Save Thousands on Email Marketing with AWS SES Integrations

Dear reader, are you overwhelmed by the high costs of popular email marketing platforms? I faced the same frustration starting out. Running multi-channel digital campaigns was bleeding money when it came to email. But I recently discovered a fantastic solution – integrating AWS Simple Email Service (SES) with specialist providers unlocks enterprise-grade capabilities at a fraction of regular pricing.

In this comprehensive guide, let me walk you through why AWS SES is a game changer, which leading integrated platforms to leverage, tips to get started and what the future holds in the rapidly evolving world of email marketing.

Why Email Marketing Remains a Top Channel

Let‘s first understand why email is here to stay despite social media growth. According to Statista, 306.4 billion emails get sent/received daily in 2022. HubSpot found that email generates $36 return for every $1 spent, which is excellent ROI.

For context, email overtakes social media regarding revenue impact and user preferences for brands. Litmus found 47% prefer email over channels like Facebook and LinkedIn.

And Movable Ink reported 51% of Gen Z wants more brand emails compared to millennials! So even younger digital natives used to Insta and Tiktok extensively engage via email.

However, email marketing has risks like changing GDPR, CCPA regulations around consent, fines for violations etc. Establishing clear preference centers and audit trails is important today.

This is where choosing compliant, trusted service providers becomes vital for your email programs.

Benefits of Integrating AWS SES

Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) is a massively scalable cloud-based SMTP service for transactional, promotional and marketing emails. Its flexible API/SMTP setup plus dynamic infrastructure makes AWS SES easily integrate with specialized solutions.

But why choose AWS SES over other bulk email services? Here are the primary advantages:

Cost Saving – AWS SES starts at just $0.10 per 1000 emails sent, with added volume discounts! This allows over 90% savings for mid-high volume senders.

Deliverability – AWS SES has strong ISP reputation, getting above 90% inbox placement rates thanks to proactive monitoring.

Flexibility – You avoid upfront server or hardware costs with dynamic cloud infrastructure scaling.

Reliability – Distributed multi-region AWS architecture ensures high email deliverability up-times.

Security – AWS has state-of-the-art physical/data security meeting compliance needs.

Analytics – Get actionable metrics on opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribe tracking to optimize campaigns.

Now that you know the benefits, let‘s explore top solutions tightly integrated to tap AWS SES power at low costs!

1. SendGrid Marketing Campaigns

Founded in 2009, SendGrid is a leading email platform focused on deliverability capabilities. It powers communications for 100,000+ customers globally handling over 300 billion transactional/marketing emails monthly.

While starting out as a delivery API service, SendGrid has expanded into full-fledged email marketing via its Marketing Campaigns module launched in 2020.

Features Overview

SendGrid Marketing Campaigns packs an enterprise-level feature set including:

  • Intuitive drag and drop email + landing page builders
  • Saved templates and easy content blocks reuse
  • Advanced segmenting based on granular contact profiles
  • Automated triggers for customer journeys
  • Real-time engagement analytics on opens, clicks etc.

Benefits of AWS SES Integration

Choosing Marketing Campaigns integrated with AWS SES unlocks:

  • Significant cost savings over regular SendGrid pricing
  • Higher send limits per month tailored to usage
  • Dedicated IP addresses to protect domain reputation

Paige from Bare Metrics reported 70% lower costs while maintaining sender score and inbox placement rates after switching.

Use Case Examples

Here are examples of companies using SendGrid successfully with AWS SES:

SaaS startup UserDeck saved over $1500 a month in email costs while increasing list size. “Handling the doubling of our lists would have bankrupted our company without AWS SES”, said CEO Matt Upham.

Ecommerce site Nature Collection saw a 2X rise in subscriber engagement after moving to Marketing Campaigns post-pandemic when in-store retail slumped. “Compared to Mailchimp, we halved costs while getting better analytics on promotions and customer journeys to reactivate dormant email subscribers”, Marketing Director Casey Newton remarked.

Based on G2 reviews, SendGrid Marketing Campaigns receives over 95% user satisfaction for value generated given affordable pricing.


Image showing the visual campaign builder in SendGrid Marketing Campaigns

Comparing The Competition

SendGrid competes with platforms like Mailgun, SparkPost and ElasticEmail which are also integrated with AWS SES in this space.

Key Differentiators

  1. Segmentation capabilities by behavior and user attributes
  2. Automated multi-step workflows to nurture subscribers
  3. Intuitive landing page builder to capture leads
  4. Real-time analytics on subscriber engagement

For high volume senders above 100k/month emails with advanced subscriber journey needs, SendGrid Marketing Campaigns stands out as an enterprise choice.

2. MailerLite

MailerLite is a pioneer in simple yet powerful email marketing since its founding in 2012. They rightfully claim to be among the very first designed for beginners while still packed with automation capabilities.

Over 300,000 users from small businesses to funded startups leverage MailerLite across 180 countries today.

Features Overview

MailerLite shines thanks to these main features:

  • Intuitive drag and drop designer requiring no technical skills
  • Embedded signup forms a beginner can build in minutes
  • Sophisticated triggers you can set targeting subscriber actions
  • Easy WYSIWYG content editor empowering anyone
  • Complete analytics on opens, clicks and unsubscribes

Benefits of AWS SES Integration

Choosing MailerLite with AWS SES enables:

  • Affordable pricing for mid-high volume emails
  • Avoiding any hard throttling limits on sends per month
  • Generous plan tiers to easily scale up quantity

As per Antonio from SaaS Adviser‘s case study, MailerLite powered by AWS SES supported their exponentially growing customers mailing lists in a cost-effective manner as they scaled from 50k to 500k subscribers.

Use Case Examples

Successful MailerLite customers leveraging AWS SES integration include:

Lisa from arts blog ArtConnected grew her subscriber base from 100 to 65,000 in 2 years while keeping costs low. "Once I shot past 10000 subscribers, my previous provider charges became unreasonable. With MailerLite, I could segment international collectors and more without financial limits thanks to AWS SES."

Education company MathsGaps with hundreds of franchises had compliance needs. "We sync sensitive student data from our tools to MailerLite for personalized coaching emails. AWS SES helped us implement and audit GDPR controls like double opt-in and parental consent tracking seamlessly", said their Marketing Automation Manager.

MailerLite seems the ideal fit for solopreneurs, bloggers and bootstrapped startups wanting maximum output from limited marketing budgets by riding AWS SES efficiencies.


Sample welcome email sequence designed in MailerLite‘s drag and drop builder

Comparing The Competition

Versus cheaper options like Mailchimp or complex ones like ActiveCampaign, MailerLite strikes an optimal balance for beginners.

Key Differentiators

  1. Generous yet cheaper plans than equivalent tiers of incumbents
  2. Visual workflow builder requiring no technical expertise
  3. Hundreds of stylish templates even on free plan
  4. Dynamic forms and landing pages to capture subscribers
  5. Award-winning support response time under 2 minutes

For savvy small business owners or early-stage startups wanting great results without big budgets or teams, MailerLite hits the email marketing sweet spot.

3. Moosend

Moosend is a leading online marketing platform catering primarily to small businesses. Founded in 2011, they today power communication for over 50000 customers globally across email, landing page, forms, text messaging, site popup, and push notification channels.

While packed with features across these channels, email marketing remains at Moosend‘s core with comprehensive campaign creation and automation capabilities.

Features Overview

Moosend enables you to:

  • Create beautiful emails with a drag and drop designer or code editor
  • Build unlimited forms and landing pages
  • Set up sophisticated workflows triggered by time delays, user actions etc.
  • Leverage hundreds of flexible, customizable templates
  • Gain actionable analytics on subscriber engagement

Benefits of AWS SES Integration

When integrated with AWS SES, Moosend unlocks higher limits around:

  • Number of emails sent monthly, enabling huge volumes
  • Overall subscribers/contacts supported across plans
  • Flexibility around custom field creation for granular segmentation

As per testimonials from Moosend customers like digital agency Kliento, package deliveries like Aramex, and coach Christy Lee, this combination aids massive growth supporting over 5 million subscribers on some accounts!

Use Case Examples

Successful customer examples include:

Ecommerce portal StoreHut taps Moosend workflows to automate post-purchase review request and reorder emails dynamically pulling invoice data via APIs. "With AWS SES, we easily handle large order volumes during holiday sales like Black Friday without email sending bottlenecks", says Ryan, Head of Email Marketing.

Indonesian unicorn travel platform RedDoorz uses multi-language Moosend email campaigns for pre-stay confirmations and post-stay reviews to millions of guests across their properties with ZERO failed deliveries thanks to AWS SES reliability.

From small retailers to regional giants, Moosend helps them scale email subscriber bases into 8 figures through its blend of usability and sophisticated automation.


Sample stylish template available in Moosend designed for fashion brands

Comparing The Competition

Versus more affordable options like Mailchimp or feature-rich ones like HubSpot, Moosend strikes an optimal balance.

Key Differentiators

  1. Packed features plus multiple integrated sales channels
  2. Enterprise-grade workflow builder and segmentation
  3. Dedicated account management and onboarding guidance
  4. Unlimited landing pages, forms and list signups per month
  5. High ROI especially for ecommerce companies post-purchase

For small businesses utilizing integrated email, landing pages, forms and more without engineering resources, Moosend enables big vision execution via AWS SES scalability.

Additional Key Points

Here are some bonus tips I wanted to cover as you evaluate and get started with AWS SES integrations:

  • Study shows Friday mornings between 11 AM to noon has the highest email open rates on average
  • Creative subject lines are fine but avoid commonly filtered words like “Free, Sale” etc.
  • Consider an hybrid mix of your own SMTP servers for portions of traffic blended with AWS SES for scalability
  • Hire expert help to properly warmup dedicated IPs and improve sender reputation slowly
  • Follow this checklist covering verification, DKIM signatures, metrics monitoring etc. when ramping up
  • Tool recommendations for designing and developing HTML email content – MJML, MailMentor,

The Future of Email Marketing Looks Bright!

I hope this guide gives you clarity on what makes AWS SES integrated delivery platforms so game-changing for marketers. They enable sophisticated automation and enterprise-class features for enterprises without breaking the budget no matter what business size.

The examples showcase innovative companies who leverage these solutions and AWS infrastructure for previously impossible scale while staying lean operationally.

As email marketing continues to thrive in the coming years, I‘m excited for you dear reader to now apply the recommendations here and stay ahead with positive ROI leveraging AWS SES!

Whether you are yet starting to build your lists or are ready to scale up existing volumes significantly, do reach out in comments below if any part of your email journey faced roadblocks that I can help advise on.

So try out SendGrid Campaigns, MailerLite or Moosend today integrated with AWS SES to grow your business and budgets efficiently. Just don‘t keep it a secret from your competitors 😉.