The Plumbing Pro’s Guide to Software for Improved Efficiency and Growth

Running a plumbing company isn’t easy. Between juggling schedules, inventory, payroll and customers, there’s a lot that can slip through the cracks. Tracking everything in spreadsheets leads to wasted time tracking down data and duplicate entries.

So how do the most successful companies scale up operations? Business management software. The right platforms automate tedious tasks like scheduling and invoicing so you can focus on growth and great service.

This guide reviews 10 top-rated plumbing software options addressing key pain points like:

✅ Dispatching and route optimization
✅ Estimates, invoicing and accounting
✅ Inventory and supply chain management
✅ Customer relationship management (CRM)
✅ Performance analytics and insights

With features tailored to home services professionals, they enable you to:

🚀 Save hours with automated scheduling and optimized routes
🚀 Get paid faster with integrated billing and payments
🚀 Tap into reports to identify growth opportunities
🚀 Delight customers with faster response times
🚀 Scale your business by winning more jobs without endless admin hassle

Let’s explore the top platforms and features helping plumbers improve productivity, cash flow and growth.

1. Housecall Pro: The Leading All-In-One Software

With over 150,000 users, Housecall Pro dominates market share in the plumbing and HVAC software space. Core features include:

Scheduling and Dispatch – Automates appointment booking and uses algorithms to generate the most efficient tech routes. Easy drag-and-drop manual adjustments.

Mobile Access – Technicians can start, update and complete service orders on-site in real-time from any device. Customers can even pay via the app.

Payments – Integrates with various credit card processors and banking tools to enable online payments. Send digital or printed invoices.

Inventory – Create a centralized equipment and materials catalog. The system tracks stock levels across jobsites and automates re-ordering.

Marketing – Provides pre-built email templates, referral reward programs, review requests and social promotion tools to generate leads.

Beyond the breadth of features, current customers rave about the usability compared to competitors:

"Housecall Pro has an amazingly simple UI and is very user-friendly. My whole team picked it up instantly." – John S.

By centralizing all core business functions into a single, user-friendly system, Housecall Pro aims to simplify operations for business owners:

"Housecall Pro has allowed us to scale rapidly while providing transparency between the field and office. I can run my HVAC company on autopilot." – Bryan S.


Housecall Pro starts at $115/mo per user. Enterprise plans available for larger teams. Multi-year contracts offer discounted rates.

Best For

All-in-one software needs – scheduling, dispatch, CRM, marketing and accounting integrations. Top choice for easy scaling.

2. Jobber: Managing Field Operations and Teams

Trusted by over 100,000 service professionals across 900+ industries, Jobber leads among independent contractors up to mid-sized businesses. Core plumbing features include:

Scheduling – An online booking portal lets customers select appointment times. Staff can also schedule jobs.

Dispatch – Optimized routes based on locations and traffic are provided. Reassign jobs by dragging them to different staff.

Payments – Send estimates and invoices via custom online forms. Accept credit cards securely online.

Inventory – Catalog asset inventory across trucks and warehouses. Enable supply reordering notifications.

GPS Tracking – Real-time map shows staff locations and job status. Improves ETAs and on-site support.

Users highlight Jobber’s mobile experience and real-time management capabilities:

“Easy to customize forms and track employees with GPS in real time. Saved us 20 hours per week in admin work.” – Julie P.

Jobber integrates directly with Quickbooks Online for up-to-date accounting and financial reporting.


Starts at $39/mo per user. Enterprise options for 100+ staff available.

Best For

Field workforce management. From small contractors to mid-sized companies with mobile technicians across different jobsites.

3. Zuper: Intelligent Scheduling and Dispatch

Zuper primarily focuses on simplifying technician dispatching and schedule coordination using smart algorithms. Benefits include:

Skills-Based Job Matching – Book the right person for the job based on experience, location and availability.

Shift Scheduling – Allow field staff to set preferences and time-off requests. Auto-approvals.

Route Optimization – Dynamic travel time estimates reduce in-transit gaps between appointments.

Capacity Visualization – Dashboards show staff availability and existing bookings to prevent overbooking.

Field services rely on Zuper to maximize workforce utilization without endless rescheduling calls:

“Zuper saves me 1-2 hours daily on coordinating my small team of technicians. The dispatch visualization and notifications keep everyone informed.” – Tom K.

The software integrates seamlessly with platforms like QuickBooks Online, Xero, Slack and Google Calendar.


Contact Zuper sales for custom quotes. Packages available for companies of all sizes.

Best For

Advanced scheduling automation for field service teams. Simplify coordination across a dispersed mobile workforce.

4. Loc8: A Centralized Management Hub

Loc8 consolidates 20+ day-to-day tools into a streamlined operations platform. It aims to standardize processes company-wide. Highlights include:

Work Orders – Log requests, assign to staff, track progress and close out seamlessly.

Assets & Maintenance – Catalog equipment, set maintenance triggers based on schedules or runtime meters.

Inventory – Unified system manages assets, orders supplies based on stock levels, and tracks purchases.

Billing – Tie work completed to automated customer invoices.

Reporting – Custom analysis of productivity metrics like utilization rate.

Users praise the unified platform and process consistency:

“Loc8 has transformed how our field service company operates. Everyone works from a standardized workflow with clarity.” – Amanda R.

Two-way accounting software integration maintains financials automatically.


Starts at $99/mo for 3 users. Scales up to enterprise pricing.

Best For

Consolidating all plumbing management and operations onto a single platform.

5. Workever: A Mobile-First Management Platform

Workever focuses on smartphone-enabled management for field teams. Benefits include:

Mobile Access – Technicians manage assignments, asset checklists, parts ordering and more on-the-go.

Remote Work Approvals – Office staff approves quotes or work requests no matter where they are.

Asset & Inventory – Directly assign parts to trucks and technicians. Track usage across the team.

Payments – Capture customer payments and signatures digitally via mobile device.

Calendar Sync – Availability and job status feeds into shared calendars for coordination.

Field staff handle paperwork in seconds without a laptop. All data flows back to the management portal for office visibility and reporting.


Contact Workever sales for custom quotes.

Best For

Mobilizing technicians with on-site order management. Simplifying truck stock and approvals.

6. Oderry: Unifying Scheduling, Inventory and Customers

Oderry consolidates key workflows like inventory, order tracking and customer interactions onto a single operating platform specialized for field services. Benefits include:

Inventory – Complete catalog of assets, trucks and warehouses. Reorder notifications and purchase logging.

Tickets – Log inbound inquiries as tickets. Assign ownership, track status (open/in progress/closed).

Call Center – Distribute calls to the right agents. Monitor volume and wait times.

Customer Management – Stores complete searchable client histories, communication and resolution tracking.

Integrations – Connect other software like accounting, CRM and payments.

Beyond Oderry’s unified visibility, users highlight customization capabilities:

“We have customized ticket priorities, reminders, asset tracking requirements and more to fit our plumbing operations perfectly.” – Jeff D.


Starts at $30/user/month. Scales up to enterprise subscriptions.

Best For

Unifying visibility across front and back-office plumbing operations.

7. DoTimely: Scheduling and Dispatch Simplified

DoTimely specializes in streamlining scheduling and resource coordination for field service companies like plumbing. Benefits include:

Schedule Optimization – Automated dispatch assignments based on expertise, availability, parts/tools and location.

Route Optimization – Travel time estimates with traffic reduce in-transit gaps.

Job Monitoring – Geofencing tracks on-site arrival. Technicians can update progress in real-time.

Customer Profiles – Collates history and communications from first inquiry to job completion.

Reminders Engine – Schedule reminders for follow-ups, maintenance checks and more.

Dispatchers rely on DoTimely to remove the complexities of technician and appointment coordination:

“I used to spend hours moving jobs around calendars and checking with technicians by phone. The automated optimization and real-time visibility changes everything.” – Dispatcher, Atlanta HVAC Company


Contact sales for quotes. Scales from small to large enterprises.

Best For

Next-level optimization of plumbing scheduling, dispatching and route planning.

8. FieldBin: Invoicing Directly Tied to Jobs

FieldBin focuses on complex work order workflow – from lead to quote, work order, job completion, invoicing and analysis. Features include:

Estimates – Create quotes via standardized templates. Convert accepted quotes to work orders.

Payments – Collect via integrated credit card or ACH processors. Send customizable digital/print invoices.

Inventory – Warehouse management with barcode scanning. Automatic reordering and status alerts.

Reporting – Custom reports on job profitability, customer purchase history and more.

Temperature Probes – Bluetooth trackers record ambient temperature over time for liability.

Beyond automation, FieldBin provides actionable insights to convert more leads and boost profitability:

“I know exactly which service offerings, technicians and processes result in the highest profits and customer loyalty thanks to FieldBin’s reports.” – Plumbing Company Owner


Contact FieldBin sales for custom quotes. Scales to teams of all sizes.

Best For

End-to-end job workflow paired with data insights to drive growth

9. ServiceFolder: Delighting Homeowners

ServiceFolder combines next-gen field software with a focus on customer transparency and delight. Notable features include:

Appointment Optimization – Dynamic dispatch considers traffic, availability, skills and locations.

Progress Photos – Technicians upload before/after images to job profiles as work validation.

Customer Surveys – Post-appointment review collection provides candid feedback.

Warranty Tracking – Log warranty details like terms, assets covered and service history directly in system.

Missed Appointment Alerts – Reduces no-shows by notifying customers and internal staff of schedule changes.

The capabilities aim to exceed customer expectations for responsiveness, communication and outcomes:

“My customers love getting progress photos and confirmations whenever technicians come on-site. ServiceFolder has helped us deliver 5-star service.” – Plumbing Company Owner


Starts at $99/user/month. Enterprise options available for larger businesses.

Best For

Strengthening customer delight, transparency and loyalty via mobile-enabled communication.

10. Enerpize: A Unified Business Hub

Enerpize consolidates all plumbing business operations into a single web and mobile platform. Core features consist of:

Central Schedule – Manages recurring appointments, maintenance windows, on-demand service requests and work orders.

Inventory – Complete catalog with dynamic reorder points by warehouse.

Billing – Ties all completed jobs to integrated estimating, invoicing and accounting.

Real-time Dashboards – Displays critical KPIs like dispatch status, on-time arrival rate, work in progress and customer ticket open rates.

Technician Enablement – Gives field teams access to full documentation, asset details, maintenance guides and parts catalogs on mobile devices.

The unified visibility enables continuous optimization across the entire business:

“We lowered dispatch costs over 32% within a year by looking at schedule efficiency metrics in Enerpize. It enables us to pinpoint issues and growth opportunities in real-time.” – Company Owner


Contact Enerpize for custom quotes. Packages scale from 1 up to 500+ users.

Best For

End-to-end visibility and workflow connectivity across the full plumbing operations stack.

As you scale appointments, crews and complexity running a plumbing empire, spreadsheets and old-school tools no longer cut it. Modern solutions like HouseCall Pro, Jobber and ServiceFolder simplify everything from inventory to invoicing so you can focus on delighting customers.

Carefully evaluate your team’s primary pain points before choosing a platform. Most offer free trials so you can test the fit. By leveraging the right technology, visionary leaders transform chaotic break-fix operations into streamlined fulfilling growth machines.