Securing Your Android: 11 Best Antivirus Apps of 2023

Your Android smartphone contains a goldmine of sensitive information that is lucrative bait for cybercriminals worldwide. From personal photos, messages and emails to saved passwords and bank account details, this data can be exploited for identity theft, financial fraud or simply embarrassment.

Recent stats paint a grim picture:

  • 63% of all malware targets Android devices
  • Over 30% of Android devices show traces of hidden spyware
  • 140 million mobile users suffered data breaches last year

So the question is no longer if your Android will be attacked, but when. Having robust antivirus protection on your device is critical today.

This blog reviews 11 of the top antivirus apps purpose-built for shielding Android OS. I have analyzed both free and premium options based on:

✅ Malware catch rates
✅ Impact on battery life/performance
✅ Core security capabilities
✅ Cost and overall value

The capabilities, strengths and limitations of each app are highlighted objectively to help you pick the right fit. Expert insights and recent statistics are included to educate readers on safeguarding their priceless data.

Let‘s dive in to the picks:

Why Antivirus Apps Are Essential

Before we count down the top antivirus apps, let‘s examine why we need them in the first place:

The Threats Are Escalating

Hackers have realized that infiltrating mobile devices can be more lucrative than traditional PCs. The volume and variety of threats targeting Android are skyrocketing:

Malware threats on Android devices are escalating rapidly

From information-stealing trojans to screen lockers, rogue apps to fake system updates, attackers are using ever-craftier tricks tailored to Android.

Google‘s Security Isn‘t Airtight

While Google does provide certain security measures for Android, significant gaps exist that hackers exploit:

  • Play Protect fails to catch some malicious apps
  • Permission models can still be tricked
  • Sideloaded apps bypass scrutiny altogether

Hence relying solely on standard Android security is clearly inadequate today.

Your Data is Too Valuable

Android smartphones contain treasured personal information that‘s extremely lucrative for cybercriminals:

  • Banking passwords and credit card numbers
  • Login credentials to email, social, shopping apps
  • Private photos, messages, contacts and browsing history

Once breached, this data can enable identity theft, stalking, public embarrassment and financial fraud. Such digital assets warrant dedicated security.

So protecting your Android device with an additional antivirus app is now essential beyond debate. Let‘s examine the top options available.

11 Best Android Antivirus Apps of 2023

Based on malware detection rates, system impact, features, user popularity and breadth of security tools, here are the 11 finest antivirus apps for defending your Android:

1. Avast Mobile Security

With over 100 million active installs globally, Avast Mobile Security is the most widely used Android antivirus app worldwide. Here‘s a snapshot of what it offers:

Key Capabilities

❖ Real-time scanning of new app installs
❖ Malware scanner with 650M threat definitions
❖ Inspector identifies security gaps or risky settings
❖ Wi-Fi network security checker protects connections
❖ Remote device locator, locker and data wiper


The core antivirus capabilities are free for personal use. Premium plans activate additional features like online banking protection, App Locking, anti-theft, VPN etc. starting from $1.99/month.

2. Bitdefender Mobile Security

Bitdefender is a highly reputed name in computer antivirus software. Their Android security app comes packed with advanced capabilities like:

Standout Features

✅ Automatic virus scanning with 700M threat signatures
✅ Protection from phishing attacks while web browsing
✅ App auditor checks privacy risks of installed apps
✅ Battery optimization for minimal power drain
✅ Free version has essential security tools


The Bitdefender premium plan is affordably priced at $14.99 yearly for advanced features like web protection, vault, account privacy, VPN, Wi-Fi security advisor etc.

3. Lookout Mobile Security

With over 100 million downloads and Bg leading cyber insurer support, Lookout Mobile Security offers well-rounded protection including:

Top Capabilities

🔐Sophisticated malware detection using AI
🔐Lost phone locator with remotely triggered alarm
🔐App tracker reveals history of permissions usage
🔐WiFi and network analysis tools
🔐Basic version is free with option to upgrade

It catches threats early with its large malware intel database and mobile sensor network. Intuitive visual dashboards reveal security levels across apps, networks, data etc.

$2.99 monthly or $29.99 yearly for full premium features

4. McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee is a household name for consumers when it comes to antivirus software. Their mobile security app provides:

🛡️ AI-enabled malware detection
🛡️ Vulnerability scanner checks apps for risks
🛡️ Message/SMS filtering blocks spam texts
🛡️ Network tool blocks malicious WiFi networks
🛡️ 30-day free trial


$2.99 monthly or
$29.99 yearly for complete security features

5. Norton Mobile Security

This flagship app from Symantec builds on their decades of cybersecurity research to protect Android devices using:

Key Features

🔑 Powerful antivirus engine to detect wide threats
🔑 App advisor automatically scans installs
🔑 Blocks phishing sites and text message fraud
🔑 Tracks lost or stolen devices on map
🔑 Can remotely lock device access

It brings Norton‘s industry-leading malware detection to the Android platform for robust mobile defense.

$29.99 yearly for protection on one device

6. AVG Antivirus Security

From the makers of free computer antivirus software AVG, this mobile app balances capabilities with simplicity:

Core Features

🔍 Automatic virus scans for malware etc.
🔍 Web browsing and SMS filter for threats
🔍 Power optimization to save battery
🔍 Device tracker locates lost phone
🔍 Tablet support and multi-language

The free version offers sufficient features for most. Paid upgrade adds browser protection, app locking, anti-theft etc.

Free or $14.99 yearly for full premium

7. Avira Antivirus Security

Popular particularly in European markets, Avira leverages over 30 years of cybersecurity innovation to enable:

📵 Sophisticated real-time virus scans
📵 Web protection blocks malicious links
📵 App lock with custom passcodes
📵 Camera trap feature for intruder detection
📵 Free version has ample capabilities

It catches the latest threats quickly while minimizing performance hit.

$1.99 monthly or
$11.99 yearly

8. Dr. Web Anti-virus

From veteran Russian cybersecurity firm Dr.Web, this app stands out for:

⚕️ Cures existing infections; not just detection
⚕️ Ultra-light performance impact
⚕️ Automatic scans triggered by threats
⚕️ Free version available with limited features

$6.99 yearly for premium additions

9. ESET Mobile Security

This app transplants ESET‘s popular computer antivirus into a polished mobile solution having:

🛡️ Streamlined malware scanner
🛡️ Phishing site blocking
🛡️ Application audit
🛡️ Anti-theft tracker shows device location
🛡️ Free version with basic capabilities

A lightweight option focused on core security needs.

$1.99 monthly or
$14.99 yearly

10. Malwarebytes Security

Expanding beyond its signature PC malware detection prowess into mobile, Malwarebytes offers:

📲 Ransomware monitoring
📲 Real-time malicious website filtering
📲 Adware and PUP detection
📲 Privacy audit reveals risky app permissions

It aims squarely at intercepting the latest mobile malware and privacy threats.

Free version available with 14-day Premium trial

11. Trend Micro Mobile Security

This offering from veteran security leader Trend Micro provides a full-spectrum solution:

�🆘 Automatic scans to catch viruses, spyware etc.
🆘 Protects devices from ransomware attacks
🆘 Blocks fraudulent links in SMS/messaging apps
🆘 Includes device encryption and backup
🆘 30-day free trial

$2.99 monthly or
$29.99 yearly

The premium version adds features like privacy scanner, WiFi protection, web filtering, data backup etc. making it a rounded product.

How to Choose the Right One

With a wide spectrum of Android antivirus apps available, choose one tailored to your need:

Budget – If unwilling to spend, some very capable free solutions exist like Avast, Lookout and Malwarebytes. But paid apps like Norton and McAfee offer more robust protection.

Performance – If battery life or storage space is a key factor, ultra-optimized options like Dr.Web or ESET are suitable. More full-featured apps can impact device speed.

Security level – Independent lab tests judge product antivirus capabilities over time. Check their reports on sites like to verify detection rates.

Extra features – If you need expanded tools like VPN, password manager etc. alongside antivirus, Avast Premium or Trend Micro suit better. List must-have capabilities beforehand.

Boosting Android Security Further

Relying solely on antivirus apps has security holes today. Follow these tips to fortify protection:

🔐 Use trusted app stores like Play Store or Amazon Appstore for guaranteed safe downloads rather than sideloading

🔐 Turn on Google Play Project features like Find My Device for enhanced security

🔐 Install a password manager app like LastPass or 1Password for strong unique passwords across accounts

🔐 Be vigilant of links/attachments in messages that may trick you into downloading malware

🔐 Run periodic full scans manually using your antivirus app for abundant caution


Your Android device‘s security merits investment into a robust antivirus app so precious data doesn‘t fall into the wrong hands. Evaluate products objectively based on technical excellence over marketing claims. Combine antivirus protection with sensible precautions around app installs, Wi-Fi use, passwords etc. for all-round safety. Stay safe!