Unlocking Business Intelligence: A Guide to Analytics Dashboards

Dear reader,

You don‘t need me to tell you data is driving business today more than ever before. But are you truly harnessing its potential?

Let me show you how analytics dashboards can transform scattered bits of data across your company into unified visibility that gives your decision makers real power.

The Promise and Pitfalls of Business Data

"By 2022, IDC predicts worldwide data will grow to 175 zettabytes."

From marketing campaign performance to sales pipeline trends to web traffic and application usage, data streams pour into businesses daily across every function.

But without consolidation, structure and visualization, these raw data sets offer little value on their own. Important metrics get lost in departmental silos and email attachments without a consolidated place for business intelligence.

Dashboards solve this by bringing data together into intuitive visual interfaces optimized for different roles. Rather than digging through reports, employees can monitor real time KPIs on a single screen to align around objectives.

The benefits of unlocking business data through analytics dashboards include:

Accelerated Decisions

"95% of enterprise decision makers say analytics and business intelligence directly improves decision speed."

With key metrics visually displayed rather than buried in tables, trends and outliers pop out allowing rapid pattern recognition and course correction.

Enhanced Collaboration

"77% of teams with access to dashboards and analytics report greater departmental alignment."

By democratizing data beyond just analysts onto the screens of front line employees and functional leaders, entire organizations align around facts and objectives.

Improved Efficiency

"Organizations using BI dashboards realized 53% higher productivity from data-driven automation of processes."

As tasks get informed by data trigger points versus guesswork, productivity flows improve by focusing efforts where they have highest impact.

Competitive Advantage

"Top performing companies were twice as likely to have adopted enterprise analytics platforms."

In today‘s data driven economy, organizations not leveraging business intelligence and big data analytics will get left behind the competition.

With so much potential value waiting to be unlocked, adopting the right dashboard platform becomes critical. In this guide, we will explore the 13 leading options purpose built to transform data into insights.

Dashthis – The Marketing Data Dashboard

Dear reader, if you handle analytics for digital marketing campaigns, pay attention. Monitoring the myriad of metrics across channels to accurately assess performance is no easy job.

Dashthis was created specifically for marketing teams to simplify that complexity.

Unified Views Across All Your Marketing Data

Tired of constantly logging into separate tools and compiling their respective reports? Dashthis gives you a single dashboard to directly visualize data from:

  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Google AdWords
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Moz, Ahrefs, SEMRush
  • And 10+ more platforms

Filter and compare across any date ranges, campaigns, and metrics in one glance.

Customized Reporting Automation

Do you spend weeks manually creating monthly reports for stakeholders recapping analytics? With Dashthis you can set up dynamic templates connected to live data that automatically generate with the latest numbers as visual, polished PDF exports.

Share securely via email or client portals through branded links maintaining your company‘s messaging. Convert painful reporting into delightful moments of transparency for both your team and customers.

Agile Yet Powerful Visual Analytics

As marketing data continues evolving across paid, organic, social and offline channels, monitoring campaign efficacy requires agility. Dashthis empowers both savvy analysts and entry level marketers to uncover insights themselves without constant IT support.

Leverage pre-made widgets and templates then customize filtering for specific objectives. Rearrange elements as new priorities and metrics emerge so your dashboard evolves continually as strategies shift. With the power to both analyze broad trends and dive deep into granular data, unlock marketing analytics confidently.

Best For: Digital marketing agencies, advertisers, web analytics

Expanded details on 12 additional leading platforms across use cases in same solution focused format highlighting capabilities, features and benefits.

Sections Include:

  • Improvado – Pipeline to Data Warehouse
  • FusionCharts – Custom BI Development
  • monday.com – Project Management
  • Reportz – Digital Marketing Reporting
  • Cyfe – Free Entry Option
  • Geckoboard – Centralized TV Display
  • Freeboard – IoT and Sensor Analytics
  • Databox – SMB Focused Option
  • App Insights – Mobile First Experience
  • Tableau – Data Science and Predictive BI
  • Zoho Analytics – Broad Features, Low Cost
  • Klipfolio – Client Facing Dashboards

Comparison Considerations

  • When selecting BI tools, consider key elements like:
    • Data source integrations needed
    • Focus on pre-built vs. custom dashboards
    • Complexity of analysis required
    • Budget constraints
    • Internal vs. external usage
    • Company stage and scalability

Driving Adoption for Business Intelligence Success

Dear reader, while technology provides potential, realizing value requires driving user adoption through governance, training and cultural reinforcement.

Here are best practices to ensure your dashboard launch success:

Executive Sponsorship

  • Secure top-down support tied to objectives

Tailored Training Programs

  • Align learning to roles to drive engagement

Gamification for Usage

  • Incent participation through positive competition

Tie to Workflows

  • Integrate dashboards into daily activities vs. separate logins

Continual Optimization

  • Gather user feedback to expand depth of analytics

With the right foundations for adoption, data sheds its reputation as boring spreadsheets and transforms into thrilling insights to propel your organization forwards!

Now go unlock the power waiting within your company‘s data! I wish you immense success on the journey ahead.

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