The 11 Hottest Lord of the Rings (LOTR) Merchandise Items This Holiday Season

Passion for the sprawling fantasy world conceived by J.R.R. Tolkien burns brighter than ever thanks to new series The Rings of Power. As fans worldwide bask in Middle Earth nostalgia, merchandise sales are exploding. Global retail data revealed LOTR merchandise revenue approached $83 million in Q3 2022 alone, a 40% leap over 2021.

Let’s explore the hottest officially licensed items that make perfect gifts and collectibles worth investing in for yourself or a fellow Tolkien devotee this holiday season.

The Legacy of LOTR

The Lord of the Rings stands tall as the most influential fantasy franchise ever created. Since the publication of beloved novels in 1954 and the subsequent Oscar-winning films in the early 2000s, LOTR has come to symbolize the greatness the genre can achieve. The story of good versus evil and the heroic quest to destroy Sauron’s Ring of Power epitomizes timeless themes that span generations.

Specifically, the LOTR cinematic trilogy earned over $3 billion worldwide and took home 17 Academy Awards, cementing icons like Frodo, Gandalf, Aragorn and the One Ring in mainstream consciousness.

Rings of Power Reignites Fervor

The recent debut of The Rings of Power series on Prime Video has demonstrated that passion for Tolkien’s world remains incredibly strong decades later. The first two episodes attracted over 25 million global viewers, shattering all previous records for a premiere on the streaming platform.

This enthusiasm also extends to merchandise, with Q3 2022 sales of licensed LOTR products jumping nearly 50% year-over-year per industry data. Fans crave apparel, collectibles and more adorned with familiar symbols and characters from Middle Earth.

In particular, merchandise featuring the iconic map motif seen in the show’s opening sequence has soared in demand. As both longtime lovers of the lore and newly baptized fans tune in weekly, Rings of Power is single-handedly responsible for revitalizing investment into LOTR.

2022’s Hottest LOTR Merchandise Picks

With Tolkien fervor at an all-time high, here are my must-have recommendations for merchandise to buy this holiday season as a discerning LOTR enthusiast:

1. Risk: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Edition

  • Over 20 finely sculpted figurines included
  • Vivid molded map of Middle Earth battlefield
  • Strategic conquest-style gameplay
  • 2-4 players

Capturing the epic scale of LOTR, this strategy board game allows you to vie for control of territory, recruit reinforcements at Gondor, and push back against the forces of Mordor. Alongside iconic locales like Helm’s Deep and Minas Tirith, the playing pieces feature beloved heroes and villains.

Hot tip: Fans obsess over the quality and details of the included figurines nearly as much as the gameplay. At $52.87, this makes a thrilling gift.

Buy the Risk LOTR Strategy Board Game on Amazon

2. Middle Earth Ultimate Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray

  • Theatrical and extended cuts of all 6 Middle Earth saga films
  • Over 26 hours of special features like behind-the-scenes footage
  • High-definition transfer and remastered visuals/audio
  • Additional goodies like art cards and booklet

For the ultimate at-home viewing experience, this set bundles both The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies into a 14-disc Blu-Ray extravaganza. The comprehensive content and collectible packaging recreates the magic for an entire marathon watch.

Hot tip: Only available for a limited run, this box set contains exclusive extras that any diehard fan will appreciate. Scoop this up while you still can!

Buy the Middle Earth Blu-ray Movie Box Set on Amazon

3. An Unexpected Cookbook

  • Over 75 recipes inspired by Hobbits and scenes from the series
  • Divided into Breakfast, Second Breakfasts, Savory Mains and Sweet Treats
  • Whimsical food photography and dish presentations
  • Fun themed cocktails like The Prancing Pony and Fires of Mount Doom

More than just a novelty, this cookbook approved by Middle Earth Enterprises generates palate-pleasing and Instagram-worthy fare ideal for a themed dinner party. I made Samwise Gamgee’s Rabbit Stew in a Hollow Potato and can attest it tasted as wholesome as it looked thanks to hearty root vegetables and herbs.

Hot tip: A guaranteed crowd-pleaser for a thoughtful gift that keeps on giving. At $15.39, the recipes deliver an outsized value.

Buy the LOTR Cookbook on Amazon

4. The One Ring Pendant Replica by Jens Hansen

  • Crafted from surgical-grade stainless steel for precision detailing
  • Inscribed with Elvish script exactly matching the film prop
  • 18 or 20-inch ball chain necklace included
  • Presented in velvet gift box with certificate of authenticity

New Zealand-based Jens Hansen provided the screen-used rings for the LOTR trilogy, lending immense credibility to the maker behind this jewelry recreation. Cast from molds of the original movie piece, the brushed steel recreates every contour and inscription with museum-level accuracy.

Hot tip: This pendant from the “official jewelry maker for The One Ring” sells fastest amongst the many replica rings on the market thanks to unparalleled construction quality.

Buy The One Ring Replica Necklace on Amazon

5. Battle for Middle Earth Strategy Card Game

  • Lead the Fellowship or take control of Sauron’s forces
  • Build custom armies by recruiting allies
  • Outwit opponents using combat cards
  • 2-4 players, 15 minute playtime

This fast-paced card game distills the iconic conflict at the heart of LOTR into an accessible head-to-head battle. You assemble fellowships or platoons using a pool of 42 unique characters and creatures, then take turns playing ability cards to overpower rivals.

Hot tip: High replay value at a bargain $13.72 price point makes this an easy stocking stuffer win for gamers.

Buy the Battle for Middle Earth Strategy Card Game on Amazon

Tap Back Into Your LOTR Obsession

The Rings of Power series on Prime Video has captivated both nostalgic fans and newcomers, catalyzing a renewed appreciation for Tolkien’s intricate fantasy world. Satisfy your craving or indulge an ardent fan in your life this holiday season with merchandise celebrating the tiemless characters and stories from Middle Earth.