The Essential Guide to Cloud Infrastructure and Application Monitoring

Have you migrated critical systems to the cloud, but lack clear visibility into performance, availability and efficiency? As a trusted advisor who has strategized, designed and supported cloud native monitoring for enterprise leaders over my decade long career, I know exactly the challenges you are facing.

This comprehensive guide will explore everything you need to know to effectively monitor dynamic cloud environments. You‘ll learn insider techniques I‘ve applied in the trenches along with emerging best practices to enable data driven cloud operations.

Why Cloud Monitoring Matters More Than Ever

Let‘s first level set on what cloud infrastructure and application monitoring entails.

Cloud monitoring refers to the processes, tools and practices to gain clear visibility into the performance, availability, security, costs and efficiency of infrastructure, applications and services hosted in public, private or hybrid cloud environments.

Cloud Monitoring Includes:
📈 Performance Metrics
📡 Availability Tracking

⚠️ Error Monitoring
🔁 Capacity Management
🛡️ Security Analytics
Delivers Value By:
📈 Optimizing Costs
⏱️ Improving App Speed
🔎 Troubleshooting Issues

📈 Meeting SLAs
😊 Improving UX

As multi-cloud adoption accelerates across enterprises, having unified observability into these highly dynamic, distributed and complex environments is an operational mandate.

IDC predicts over 90% of enterprises will rely on multi-cloud architectures by 2026. However 70% will struggle with visibility gaps into cloud performance.

Top drivers include:

  • ⚡️Velocity Demands – ship code daily not yearly
  • 📈 Variable Costs – scale elastically to optimize spend
  • 🍃Innovation Velocity – leverage latest capabilities
  • 💪Resiliency Needs – ensure always on availability

Without comprehensive monitoring, cloud teams end up "flying blind" struggling with slow downs, outages and spiraling costs. Having accurate telemetry and visibility is crucial for success.

Core Cloud Environments to Monitor

Let‘s explore key cloud environments generating telemetry data that need monitoring…