Securing SMB Websites: 11 Best Managed VPS Hosting Providers

If you run a growing small or medium online business, chances are your website acts as the digital face customers interact with daily. Downtimes and breaches don‘t just equal lost revenue – your brand reputation also hangs in the balance.

This is why relying on consumer-grade shared hosting as daily visitors climb often proves too great a risk for SMBs. The resources you share with thousands of other sites creates prime conditions for security incidents and performance degradation.

Upgrading to more robust VPS infrastructure better secures and scales your online presence. But doing so without managed support can prove complicated across monitoring, patching and server hardening for busy business owners.

Why I Recommend Managed VPS Hosting From a Security Standpoint

As an experienced cybersecurity professional who has advised SMBs for over a decade, I highly endorse using a managed VPS solution at the first sign of outpacing entry-level shared hosting plans.

VPS infrastructure guarantees resources exclusively allocated to your sites, reducing attack surfaces and virtualization means you host independently away from risky neighbors. Expert providers efficiently implement security best practices and monitor threats 24/7 so you can focus on day-to-day operations.

Recent incidents emphasize why securing hosting is now mission-critical:

  • Compromised WordPress sites grew over 300% annually – Security researchers identify excessive vulnerabilities among small business CMS sites. [1]

  • 78% of SMBs suffered a cyber breach last year – Verizon‘s research spotlighted web app hacks, ransomware and phishing emails as leading culprits. [2]

  • 61% of cyber attacks now target small businesses – Beazley Breach Insights found hackers increasingly set sights on SMBs over large enterprises. [3]

The financial and branding implications of inadequate hosting security quickly become catastrophic. Let‘s explore how managed VPS solutions better safeguard websites.

Why Managed VPS Hosting Secures SMB Websites

1. Isolated Virtual Environments

With shared platforms, thousands of sites reside together on the same physical server hardware. A single vulnerable application could allow an intruder access to other sites including your own.

VPS hosting virtualizes your environment away from other users for superior isolation using container style separation. Your sites run shielded inside a private sandbox with dedicated resources guaranteed only to you. One compromised VPS does not place other sites at risk like shared servers.

2. Hardened Infrastructure

Expert managed providers implement comprehensive server hardening and software patching well beyond what average owners can achieve alone. Solutions like ServerSecure firewall, intrusion detection, DDoS mitigation and 24/7 activity monitoring create a resilient security barrier.

Managed services stay on top of tasks like:

  • OS and software updates
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Access control monitoring
  • Log analysis for anomalies

This frees SMB owners to instead grow their business.

3. Regulatory Compliances

Holding sensitive customer data? Managed VPS solutions readily comply with stringent healthcare, finance or government security standards including HIPAA, PCI DSS and SOC 2 certification.

This facilitates safely storing consent forms, transactions and other regulated info that could lead to major fines if compromised.

4. Backups and redundancy

MCrown Solutions found over half of SMBs lack adequate data backups which can quickly sink operations. [4]

Robust managed VPS providers implement automated daily offsite snapshots, object storage and CDN redundancy. This means disaster recovery measured in minutes or hours versus days for DIY servers. Less downtime preserves revenue and trust.

Now let‘s explore top providers offering managed VPS hosting with security capabilities to safeguard growing SMBs.

Managed VPS Security Comparison

Provider Firewall Intrusion Detection DDoS Mitigation Backups Compliance Standards
A2 Hosting Free
via Cloudflare
Daily Offsite PCI DSS, SOC 2
InMotion Free
via Cloudflare
Weekly Offsite PCI DSS
SOC 1, SOC 2
SiteGround Free
via Cloudflare
Daily Offsite PCI DSS
SOC 1, SOC 2
Kinsta Google Cloud
Arbor Networks
via Google Cloud
SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3
KnownHost Free
via Cloudflare
Daily Offsite HIPAA, PCI DSS
HostGator Free
via Cloudflare
Daily Offsite PCI DSS, SOC 1

All spotlight robust security capabilities that exceed average shared hosting providers. Combining these managed protections with isolated VPS environments substantially reduces risk versus alternatives.

Now let‘s drill down into top managed VPS recommendations specifically for securing SMB infrastructure as you scale website visitors.

11 Most Secure Managed VPS Hosting Providers

1. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting tops rankings for their developer-friendly VPS solutions fine-tuned for optimum WordPress performance with security smarts.

Standout protections include free Cloudflare mitigation shielding sites from 15 billion cyber threats monthly. [5] Daily offsite backups plus complimentary SSL, firewall services and IDS monitoring further A2‘s security posture.

Their Turbo Performance VPS servers start at just $25/month delivering 20X faster speeds by one estimate. For lean SMBs migrating from shared hosting, A2 brings managed security and support best practices often out of financial reach.

2. InMotion Hosting

InMotion combines enterprise-class infrastructure with security-focused VPS configurations plus leading certifications like PCI DSS compliance and SOC 2 Type 2 auditing.

Their Virtual Private Cloud block stores data across multiple facilities to reduce loss risks if disasters strike. Weekly offsite data snapshots give SMBs ample restoration points.

InMotion‘s VPS 1000HA plan starts at $27.99/month packing ample resources to support 10K visitors. Free server migration services ease transitions without downtimes for current sites. Hands-on security experts monitor threats around the clock so you don‘t have to.

3. SiteGround

SiteGround secures WordPress sites through their managed WP specialized VPS hosting, enabling safe ecommerce and lead generation site growth.

Customized application firewalls block suspicious traffic alongside internal DDoS filters. Rigorous server hardening locks sites down tight while their SuperCacher technology accelerates performance over 600% to handle surges. [6]

Starts at $80/month including dedicated IP. For regulated SMBs, SiteGround‘s PCI DSS and SOC compliant status enables securely processing payments and storing customer data.

Daily offsite backups plus free Cloudflare protection, SSL and CDN maximize uptime and data integrity. SiteGround‘s WP expertise makes them a superb managed security choice.

4. Kinsta

Kinsta‘s managed WP hosting shines for securing mission-critical sites safeguarding payments, documents and other sensitive data.

Google Cloud-powered infrastructure brings cutting edge DDoS analysis while N+1 redundancies ensure 99.99% verified uptime. Free SSL and CDN caching accelerate performance.

Starting at $30/month, certified SOC 1/2 compliance plus HIPAA readiness assists regulated verticals. Kinsta‘s security team manages round-the-clock monitoring, patching and hardening so you can direct focus back to operating your SMB.

5. KnownHost

KnownHost furnishes SMBs unmetered SSD bandwidth and storage plus guaranteed 99.9% uptimes on their low-cost managed VPS plans starting at $13.47 monthly.

The UK-based provider proactively security hardens servers and monitors activity to rapidly mitigate hack attempts. [7] Free daily encrypted offsite backups help bulletproof precious business data.

KnownHost‘s compliance with healthcare and financial security requirements like HIPAA and PCI DSS facilitates safely expanding online revenue streams. Hands-on support avails assistance 24/7 to supplement strong managed protections.

6. Bluehost

Bluehost‘s managed VPS solutions secure WordPress sites through performance optimized infrastructure, CDN caching, dedicated IP, free SSL and automated malware detection.

Starting at $19.99/month their low-cost plans pack ample resources to support 20K+ visitors. Bluehost‘s Symantec security scans monitor malware while their Jetpack plugin furnishes additional WP security tools.

Daily encrypted offsite data backups plus high availability DNS and Anycast routing minimize both downtimes and data losses. Bluehost brings two decades of WordPress expertise supporting SMBs.

7. Liquid Web

Liquid Web advances mission-critical SMB sites via fully managed VPS hosting fortified by hands-on security experts.

ServerSecure firewall services fine-tuned to block threats while legal compliance assists regulated businesses. Liquid Web‘s Heroic Support® delivers sub 58 second response times when issues arise.

Starting at $59/month their plans feature high-grade SSD storage, DDoS protection, free SSL certificates, offsite backups and 1 dedicated IP address. For SMBs that can invest more upfront for managing rapid growth, Liquid Web‘s security and support pedigree brings tremendous long-term value.

8. HostGator

HostGator provides comprehensive security tools like dedicated firewalls, SSL certificates, intrusion detection systems, DDoS filtering and offsite backups across all VPS hosting plans starting at just $19.95 monthly.

Their Snapshot functionality enables rolling back unwanted changes in minutes versus hours for manual restores. Compliance with stringent PCI DSS and SOC 1 standards plus integrated Cloudflare scrubbing that blocks over 30 billion threats monthly collectively furnish a formidable security barrier.

Unmetered bandwidth and bundled CDN assist handling traffic spikes alongside uptime monitoring tools. HostGator‘s reliability record and 20+ million hosted domains instill confidence in their expertise.

9. InterServer

InterServer gives developers fine-grained infrastructure control via VPS hosting packed with security capabilities starting at $6/month.

CloudFlare integration provides global CDN delivery and enhanced DDoS prevention while Bitnami app installers enable quickly launching secure CMS with just clicks. SSH gateway access assists remote server administration.

Nightly backups help prevent data loss alongside firewall services and SSL certificates furnished for every site. Interserver has maintained an impeccable uptime track record exceeding 99.999% for a decade straight.

10. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks sustainably powers managed VPS security through 300% renewable energy alongside developer-grade tools.

Nightly snapshots secure critical business data while free SSL & CDN integration help accelerate sites and protect customer communications. Starting at $80/month their plans offer unmetered SSD storage and transfer.

With over 500K domains hosted, GreenGeeks couples eco-friendly principles with cybersecurity best practices like proactive monitoring, DDoS filtering and server hardening. This unique combination sustains SMB sites wanting to grow their footprint responsibly.

11. Linode

Linode excels furnishing developer-friendly managed VPS hosting to technical teams wanting fine-grained infrastructure control and security capabilities without breaking tiny budgets.

All plans include native SSH, backups, DNS management, DDoS protection and complimentary SSL certificates from just $5/month. Linode‘s library of nearly 1000 guides helps users of all skill levels master security best practices.

With a sterling uptime track record and 100 Gbit network, they excel supporting infrastructure security. Trusted Compute safeguards against compromised hosts while their dashboard and APIs facilitate automation.

For lean dev teams and solopreneurs securing websites DIY-style, Linode delivers robust capabilities at economies of scale.

Pricing Comparison

Provider Managed VPS Starting Price Scaling Options
A2 Hosting $25/month RAM & SSD upgrades available
InMotion $27.99/month Add RAM, cores & SSDs easily
SiteGround $80/month Adjust resources as needed
Kinsta $30/month Resources increase via plans
KnownHost $13.47/month Select custom VPS sizes
Bluehost $19.99/month Available via support tickets
Liquid Web $59/month Proactive resource additions
HostGator $19.95/month Upgrades online quickly
InterServer $6/month Customize completely
GreenGeeks $80/month Contact support to scale
Linode $5/month Expert guided scaling

Pricing above shows ample budget-friendly starting points to pilot VPS solutions for 10-20K monthly visitors. All allow adjusting resources to handle traffic upticks so you can scale precisely in line with website growth.

Conclusion – Secure Managed VPS Sets SMBs Up for Success

I invite growing SMBs to evaluate managed VPS solutions above for bolstering hosting security beyond basic shared servers. Prioritizing cyber protections prepares your expanding online presence for the next chapter while keeping customer data and operations safe.

Comprehensive managed services enable SMB owners to instead focus time on accelerating business goals rather than hosting administration and security upkeep. Leveraging managed provider expertise furnishes a powerful force multiplier.

Have questions on securing hosting infrastructure against modern cyber threats? Let‘s connect below. Wishing your growing online business continued success!

[Disclosure: I am an independent cybersecurity consultant with over 15 years industry experience advising SMBs on tech infrastructure security and risk management.]