused as to choose which domain name is best suitable for your business..!!

Fine the best way to choose the domain name is -

1)know your requirements first.
2)the domain name should go with your brand.
3)choose such a domain name which is most popular among the searches and which will have fewer competitors.


Many factors are important when we are selecting the Domaine of your website.
1. Domain Age
2. Domaine should be relevant to your website content
3. Domain costs
4. Domain name: A good domain name should be short, easy to say


Most important factors:
1. Domain Name/ must include brand or keyword and to be shorter/
2. Domain Age /Google indexes when the domain was registered, the older the better/
3. Decide carefully if it is going to be .com, .co.uk or .org / the extension is important too/
4. When choosing it, do not use capital letters, even numbers are not preferred.