The 10 Best Alternatives to the Elementor Page Builder for Your WordPress Website

Hello friend! Building a WordPress website is easier than ever thanks to intuitive page builders like Elementor. Its user-friendly drag-and-drop editor helps over 5 million websites create beautiful, professional designs without coding.

However, Elementor does have some drawbacks:

  • The myriad features can overwhelm beginners
  • Complex page designs may not fully adapt for mobile
  • Too many customizations can bloat code and slow sites
  • Free version lacks key capabilities offered in paid plans
  • Occasional conflicts with third-party plugins

If you face any such limitations with Elementor, it may be worthwhile checking out alternative WordPress page builders optimized for your specific needs.

In this comprehensive guide, we analyze 10 capable Elementor competitors across several criteria:

Page Builder Best For
Divi Advanced visual design flexibility
SeedProd Building landing pages
WPBakery Custom page building without coding
Beaver Builder Intuitive editor for beginners
Themify SEO optimized page design
SiteOrigin Lean yet faster page building
Pagelayer Constructing eCommerce sites
ColibriWP Global layout customization
Stackable Block-style Gutenberg site design
Breakdance WooCommerce focused stores

Based on your skill level and site requirements, one of these Elementor alternative page builders can simplify and streamline your website building journey.

Let‘s explore them in-depth! We‘ll analyze the capabilities, limitations, suitable users and pricing model of each platform.

Divi: Feature-Packed Visual Page Builder

Divi is likely the most versatile all-rounder page builder among Elementor competitors. The powerful drag-and-drop visual editor empowers both beginners and experts to actualize creative website designs with minimal technical skills.

Key Benefits

👉2000+ Pre-Made Website Layout Packs: Kickstart your project leveraging expert designed pages for hundreds of site types and use cases

👉Advanced Visual Design Elements: Intuitively customize every aspect of your site design with global colors, styles, animations etc

👉Responsive And Optimized: Built-in performance tuning and flawless mobile experience across devices

👉No Coding Skills Required: Whatever your technical expertise, Divi’s simplicity lets anyone build stunning sites

Ideal User Base

Divi suits beginners seeking pre-made site packs for rapid creation along with developers needing expansive custom controls for advanced designs.

Freelancers, agencies and complex commercial sites gain from Divi‘s unrestricted creative freedom minus the steep Elementor learning curve.


Divi pricing starts at $89 per year including unlimited sites. Occasional lifetime deal offers may bring this down further.

If you seek fuss-free advanced site building capabilities minus coding, Divi is for you!

SeedProd: Create High Converting Landing Pages

SeedProd empowers users to swiftly build beautiful landing pages and coming soon pages to capture leads or engage visitors without technical complexity.

Key Benefits

👉100+ High Converting Templates: Professionally designed templates for services, products, lead generation etc

👉Drag And Drop Simplicity: Easily customize any section to match your brand style guide

👉Email And Analytics Integrations: Collect subscriber emails directly using MailChimp or track visitor behavior using Google Analytics without leaving SeedProd

👉Optimized Pages: Built-in SEO enhancements and speed optimizations for the best user experience

Ideal User Base

SeedProd suits marketers and businesses aiming to quickly create optimized landing pages, lead capture forms, coming soon pages to boost conversions without coding or debugging complexities.


SeedProd starter plans cost just $5 per month per site making it very budget friendly for users wanting core landing page building capabilities minus the Elementor learning curve.

For creating high-performance landing pages on WordPress, SeedProd hits the mark!

WPBakery: Custom WordPress Page Building Without Coding

Formerly Visual Composer, WPBakery offers an easy drag and drop page builder for rapidly creating custom WordPress pages integrated with any theme minus writing code.

Key Benefits

👉Huge Library of Content Elements: Numerous ready-made templates, widgets, icons, images eliminate starting from zero

👉Works With Any Theme: Flawlessly blends with popular themes like Astra and Hello allowing personalized look

👉Grid Builder: Flexibly display posts, galleries or custom content in responsive grids

👉Dedicated Support: Friendly and prompt assistance from knowledgeable human experts via email or chat

Ideal User Base

WPBakery suits beginner to intermediate self-builders seeking to construct WordPress sites including custom post layouts rapidly without coding skills.

It reduces the WordPress learning curve allowing you to focus purely on design.


WPBakery lifetime personal plan pricing starts from $45 including support and updates.

If you seek Elementor-style drag-and-drop customization minus coding, WPBakery delivers!

Beaver Builder: Easy-to-Use Page Builder

Beaver Builder strikes an optimal balance between simplifying WordPress site building for beginners while still offering customizations and features useful for experts.

Key Advantages

👉Slick Intuitive Editor: User-friendly drag and drop experience ideal for first-time WordPress users

👉700+ Modules And Templates: Numerous design elements and expertly crafted sample layouts eliminates starting from zero

👉eCommerce And Membership Support: Natively create online stores or membership portals within Beaver Builder without complex setup

👉Code And Performance Optimization Tools: Prevent site bloating and enhance speed

Ideal User Base

Beaver Builder is great for new self-builders seeking a learning-friendly editor along with digital agencies handling complex sites benefiting from integrations.


Beaver Builder standard pricing starts from $99 per year for one site. Bulk and lifetime discounts offered occasionally.

For easy WordPress site building minus Elementor‘s learning curve, Beaver Builder delivers!

Themify Builder: Create SEO-Optimized Pages

While Elementor simplifies site designing, it overlooks search engine optimization essentials required for findability. This is where Themify Builder steps in…

Why Choose Themify Builder

👉Mobile-First Indexing: Create sites optimized for Google‘s mobile-first search algorithms

👉Schema Markups Integrated: Improve snippet display and click through rates on search engines

👉Performance Tuning: Minify JavaScript/CSS, async loading, caching and more for speed

👉Link Mapping: Ensure proper redirection when URLs change preventing dead links

Ideal Users

Themify Builder helps SEO consultants, agencies and businesses incorporate search best practices directly into site development eliminating duplicate efforts.


Themify Builder standalone plugin comes for FREE. Paid add-ons providing extra features start at $39 per site.

If your #1 focus with Elementor alternatives is search optimization, Themify Builder delivers!

SiteOrigin: Faster WordPress Page Building

SiteOrigin offers a lightweight yet very capable alternative to complex page builders Slow page load impacts visitor retention and search rankings.

Why Choose SiteOrigin

👉SEO-Optimized: Clean backend code, compressed resources, omit unnecessary tags

👉Speed-Focused: Builder frontend avoids loading unused features improving performance

👉History Browser: Track page version changes supporting easy rollback

👉Page Caching: Server-side caching and Redis caching further boosts speed

👉Page Duplication: Rapidly reproduce designs across sections

Suitable For

Developers prioritizing fast loading optimized for search engines and usability. Also handy for quickly iterating multiple design concepts.


SiteOrigin free version available to install on unlimited sites. Premium add-ons start from $14 per year for advanced features.

If you seek a lean, lite-weight Elementor alternative, SiteOrigin Page Builder delivers rapid-loading web pages!

Pagelayer – Build eCommerce Sites

Pagelayer makes it easy for non-coders to craft elegant online stores or business sites via its beginner-friendly drag & drop site editor.

Why Choose Pagelayer

👉130+ Site Elements: Modular widgets covering texts, media, buttons, menus, forms etc

👉Specialized eCommerce Widgets: Natively build shopping pages, cart, checkout without plugins

👉Drag And Drop Forms: Create contact forms, lead capture opt-ins without managing form backends

👉Global Styles: Robust typography, color and spacing controls quicken website-wide design updates

👉Fast And Lightweight: Quick to load and snappy editor performance even on low-end hosting

Ideal User Base

Ecommerce owners, marketers, agencies and businesses needing a simplified way to build feature-rich websites including customized online stores without coding skills.

The easy learning curve helps beginners hit the ground running.


Pagelayer plans start at $25 per site for 1 year. Lifetime individual site pricing at $79 is a steal!

For crafting full-featured eCommerce sites like a pro minus coding, Pagelayer is for you!

ColibriWP – Customizable Layouts

ColibriWP augments the WordPress customizer to offer flexible site-wide design handling and global layout updates using intuitive controls.

Key Advantages

👉Real Time Previews: Visually customize header, footer sitewide color schemes, typography etc

👉150+ Content Blocks: Library of reusable sections eliminates repetitively rebuilding every page

👉Role Based Access: Selectively control design capabilities across teams avoiding chaos

👉Cloud Workspace: Browser-based site designing and staging space simplifies remote collaboration

👉Shape Dividers: Easily add immersive graphic elements including waves, triangles, curves to spice up design

Ideal User Base

Web design agencies, developers and businesses managing multiple sites gain from streamlined sitewide brand customization capabilities minus debugging hassles common in other page builders.


ColibriWP starts from $29 per year for one site. Volume discounts offered for multiple licenses.

If consistent multi-site design and nimble WordPress customization is key, ColibriWP hits the mark!

Stackable – Block Style Site Building

Stackable extends the standard WordPress block editor Gutenberg introduced in 2018 to augment page layout flexibility leveraging modular blocks.

Why Choose Stackable

👉30+ Custom Blocks: Flexible sections covering hero, pricing tables, teams etc

👉Global Design Elements: Easily update colors, fonts across your site

👉Animation Effects: Add visual liveliness increasing visitor engagement

👉Responsive Controls: Optimize sizing and spacing across device sizes

👉Works With Popular Plugins: High compatibility eliminates conflicts

Suitable Users

Stackable helps WordPress site owners comfortable with the block editor rapidly sculpt elegant modern designs leveraging modular blocks without landing into coding complexity or bloating sites.


Stackable has a forever free version. Premium plans for extra capabilities start at $39 per year. Volume discounts offered.

If you like the WordPress block editor approach, Stackable takes it to the next level for you minus Elementor downsides!

Breakdance – WooCommerce Specialized

Breakdance delivers a WordPress page builder tailored for eCommerce stores leveraging WooCommerce without its associated shortcode complexity.

Why Choose Breakdance

👉20+ WooCommerce Design Elements: Widgets for product pages, cart, checkout, account, coupons etc

👉100+ Store Templates: Professionally designed layouts for fashion, gadgets, furniture, cosmetics, food stores etc

👉Mega Menus: Easily build multi-column navigation menus including images, buttons and calls to action

👉Shape Dividers: Enhance design accents using tilting, flag, wave, triangle graphic overlays

👉CSS/JS Optimization: Automatically minify resources improving site speed

Ideal Users

eCommerce store owners wanting more design flexibility beyond WooCommerce themes without touching code will appreciate Breakdance page builder tailor made to address their requirements.


Breakdance forever FREE version meets needs for basic stores. Paid plans start from €39 per site offering extra capabilities.

So there you have it – the top 10 best alternatives to Elementor stacked up!

Each page builder solution shines in specific scenarios based on skill level, use case and website objectives.

Carefully consider your priorities and pick the tool allowing you to most effortlessly actualize the web design you envision without technical bottlenecks.

Your dream WordPress website is just a few clicks away by sidestepping Elementor‘s limitations using a tailored alternative page builder covered here!

Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy to help guide your website building journey forward minus roadblocks.

Stay tuned for more web design pro tips!