Struggling With Workplace Printing? Read This.

Let‘s be honest – printing is kind of a headache for most businesses these days.

Between printer compatibility issues, runaway costs, security risks, wasted productivity, and constant paper jams – it‘s no wonder printing makes IT pros cringe.

But it doesn‘t have to be this way. New print management software can rescue your organization from printing chaos.

These clever apps give you back control – allowing you to print smarter, safer, and more cost-efficiently.

Intrigued yet? This guide will cover everything you need to know. I‘ll explain how print software works, feature comparisons of the top options, and best practices to ensure printing bliss.

Let‘s get started!

How Does Print Management Software Work?

Print management software sits between users, networks, and printers to add a layer of visibility and control.

As print jobs are sent, this software intercepts them to apply rules, track usage statistics, and enable features like secure release printing before jobs reach devices.

It‘s almost like having a special print coordinator dedicated to wrangling all aspects of your printing infrastructure!

Here‘s a high-level view of how print management handles print flows:

Print management software architecture

To give this smarter printing a test run without overhauling your whole environment, many solutions let you install a trial version managing just a few test printers and users.

For example, PaperCut comes with a free trial managing up to 10 printers while PrinterAdmin lets you pilot with 1 printer free for 30 days.

Seeing the dashboards and rules in action goes a long way in appreciating value.

Now let‘s explore why more than 50,000 organizations have deployed print management software.

Why Do Businesses Use Print Management Software?

Research shows that the average employee prints over 10,000 pages per year. For mid-large companies, this printing addiction comes at a shocking cost:

  • 30 employees x 10,000 pages each = 300,000 printed pages annually
  • 300,000 pages x ₹1 per page** = ₹3,00,000/$4,166 wasted spending each year!

And that‘s not even including IT‘s time babysitting printers, toner/paper expenses, productivity loss from printing bottlenecks and paper jams, and security risks of unattended confidential documents sitting on communal printers.

Unfortunately, the scale of waste usually goes unseen…until print management software unveils reality.

True Story: Law Firm Cuts Costs by 40%

Gupta & Associates, a 150-person law firm in Delhi, noticed printer supply costs eating their budget alive. After installing print management software, they uncovered shocking facts:

  • Total annual printing = 23,00,000+ pages
  • 20% of employees print over 50% of total pages
  • The most printed document is a 125 page industry report from their research library

Armed with data, Gupta enacted rules like capping color pages allowed per employee and requiring digital library reference codes before releasing research reports. By year‘s end, printing was reduced by 30% with over ₹6,00,000 saved.

Stunned by insights, Gupta‘s managing partner remarked: "We had no idea just how out-of-hand printing had become. Getting visibility through print management software was an urgent wake-up call!"

Like Gupta & Associates, your organization can cut printing costs and waste substantially through visibility and control.

Now let‘s explore top print management software options…

7 Best Print Management Software Tools

All leading print software solutions promise similar benefits – slashing waste, improving security, boosting productivity.

But under the hood, they vary widely in pricing, features, user experience, scalability for enterprise deployment, reporting capabilities, integrations, and overall value.

I compared the top contenders so you can find your ideal match.

Quick comparison chart:

Software Ideal For Key Features Pricing
PaperCut Organizations of all sizes Mobility printing, color/cost rules, reports Starts at ₹35,000/year
Print Conductor High volume printing File conversion, batch printing, previews ₹20,000/year
Print Manager Plus Large enterprises Quotas, secure pull printing, 1,000+ reports ₹1,10,000+
uniFLOW Advanced print infrastructures Canon/Xerox fleets, secure scanning, user controls Contact for quote
UniPrint InfinityCloud Serverless secure networks Azure AD integration, home/roaming access, no VPN required Contact for quote
PrinterAdmin Schools and SMBs Lightweight, easy web interface, email alerts ₹18,000/year
Print Tracker Pro Lean SMB usage tracking Auto toner reordering, print approvals, fast setup ₹21,000/year

Now let‘s look at two popular contenders head-to-head…

PaperCut vs Print Manager Plus

PaperCut and Print Manager Plus both make managing large, complex print environments far easier. But they differ across areas like:


PaperCut offers 100+ core reports spanning users, printers, documents, environmental impact, and tweaks via API if needed. Print Manager boasts 1,000+ specialized reports covering every scenario imaginable.

Supported Devices

With PaperCut‘s wider driver support, bringing specialized hardware like badge readers into the mix can prove easier. But Print Manager streamlines Canon, Epson, Xerox, and Brother fleet management beautifully.


Print Manager‘s active directory sync and badge releaser station better suits secure enterprises. PaperCut‘s mobilty printing works for BYOD-heavy firms.

For more nitty gritty comparisons, download the PaperCut vs Print Manager datasheet.

Print Conductor vs PrinterAdmin

Prefer simple, budget-friendly software? This face-off spotlights two new user-friendly options.

Print Conductor simplifies high volume printing like banks statements, training packets, etc. Notably, the solution auto-converts incoming jobs to printer-friendly formats.

PrinterAdmin streamlines usage monitoring for smaller teams. Rules help reinforce org printing policies while convenient warnings flag low toner levels.

In the end, Print Conductor makes sense for operations repeatedly printing large job batches. PrinterAdmin fits general usage tracking needs on a modest budget.

For more comparisons, grab the Print Software Buyer‘s Checklist at

Now let‘s switch gears to implementing your new solution…

Rollout Best Practices

Once you select print software, avoid disruptions and resistance by carefully managing organizational change.

Here is a recommended rollout playbook:

Set the stage – Before installation, explain how the software will benefit employees‘ day-to-day. Clarify that the goal is efficiency – not micromanaging anyone’s work.

Run a pilot first – Unforeseen hiccups less likely derail breaching change across the full org right away.

Gradual phase-in – Initially target the new solution towards printer device clusters, apps, or departments with heaviest usage. Gather feedback, work out issues, then expand.

Establish new rules – Use a mandatory training seminar to present the guidelines employees must follow moving forward.

Involve champions – Identify allies who’ll happily enforce guidelines with peers to avoid IT nagging everyone.

Monitor adoption – Check software reporting often at first. Utilize warnings or print job approvals if violations occur.

For more tips on Smoothing IT changes, see our Change Management Success Kit.

Now I tapped industry experts for their insider perspectives on adopting print software…

Expert Views from the Field

Print management innovation shows no signs of slowing down. I interviewed product leaders and analysts for their outlook on where things are heading.

Q: What‘s on the horizon for print management capabilities?

"Looking ahead, AI-powered functionality will help further optimize workflows for specific industries and use cases – spotting areas to improve environmental friendliness or productivity unique to each customer…On the security side, capabilities like verifying print content didn‘t change from origin to output will rise in importance for industries like financial and healthcare."

– Adeesh Fulwadaya, Head of Printer Software for HP India

Q: Where do businesses struggle most with print software adoption?

"Getting employee buy-in can make or break initiatives that change day-to-day processes…Leveraging features like incentives where rule compliance earns perks can better motivate staff. Steering the focus to wins like saving trees rather than restrictions helps too!`

– Riya Kapoor, IDC Analyst

Experts agree forward-thinking solutions that motivate employees while further optimizing workflows will prevail into the future.

In Closing

I hope this guide gave you a helpful 360 degree look at modern print management software – from understanding the benefits to navigating top solutions to ensuring smooth adoption.

Just remember:

  • Visibility is step #1 – Print management provides eye-opening usage insights to spur improvements

  • Target quick wins – Early cost/waste reductions keep stakeholders motivated

  • Involve employees – User acceptance steers success long-term

Here‘s to printing prosperity! Never hesitate to drop me a line at [email protected] with any other questions.

Happy printing trailblazing!

Stewart Wilson
Print Management Expert

Acme IT Solutions