The 9 Best Employer of Record Services for Global Remote Hiring

Expanding your business globally and hiring international team members comes with significant legal and HR challenges. An employer of record (EOR) service can make the process much easier by serving as the legal employer in foreign countries. In this comprehensive guide, we evaluate the top 9 EORs to help you find the right global hiring solution.

What is an Employer of Record and Why Use One?

An employer of record (EOR) is a company that serves as the legal employer of record for employees in foreign countries on behalf of another company. Top benefits of using an EOR include:

  • Faster global hiring and onboarding – EORs have entities set up globally so you can hire anywhere within days.
  • Compliance expertise – They handle all local employment laws and regulations.
  • Payroll and benefits – They take care of compensation, benefits, payroll, taxes and contributions in each country.
  • Minimize legal risk – As the employer, the EOR assumes most HR-related risks.

Simply put, an EOR allows you to hire globally without having to establish foreign legal entities in every country yourself. They become the legal employer while you maintain day-to-day management of the employees.

How to Choose the Right EOR

With many EOR options available, it‘s important to choose the right one for your company‘s specific needs. Here are key criteria to evaluate:

  • Countries Supported – Ensure the EOR supports hiring in your target countries.
  • Services Offered – Most provide payroll, benefits, compliance and more. Assess which services you need.
  • Pricing – EOR fees vary greatly so compare options. Some charge per employee.
  • Client Support – Having HR advisory resources can be invaluable when hiring globally.
  • Compliance Expertise – Review their experience navigating local regulations and laws.
  • Reviews – Check client testimonials and online reviews.

Getting the right match on these criteria will ensure an easy and compliant global hiring process. Now let‘s look at the top EOR choices:

1. Deel


Countries: 100+

Overview: Deel handles the entire global employment lifecycle from onboarding to payroll. Top features include:

  • Onboarding in 150+ countries
  • Local payroll in 100+ currencies
  • Contracts compliant across countries
  • Benefits management
  • In-house support team

Deel touts expertise in international compliance and already supports many fast-growing tech companies with global teams.

Services: Onboarding, payroll, benefits, compliance, support

Pricing: Custom quotes

2. Talent500


Countries: 100+

Overview: Talent500 is an EOR focused specifically on IT staffing. With 12 years in business, they‘ve helped over 150 companies hire and manage tech talent globally.


  • Contractor agreements
  • Payroll
  • Compliance
  • Workspace tools
  • Proprietary talent sourcing

Pricing: Quotes based on team size and location

Best For: Tech and IT hiring

3. Papaya Global

Papaya Global

Countries: 100+

Overview: Papaya Global partners with in-country experts for smooth, compliant global hiring and onboarding. Highlight features:

  • Legislative database covering 188 countries
  • Automated payroll calculations
  • HR dashboards
  • Multilingual support

They‘ve onboarded over 300,000 employees globally. Ideal for companies that value customized service.

Services: Onboarding, payroll, compliance, support, HR tools

Pricing: Custom quotes

4. Multiplier


Countries: 80+

Overview: Multiplier focuses on easing administrative headaches with global teams. Capabilities include:

  • Global payroll
  • Tax support
  • Contractor compliance
  • Expense management
  • Automated reporting

Experts help create tailored EOR solutions country-by-country.

Services: Payroll, compliance, contractor support

Pricing: Custom quotes

Best For: Personalized global support

5. Remote


Countries: 180+

Overview: Remote touts an exceptionally easy signup process and fast global onboarding. Additional features include:

  • Hyperlocal benefits packages
  • Payroll payments in local currency
  • Hiring flexibility (part-time, contract, full-time)
  • Applicant tracking system

Free access to HR advisors provides added support. Ideal for early stage companies.

Services: Onboarding, payroll, benefits, compliance

Pricing: Packages start at $149/mo with per employee fee

6. Rippling


Countries: 50+

Overview: Rippling is an all-in-one HR, IT and EOR platform for modern, global companies. For EOR, they focus on streamlining onboarding and payroll.

  • 2 minute onboarding
  • Local payroll in 100+ currencies
  • Pay cards to enable global payouts
  • Automated tax filings
  • Custom global benefits

The unified platform allows easy global workforce management.

Services: Onboarding, payroll, benefits, compliance, IT

Pricing: Custom quotes

7. Remofirst


Countries: 150+

Overview: Remofirst offers compliant hiring across 150+ countries alongside admin support. Key features include:

  • Local entities in UK, Canada, Australia and Estonia
  • Guaranteed global statutory compliance
  • Audit support
  • Unlimited legal consultations
  • Client dashboard

They focus on responsive, white-glove support.

Services: Onboarding, payroll, compliance, support

Pricing: Free proposal

8. Velocity Global

Velocity Global

Countries: 185+

Overview: Velocity Global touts exceptional legal and tax expertise managing global workforces. Top capabilities:

  • Licensed immigration support
  • Easy contractor management
  • Global benefits planning
  • Local legal entities
  • Quick launch (48 hour onboarding)

Ideal for mid-size companies that want rock-solid compliance support.

Services: Payroll, benefits, compliance, immigration

Pricing: Custom quotes

9. FoxHire


Where: All 50 US states

Overview: FoxHire offers a streamlined EOR solution focused on US-based contractors and remote teams. Top features include:

  • Integrated time tracking
  • $2 million liability coverage
  • Full health benefits
  • Same day contractor onboarding
  • HR admin platform

The easy web platform and app makes domestic remote hiring a breeze.

Services: Onboarding, payroll, compliance, benefits, liability

Pricing: Packages from $399/mo -$899/mo

Best For: US-only remote hiring

Key Takeaways

An employer of record can vastly simplify global remote hiring. When evaluating EOR options, carefully assess supported countries, level of service and expertise in international employment compliance to find the best match. Leading choices like Deel and Remote offer exceptional support for early stage startups, while Velocity Global and Talent500 provide specialized solutions for larger teams.

For rapidly scaling companies, utilizing an EOR for fast, compliant global hiring is a smart strategic choice. The admin support also allows leadership to stay focused on business growth. Reach out to top contenders to learn more and get a custom quote for your specific global hiring needs.