Unlocking Instagram‘s Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Insights

Wondering how to leverage Instagram‘s built-in analytics to explode your growth? As an experienced online marketer, I‘ll guide you through exactly how to find and apply Instagram Insights so you can take your account to the next level.

In this comprehensive guide, you‘ll discover what Instagram Insights is, the most important metrics to focus on, and actionable tips for using data to create unforgettable content that converts.

Let‘s dive in!

What Exactly is Instagram Insights?

In a nutshell, Instagram Insights is a free analytics tool that lives within the Instagram app itself. It gives anyone with a public business or creator account access to data on:

  • Your followers and audience
  • Your overall account and content performance
  • Traffic sources driving growth

For example, you can view top posts, your followers‘ demographics, website clicks, and more.

Instagram launched Insights to help users better understand their audience. And it‘s working – over 58% of marketers leverage Instagram Insights to optimize their strategy.

Dispelling 5 Common Myths

Before we dive into the metrics and how to apply them, let‘s clear up some misconceptions about Instagram Insights:

Myth #1: It‘s only for big business accounts

False – Instagram Insights is free and available to any public account, no matter your size or industry. Over 75% of nano-influencers use it!

Myth #2: You need coding skills to interpret the data

Also false. The Instagram Insights interface presents metrics in simple, digestible charts and graphs. You don‘t need a statistics degree to gain valuable takeaways.

Myth #3: There‘s not enough data to make decisions

There are actually tons of data points across content, traffic sources, locations, demographics and more. Plus, most third-party analytics tools connect directly to expand capabilities even further.

Myth #4: The data isn‘t accurate

Instagram Insights pulls directly from first-party data across over 1 billion active users. While no tool is 100% perfect, you can trust the metrics are legit.

Myth #5: It‘s a waste of time

Analyzing performance data is crucial for creating tailored, high-converting content. Top growth marketers spend over 3 hours per week in Instagram Insights.

Key Instagram Insights Metrics To Track

Instagram Insights sections pack a variety of valuable metrics. Based on my experience driving results, here are the 5 I recommend focusing on:

1. Follower Growth Trends

Follower count indicates audience size and reach potential. Track daily and monthly trends under Followers > Total Followers. Flatlining? An upward spike or downward plunge can reveal issues to address.

Example: Fashion brand WhiteFox Boutique saw 23% higher sales in months they gained over 5,000 Instagram followers versus under 5,000.

2. Content Engagement Rates

Engagement rate shows how well your content resonates. Calculate it manually like this:

(Likes + Comments + Shares) / Impressions

Benchmark yours against industry averages. A rate over 3.5% is good, over 7% is exceptional.

Underperforming content presents an opportunity to experiment with new formats, topics and CTAs.

3. Website Clicks

This makes tracking ROI simple. See total users who tapped your link in bio or website buttons under Profile Activity.

Pro Tip: Add UTM tags to links to reveal where website traffic originates from in Google Analytics.

4. Audience Demographics

Getting to know your followers is key for creating targeted content. Gender, age range and location data lives under Followers.

Example: Say your target buyer persona is women ages 25-34. But your audience is 80% men – signalling a need to tailor branding and messaging.

5. Content Reach By Source

Determine where your content views are coming from under Accounts Reached – Hashtag Pages, Explore Page, Profile Visits.

Optimize using this. For example, add relevant hashtags to increase visibility in hashtag searches.

8 Advanced Ways To Apply Instagram Insights Metrics

It‘s one thing to look at metrics, but how you actually put them into action is what counts.

Here are my top pro tips for leveraging Instagram Insights data to guide winning marketing strategies:

1. Set Benchmarks

Track historical averages for engagement, reach and followers. Then establish monthly goals to beat – like 10% higher engagement or 5,000 new followers.

Monitoring progress to benchmarks helps spot dips quickly so you can course correct.

2. Map Content To Conversions

Use UTM parameters to tag links in Instagram posts and bios. When users convert on your website, this reveals which posts drive the most conversions.

Do more of what converts!

3. Uncover Trending Topics

See the most engaging topics under Top Posts sorted by Likes. Replicate this content style and subject matter frequently.

You can even get keyword ideas for future content by checking recent posts with the highest Comments. Identify conversation themes and ride these trends.

4. Double Down On High-Flyers

Spot your breakout stars under Recent Highlights. For example, promoting Reels that made Explore can help them go viral to a wider audience.

Creators can also consider selling merch featuring designs from their top art posts.

5. Piggyback On Competitor Wins

Use a tool like Keyhole to benchmark performance against competitors. Identify types of content where they see high engagement and recreate your own versions to siphon off some of that interest.

6. Fill Demographic Gaps

Ensure your content represents your whole audience. For example, if you attract a global audience but most posts only feature American culture, localization could help growth.

7. Optimize Your Instagram Grid

Sort your posts by Reach and Engagement under Content You‘ve Shared. Repurpose highest-performing posts to your grid to showcase your best content.

Design a grid layout showcasing these greatest hits to make your profile more compelling.

8. Informed Influencer Partnerships

Vet potential influencer partners with tools like HypeAuditor. But also check if their audience demographics align with your ideal customer.

Prioritize influencers whose engaged audience matches your goals. Relevance matters more than sheer reach.

Streamline With Tools

While Instagram Insights is a goldmine of intel, it only shows 90 days worth of data. Plus, there‘s a ton of manual work required to extract strategic insights.

That‘s why third-party analytics tools are so valuable. They put key metrics at your fingertips with:

  • Historical data beyond 90 days
  • Automated tracking and reporting
  • Advanced metrics like engagement rate
  • Audience persona insights
  • Data exports and client reporting

I recommend exploring platforms like Iconosquare, Keyhole and Analisa specifically for the rich features they offer Instagram marketers.

Many provide free trials so you can experience the analytics firepower.

The Takeaway: Data Offers Endless Optimization Opportunities

As you can see, Instagram Insights reveal tons of opportunities to fine tune your approach for better results.

But remember, metrics are meaningless if you don‘t act on the insights uncovered.

By regularly reviewing performance data and responding strategically, you ensure your Instagram presence continues growing impactfully.

Now discover what your audience wants to see more of – then deliver!

I hope this guide has shown how actionable Instagram Insights can be. What key metric or strategy stands out most for you to apply next? Let me know in the comments!