Your Complete Guide to Leveling Up Content Creation

Hey there! As someone passionate about marketing, you‘re probably always on the lookout for ways to master content creation. And I don‘t blame you! Did you know 4.66 billion pieces of content are produced daily?

Crazy right?

So how can you ensure your content stands out in the insane digital crowd? Well you came to the right place my friend!

In this guide, we‘ll explore the must-have content types you need to leverage along with 10 powerful creation tools to help take your skills to the next level. Get ready to stir up some marketing magic!

The Rapid Rise of Content

People absolutely feast on content these days. Across all the popular platforms, engagement statistics are simply staggering:

  • 500 million tweets sent per day
  • 400 million Facebook stories shared daily
  • Over 1 billion hours watched on YouTube daily
  • 100 million photos and videos shared to Instagram daily

And get this – podcast consumption has tripled since 2014 with over 2 million active shows! All these podcasters need tools to edit, analyze, promote and more around their booming audio content.

Content creation trends across platforms

Clearly, content remains firmly at the heart of our digital lives. For us marketers, this is both an opportunity and an overwhelming challenge. Producing relevant, high-quality, visually-appealing assets at scale across these key channels can be an enormous headache.

Thankfully, I‘ve discovered the most epic selection of specialized tools designed to help simplify and amplify content creation efforts.

In this guide, we‘ll unpack them in detail exploring the ideal formats and creation platforms depending on your goals, resources and teams. Now let‘s dive in!

Major Content Types to Master

While once primarily text-based, content now comes in an array of formats from short-form video to viral memes. Below are the ones vital for any marketer in 2023 ranked by impact.

1. Video

Without a doubt video content captures attention and drives engagement unlike any other medium. People just love watching versus reading! And platforms like TikTok and YouTube prioritize video above all else.

Consider these mind-blowing stats:

  • 82% prefer video over text to learn about a product or service
  • 90% say video helps them make buying decisions
  • 75% of marketers are planning more video content in 2023

Clearly, developing interesting, educational and entertaining video content should be high on your priority list!

2. Images

Visually-compelling images will always play a major role across social media in particular. They can quickly communicate emotions and key messages that text alone cannot.

  • 63% of social media is now visual content
  • Articles with images get 94% more views than those without

Use images liberally across blogs, ads and social posts for added oomph.

3. Blog Articles

In-depth articles and blog posts are vital for driving organic growth by showcasing expertise around specific topics and keywords. Think educational over promotional.


  • 70% of marketers publish at least one blog per month
  • Companies that blog have 55% more website visitors

Yes – long-form text content still matters, especially for SEO wins!

There are a few other emerging content formats worth mentioning like podcasts, interactive content and more. But the above three deserve primary focus for now.

Next let‘s unpack some amazing creation tools to help consistently develop stellar assets across these key categories used by top brands.

10 Must-Have Content Creation Platforms

With the right web-based creation platforms, anyone can pump out professional blogs, social posts and videos at scale without needing to master complex design or editing software.

Below are my top 10 recommendations across the hottest marketing categories…

Animation Video Production


  • Founded in 2011, raised $23M over 7 rounds
  • 4M+ users across 200+ countries
  • Features: 10,000+ templates, 2M+ assets in library, built-in recording & editing tools

Benefits: Create short animated posts, marketing clips and explainers in just minutes. Perfect for social media marketers. Pricing starts free.

Graphic Design


  • Launched in 2012, now valued at $40B
  • 75M+ monthly active users
  • Features: 100,000+ fonts & templates, 1M+ images & graphics, easy drag & drop

Benefits: Design social graphics, ads, logos, presentations decks and more without any design expertise. Free tier available but Pro plan offers greatest value.

SEO & Content Workflow


  • Founded 2009, went public April 2021 @ $1.5B valuation
  • Used by 500k+ brands globally
  • Features: AI writing assistance, topic research, rank tracking, backlink analysis, publishing & analytics

Benefits: Research SEO topics then create and distribute keyword-optimized blogs and website pages that align to customer needs. 14 day free trial available. Plans from $99/month.

AI Writing Assistant


  • Launched in 2018, over 300k+ users
  • Indexes 20B+ web pages for topic insights
  • Features: outlines, drafts full articles, suggests keywords and titles

Benefits: Quickly create copious amounts of SEO-optimized blogs, landing pages, emails, social posts and more. 14 day free trial, plans from $47/month.

Podcast Production


  • Founded in 2019 after $100k investment on SharkTank
  • 450k+ podcasters hosted on platform
  • Features: hosting, smooth episode creation workflow, distribution to major directories, stats

Benefits: Intuitive yet advanced tools for recording, editing, publishing and analyzing podcast episodes. Generous free tier available. Paid plans from $12/month.

Infographic Design


  • Founded in 2012, raised $7.6M over 5 rounds
  • Used by leading brands like Microsoft, Samsung, Deloitte
  • Features: 700+ infographic templates, 3M+ stock photos, slick editing tools, publishing support

Benefits: Quickly turn data and research into engaging infographics, reports, posters and presentations. Free version but paid plans offer the best value starting at $11/month.

AI Video Creator


  • Founded in 2019, raised $15M+ over 3 rounds
  • Video asset library with 20K+ templates
  • Features: AI to convert text & audio into video, built-in collab, custom branding, publishing

Benefits: At scale creation of social videos from blogs, articles, transcripts, etc done for you. $7 monthly starter plan, enterprise pricing available.

Digital Asset Marketplace

Vista Create

  • Founded 2021, creators earned over $3M to date
  • Library with 500K+ assets like images, video templates, icons, fonts, 3D
  • Features: tools for creators to develop & sell assets across various categories

Benefits: Obtain affordable, eye-catching digital content without legal hassles. Creators can also monetize their portfolios with 85% commissions. Asset prices from $5.

Interactive Content


  • Founded in 2021 after participating in prominent Silicon Valley seed accelerator Y Combinator
  • Features: Build quizzes, product configurators, augmented reality experiences, and interactive elements

Benefits: Create fun and memorable interactive content to boost engagement. Free and paid plans available.

Text-to-Speech Voice Overs

  • Founded in 2018, raised $2M+ in seed funding
  • Technology leverages advanced AI for ultra-realistic voices
  • Features: text-to-speech generator with 50+ languages and voice types

Benefits: Generate professional voice overs for video explainers, audio ads, eLearning narration. Pay per rendered second starting at $0.004, bulk discounts available.

There you have my top recommendations for creating pro-level marketing content across all the essential categories!

Key Considerations When Selecting Tools

With endless solutions and features to evaluate, choosing the right platforms can feel overwhelming. Here are key criteria to help narrow your search:

Your Goals
Consider what content you need most—blogs, videos, podcasts? Seek tools purpose-built to make those assets shine.

Fortunately, many offer generous free tiers to get started. But weigh investing in premium plans to unlock additional capabilities.

Learning Curve
Look for intuitive, drag-and-drop style interfaces if lacking creative expertise. However, expect steeper learning curves for advanced functionality.

Output Quality
Ensure end products meet quality standards for your brand whether generated fully by AI or with human touchpoints.

If demand for content expands suddenly, can the tool continue delivering without disruption? SaaS-based solutions built for scale are ideal.

Ready to Start Creating?

The amount of content people crave today across the digital landscape continues rising exponentially. Yet none of us have 40 extra hours more in our day to meet demand.

That‘s why having the right specialized creation tools to amplify and streamline efforts is so invaluable.

I hope mapping out the essential formats, top recommendations and decision factors proves helpful as you build out your marketing stack! Remember—start small, test what resonates, then scale from there.

Now pick one that sparks joy and dive in my friend! I‘m excited to hear about your content creation adventures ahead.

To your marketing success!

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