The Complete Guide to Tracking Powerful Hashtags for Your Brand

Want to unlock the immense power of hashtags to grow your brand?

This comprehensive guide will explore exactly why actively tracking branded and relevant industry hashtags is crucial for your social media success – and how to choose the best hashtag tracking tools for your unique needs.

By the end, you‘ll have an actionable framework for monitoring key hashtag performance metrics, benchmarking against competitors, and integrating data-driven insights across your organization.

Why Hashtag Tracking Matters More Than Ever

With over 500 million hashtags used in Tweets every single day and 3.7 billion hashtags used on Instagram posts per day, hashtags remain essential to social media engagement.

Strategically tracking branded and relevant industry hashtags delivers unparalleled value, enabling you to:

Discover Trending Conversations

  • Monitor peaks in hashtag volume to quickly identifiy emerging viral moments and trends
  • Leverage temporary hashtag trends for earned media moments with timely, creative content

Listen to Your Audience

  • Analyze audience interests, challenges, and brand perceptions through hashtag discussions
  • Identify rising customer service, reputation risks, or misinformation using sentiment analysis
  • Connect directly with followers and influencers authentically engaging with branded hashtags

Benchmark Performance

  • Track engagement rates over time to evaluate content and campaign success
  • Compare owned hashtag metrics vs. competitors‘ hashtags side-by-side
  • Uncover hashtag strategies clearly resonating better among target customers

Inform Business Decisions

  • Allow executives and stakeholders to directly see social conversation analytics impacting brand and products
  • Influence decision-making around crisis response, reputation management, product launches, and more

With strategic hashtag tracking, you gain an unmatched advantage – directly listening to exactly what customers are saying while gathering actionable data to continually optimize content.

But navigating the many hashtag tracking tools can be overwhelming.

This guide will explore the top hashtag tracking solutions – including functionality, benefits, and pricing – so you can determine the best fit for your brand‘s needs.

First, let‘s cover…

Key Capabilities to Look For in Hashtag Trackers

While specific capabilities vary across tools, several core features are table stakes when selecting an enterprise-grade hashtag tracking solution:

Functionality Description
Real-Time Monitoring Instant alerts when branded hashtags or industry topics spike in volume or sentiment
Historical Data Access long-term hashtag volume and engagement rate data to identify trends
Custom Reporting Exportable reports and flexible dashboards to showcase insights
Influencer Identification Details on influencer profiles driving branded hashtag engagement
Competitive Benchmarking Compare owned hashtag metrics vs competitors‘ performance
Conversation Analysis Breakdown of audience demographics, interests, sentiment, and intent around hashtags
Campaign Management Ability to engage directly with hashtag conversations by responding, liking, sharing
Platform Coverage Access hashtag conversations across all major social platforms – Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook

Stacking your shortlist with tools that meet these core criteria ensures you have scalable hashtag tracking at your fingertips.

Now, let‘s explore 10 leading solutions…

Leading Hashtag Tracking Tools for Sophisticated Brands

1. Talkwalker

Trusted by global enterprises like Coca-Cola, IKEA, and ASUS, Talkwalker offers the gold standard for social listening.

With AI-powered social analytics, Talkwalker enables tracking hashtag conversations across social networks, news, blogs, forums and more to provide unprecedented insight.

Key Hashtag Tracking Features:

  • Total hashtag volume and history across billions of posts
  • Hashtag performance benchmarking
  • Demographic filtering (location, gender, language)
  • Exportable analytics reporting
  • Real-time monitoring feed

Talkwalker provides enterprise brands with unmatched visibility into branded hashtag and industry topic performance through easy-to-interpret data visualizations.

Pricing: Custom enterprise packages

2. Keyhole

Trusted by leading brands like Microsoft, SAP, and Toyata, Keyhole‘s hashtag analytics provide unmatched depth across every major social network.

Monitor hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and more to access rich engagement data, audience demographics, historical performance, and competitive intelligence.

Key Hashtag Tracking Features:

  • Volume and engagement tracking across all networks
  • Historical performance data
  • Audience demographic and interest analysis
  • Influencer discovery and filtering
  • Post and user-level data
  • Exportable reports

With Keyhole, enterprise marketers access the deepest functionality for monitoring, listening, and acting upon hashtag tracking insights to continually optimize content strategy.

Pricing: Plans start at $99/month for the Starter package

3. Sprout Social

A leader in unified social media management, Sprout Social‘s sophisticated platform provides robust analytics alongside publishing and collaboration tools.

Within Sprout Social, monitor branded hashtag and relevant industry topic performance to identify rising opportunities, inform content strategies, and benchmark performance over time.

Key Hashtag Tracking Features:

  • Volume and engagement tracking
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts
  • Audience demographic insights
  • Tagging for analytics segmentation
  • Campaign management integration
  • Custom reporting

For brands needing an end-to-end solution, Sprout Social is a top choice – connecting deep hashtag listening and analytics seamlessly into content creation, influencer engagement, reputation management, and team workflows.

Pricing: Plans start at $99/month

4. Awario

Awario stands out as an intuitive, yet powerful social listening tool for serious marketers.

Awario scans 100+ million public online sources in real-time to detect hashtag mentions – including social networks, blogs, forums, news sources, and more.

Key Hashtag Tracking Features:

  • Volume tracking across unlimited sources
  • Historical performance data
  • Real-time alerts
  • Influencer identification
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Custom reporting

Awario makes is easy for brands to identify trending topics, monitor engagement rates over time, and track sentiment – ensuring you detect rising opportunities and risks faster than ever before.

Pricing: Plans start at $29/month

5. Agorapulse

Agorapulse stands out by connecting sophisticated social media analytics with an integrated platform for publishing, monitoring, and team collaboration.

Within its social media management hub, track hashtags used by your brand, competitors and within your industry to access volume data, historical performance, demographic analysis, sentiment breakdowns and more to inform strategy.

Key Hashtag Tracking Features:

  • Historical and real-time volume data
  • Location data for hashtag mentions
  • Conversation sentiment tracking
  • Exportable analytics reporting
  • Real-time monitoring and response

For social media managers and integrated marketing teams, Agorapulse provides unmatched capabilities for acting upon hashtag insights – engaging directly with brand advocates, responding to rising customer issues, targeting top performing audiences and influencers.

Pricing: Plans start at $99/month

6. Brand24

Brand24 is a social listening powerhouse purely focused on tracking brand-related keyword and hashtag mentions across the web.

Brand24 monitors billions of online sources to surface conversations around your chosen terms – ensuring maximum visibility into relevant discussions.

Key Hashtag Tracking Features:

  • Volume tracking for industry topics and branded hashtags
  • Real-time response platform to engage mentioners
  • Conversation sentiment analysis
  • Custom rules to tag different data sets for reporting segmentation
  • Exportable files for workflow and reporting

For public relations, social media, and marketing teams needing to monitor branded hashtag performance, Brand24 makes it easy to detect rising opportunities, manage reactions, benchmark success, and keep key stakeholders informed.

Pricing: Plans start at $49/month

7. Union Metrics

Providing enterprise-grade social media analytics to companies of all sizes, Union Metrics enables unmatched capabilities for data customization, competitive benchmarking, predictive analytics, demographic analysis and reporting.

Union Metrics works closely with customers upon onboarding to tailor platform capabilities and dashboards specifically to intelligence needs – ensuring stakeholders always have actionable hashtag tracking insights at their fingertips.

Pricing: Customized based on unique business needs. Starts at $1,290/month.

8. Social Searcher

Perfect for social media strategists and influencer marketing teams, Social Searcher makes it easy to aggregate hashtag conversations into unified dashboards for observation and reporting.

Track hashtag volume, influencer connections, engagement rates, interests and preferences across 10+ networks including Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit and more.

Pricing: Plans start at $67/month

9. Synthesio

At the enterprise end of social intelligence, Synthesio focuses exclusively on turning social data into business insights.

Synthesio scans billions of social and web sources in 25+ languages to provide marketers complete volume metrics, historical performance, and audience demographic data around industry hashtags – for unlocking game-changing competitive advantages.

Pricing: Custom enterprise packages

10. Zoho Social

Zoho Social incorporates sophisticated social listening functionalities alongside its publishing and analytics tools – perfect for integrated teams aiming to put insights immediately into action.

Track owned, competitor, and industry hashtag usage and then inform content strategies or campaigns based directly on rising opportunities and risks detected through monitoring.

Pricing: Plans start at $15/month

Key Considerations for Selecting Your Hashtag Tracker

With so many robust options for hashtag tracking, selecting the right platform rests on a few vital factors:

Intended Use Cases
What are your primary reasons for tracking hashtags – crisis monitoring, campaign analysis, content ideation, reputation management, etc? Certain tools specialize around specific functions.

Current Social Media Workflows
Will hashtag insights need to seamlessly integrate across a broader ecosystem with publishing, analytics, ads, and more? Seek unified platforms.

Team Collaborators
Consider which departments need access – Public Relations? Agency partners? Executive leaders? Collaborative suites facilitate broad information sharing.

Budget Scale
From simple free analytics to custom-configured enterprise tools, hashtag tracking spans all budgets. Outline must-have paid capabilities based on current sophistication.

By outlining precise use cases, monitoring goals, business constraints and target functionality, you ensure selecting the optimal hashtag tracking partner aligned tightly to intelligence needs.

Getting Started with Effective Hashtag Tracking

Ready to unlock the immense power of hashtag tracking for your brand?

Here is a step-by-step framework for implementation:

1. Define Primary Goals

Start by asking why your brand needs hashtag monitoring and metrics in the first place. Is it reputation management? Campaign analysis? Trend identification? Competitor research?

Get clear on precise reasons for introducing a hashtag tracking tool to focus efforts on highest-value activities only.

2. Build Initial Data Points

Whether launching new branded hashtags or analyzing existing performance, outline the specific terms you aim to track. Audit campaigns and products to build a master list, alongside relevant industry topics.

Also incorporate key hashtags used by competitors to benchmark against.

3. Formalize Processes

Create documented guidelines for how your team will regularly access reports and integrate insights across strategies, campaigns, products, and initiatives.

Determine ideal review cadence – daily, weekly, monthly? Assign team members ownership for monitoring specific hashtags.

4. Act Upon Early Insights

Resist overcomplicating initial data reports. Look for easy opportunities first by engaging customers using branded hashtags, addressing negative sentiment issues, or leveraging trending industry hashtags with relevant content.

Build team confidence by showing early hashtag tracking value!

5. Expand and Optimize

Once processes formalize and proven value materializes, consider introducing additional monitoring functionality like influencer filters, personalized dashboards, or competitive benchmarking to drive more sophisticated growth.

Hashtag tracking is an investment that compounds returns over time through continual optimization. Start informed. Scale intelligently.

Accelerating Results with Hashtag Data

In closing, actively monitoring and optimizing based on branded hashtag and industry topic analytics provides unmatched competitive advantages for digital brands today.

Hopefully this guide provided you a framework for evaluating tools, scoping must-have functionality, determining use cases, and introducing hashtag tracking across your organization for driving measurable business impact through social media listening and analytics.

Now over to you…

Which hashtag tracking capabilities seem most valuable for your brand? How do you plan to leverage these insights across teams like social media, content, PR, customer service? Are there any obstacles currently holding your brand back from unlocking hashtag analytics?