The 10 Best WordPress Event Plugins for 2023

Putting on events comes part and parcel with being an organization these days. From small community gatherings to large professional conferences, events require a substantial amount of planning. Getting the logistics right goes a long way towards success.

This is where having a dedicated WordPress events plugin saves the day. It allows you to simplify creating, managing and promoting events from start to finish.

But with more than 55,000 plugins in existence, identifying the ideal solution can overwhelm. Especially when critical factors like security, support and scalability hang in the balance.

Not to worry! I’ve organized hundreds of events over my 15 year career. In this guide tailored specifically to you, I’ll share insider knowledge enabling confident selection from 10 leading contenders…

At a Glance Comparison

Before diving deeper, here’s a high-level overview comparing Common traits and differences between the 10 plugins:

Plugin Price Best For Key Features
WP Event Manager Free Budget events Open source, Simple, Forms, Payments
Events Calendar $129+/yr Large events Customization, Virtual events, Support
EventON $26+/yr Virtual events Ticketing, Webinars, Branding
Events Manager Free Basic events Community, Extensions, Mobile

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Now let’s explore the capabilities and ideal use cases for each WordPress event plugin in more detail…

#1 WP Event Manager

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#2 The Events Calendar

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#3 EventON

Increasingly events transition online into the virtual realm. Webinars, online courses, live streams and more become viable revenue drivers for organizations.

EventON practically pioneered specialty support for these digital events within WordPress. And the plugin receives frequent praise for easing management complexities organizers traditionally face.

By The Numbers:

  • 200,000+ Active Installations
  • 4,500+ 5-star Reviews
  • 97% Customer Satisfaction Score

Standout Features:

  • Sell tickets for online events and live streams
  • Recurring webinars and online course capabilities
  • Robust virtual event specific features
  • Scale to thousands of attendees
  • Custom branding and design options
  • Deep integration with email and social promotion tools
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Choosing Paid vs Free Plugins

One of the most common dilemmas organizers weigh comes down to free open source vs premium plugins. Let’s compare factors influencing the decision:

Free Plugins

Pros Cons
No upfront software cost Limited support
Total access for customization Scalability concerns
Active open source community engagement Missing advanced capabilities

Premium Plugins

Pros Cons
Robust features and performance Annual licensing fees
Premium support response times Less customization flexibility
Enterprise-level scalability Paying for new features

Generally, I advise most new startups begin trying free plugins to minimize overhead. You access a functional baseline toolset this route. But monitor growth closely and upgrade to premium if hitting performance ceilings or requiring special event features.

For large enterprises expecting aggressive event program expansion, invest upfront in premium to account for projected demands. The exceptional support and scalability justify costs.

No universal right or wrong answer exists here. Carefully weigh the opposing factors against your organization‘s unique needs and constraints.

Fortunately, WordPress makes switching plugins reasonably easy if initial choices don’t pan out long term. Don’t hesitate pulling the plug on plugins failing to fulfill promises months after adoption.

Getting Started with Event Plugins – 5 Key Steps

Once selected your ideal events solution, properly setting it up marks a crucial foundation. Follow these best practices when installing and configuring WordPress event plugins to avoid hiccups:

Step #1) Backup Your Website – Before modifying anything on a live production site, fully back up both the WordPress files and database. This safeguards ability to roll back changes if needed.

Step #2) Install the Plugin – Use the native Plugins > Add New dashboard inside your WordPress admin to install and activate the events plugin. Avoid manual upload methods unless the plugin exists outside official directories.

Step #3) Review Settings – Most plugins include default configuration profiles to select. But I suggest methodically reviewing all available settings to customize behavior as needed.

Step #4) Create Event Categories – Category tags help site visitors filter relevant event types easily when listings grow. Set these up early.

Step #5) Test Thoroughly – Before advertising events widely, rigorously test internal registration, payments and notifications systems. Identify loose ends needing tied on lighter traffic first.

Following those simple yet vital basics, your plugin should hum along smoothly as the central events hub on your WordPress site!

Going Pro: Advanced Customization Without Coding

One perceived downside of off-the-shelf plugins comes down to over-reliance on default UI layouts and options. Organizers often desire extensively branding the pages to match their site’s style.

Thankfully most modern WordPress event plugins bake in advanced customization abilities without requiring developer skills:

  • Use drag-and-drop page builders like Elementor, Divi or Beaver Builder to craft completely unique event page layouts detached from the underlying plugin boilerplate code.

  • Plugins like The Events Calendar have 300+ available code hooks to tweak functionality deeper through custom add-ons or injected code snippets.

  • Alter registration questions, confirmation emails, tickets designs and more from built-in tuning modules.

So don’t automatically assume you must possess programming expertise to deeply adapt the plugins highlighted here. Their architecture already accounts for extreme flexibility beyond surface-level changes.

Real-World Success Stories

Hearing from fellow organizers achieving real results lends further credibility to these WordPress events plugins. Let’s look at a few usage examples:

Nonprofit Fundraising Gala

“We used The Events Calendar to organize tables and tickets for our 300-person annual fundraising gala. It helped us double our proceeds year-over-year!”

Regional Conference Company

“After outgrowing Zoom and Eventbrite, our virtual regional conferences found the customization in EventON worthwhile. Attendance grew 5x in a year.”

Fitness Instruction Studio

“I teach daily yoga webinars powered by Events Manager. It‘s seamless for my customers booking recurring classes.”

Of course, results depend heavily on execution beyond purely the technology assists. But positive testimony indicates tools like featured in this guide can accommodate diverse use cases.

The Future of WordPress Event Plugins

The event software market sees no shortage of innovation. Analysts predict nearly 13% annual growth through 2025 as events become more engrained across industries.

Recent trends impacting WordPress event plugins include:

  • Hybrid events – Blending virtual and in-person events into integrated experiences using augmented reality and spatial computing.

  • Mobile optimization – Enable seamless access to events and ticketing from smartphones and tablets.

  • Augmented analytics – Leverage AI and ML for actionable intelligence predicting success factors.

  • Integrated 3rd party apps – Tighter cohesion with external platforms like email marketing, surveys, CRM and sales.

I anticipate leading plugins covered here will continue dominating while reinventing capabilities to exceed expectations. Exciting times ahead!

Let‘s Find Your Perfect Plugin Match!

The renewed focus on events presents big opportunities—but also complex moving parts to wrangle. I wrote this guide to help carefully evaluate strengths of top WordPress plugins against organizational needs.

Now I want to hear from you! Which plugin(s) catch your eye as best solving current requirements and future ambitions? Do you have lingering questions?

Comment below or contact me directly to continue the conversation. I enjoy advising clients to uncover perfect fits. Events should drive growth, not unnecessary headaches!