Learn Web3 and Stay Relevant with these 13 Best Resources

Web3 is taking the world by storm. Often referred to as the next generation of the internet, Web3 aims to decentralize apps and websites by using blockchain technology. This shift towards decentralization and peer-to-peer connectivity has opened up many new career opportunities.

As per LinkedIn‘s 2022 Emerging Jobs report, demand for blockchain developers and engineers has grown over 600% since 2015. Web3 skills are becoming extremely valuable in fields like software development, product design and even digital content creation.

So if you want to future-proof your career, now is the time to skill up on Web3. This guide covers the best online courses and free resources to help you get started.

What Exactly is Web3?

Before diving into Web3 resources, let‘s quickly go over what it is.

Web3 refers to the third generation of internet services built using decentralized protocols like blockchain and crypto-economics. Some key aspects of Web3 include:

  • Decentralization: Instead of data and apps being controlled by individual companies, control is distributed among users.
  • Transparency: Records are public and transactions can be viewed by all participants.
  • Privacy: Users have greater control over their data.
  • Trust: Dependence on third-party intermediaries is reduced.
  • Openness: Anyone can participate without permission.

Web3 will enable a range of innovative use cases across finance, gaming, social media, identity management and more. Developers skilled in Web3 will be critical for turning these ideas into reality.

High-Demand Careers in Web3 Development

Here are some of the most popular career paths in Web3 and decentralized app (dApp) development:

  • Blockchain Developers: Write smart contracts, develop backends for dApps. Proficiency in Solidity required.
  • Frontend Web3 Developers: Build user interfaces for blockchain apps using Web3.js. React and JavaScript experience recommended.
  • UX/UI Designers: Design intuitive dApp interfaces focused on user needs and simplicity.
  • NFT Developers: Code Non-fungible tokens and integrate them into dApps.
  • DeFi Developers: Work on decentralized finance products like DAOs, stablecoins, lending apps.
  • Crypto Economists: Analyze token models, set parameters for cryptos to ensure stability and growth.
  • DApp Testers: Test decentralized apps to ensure functionality, efficiency and security.

Beyond coding roles, content creators, community managers, marketing specialists and more are also very valuable in Web3.

Should You Take a Web3 Course?

Web3 courses are great for:

  • Programmers looking to transition into blockchain development
  • Designers who want to design innovative dApp interfaces
  • Digital creators interested in the NFT/metaverse space
  • Anyone who wants to deeply understand this rapidly evolving landscape

These courses can provide structured guidance to help you gain both theoretical and practical skills required for Web3. Even if you don‘t want to become a core blockchain developer, having basic Web3 literacy will be beneficial regardless of your field.

13 Best Web3 & Blockchain Courses

Here are the top online courses to learn Web3, blockchain development and associated skills:

Ethereum Blockchain Developer

Provider: Ethereum Blockchain Developer

Key Topic(s): Solidity, Web3.js, Smart Contracts, dApp Development

This course focuses specifically on developing blockchain apps on Ethereum – the most widely used Web3 platform. Previous JavaScript/programming experience is recommended.

You‘ll Learn:

  • Core concepts – decentralization, hash functions, distributed networks etc.
  • Write smart contracts in Solidity
  • Build client-side apps with Web3.js
  • Deploy dApps on testnets like Ropsten

Best For: Aspiring Ethereum developers and people with some prior coding experience.

Certified Web3 Professional

Provider: Simplilearn

Key Topic(s): Fundamentals, Architecture, Use Cases, Implications

This comprehensive course helps you gain theoretical & practical knowledge of Web3 concepts. Designed for anyone looking to skill up on Web3 – no coding skills required.

You‘ll Learn:

  • Web3 basics – definition, components, benefits
  • How blockchain, crypto and tokenization works
  • Real world applications across finance, identity, supply chain etc.
  • Risks and challenges around privacy, security, environment

Best For: Beginners looking for an extensive yet friendly Web3 primer before diving deeper.

Clarusway Web3 Bootcamp

Provider: Clarusway

Key Topic(s): Blockchain, Solidity, Web3.js, React, Smart Contracts

This intensive 24-week program focuses on both blockchain fundamentals as well as hands-on dApp building. Ideal for kickstarting a career as a Web3 developer. Significant coding experience required.

You’ll Learn:

  • Deep dive into blockchain data structures, networks, consensus etc.
  • Build decentralized apps and programs using Solidity and Web3.js
  • Develop fast and responsive UIs with React
  • Deploy smart contracts on Ethereum testnets and mainnet

Best For: Experienced devs looking to master Web3/blockchain app development with a focus on developing portfolio-worthy projects.

Ethereum Blockchain App (LinkedIn Learning)

Provider: LinkedIn Learning

Key Topic(s): Ethereum Development, Smart Contracts, dApps

Taught by long-time blockchain expert Ravinder Deol, this course helps developers build a decentralized app on Ethereum from scratch.

You’ll Learn:

  • Ethereum design principles and components
  • Code, compile, test and deploy smart contracts with Solidity
  • Use Web3.js to connect client-side code to blockchain
  • Build end-to-end dApp and publish it

Best For: Developers with some exposure to JavaScript and OOP concepts.

Building Web3 dApps on Ethereum

Provider: LinkedIn Learning

Key Topic(s): dApp Development, Web3.js, Ethereum

This course focuses specifically on using Web3.js to build user interfaces for Ethereum dApps. Taught by Web3 engineer Drew Falkman.

You’ll Learn:

  • Set up local dev environment
  • Use MetaMask browser extension
  • Make contract calls with Web3.js
  • Fetch data from Ethereum network
  • Develop intuitive UIs for dApps

Best For: Frontend developers looking to break into Web3 or blockchain engineers who want to improve their Web3.js skills.

Web3 & Blockchain Foundation Masterclass

Provider: ZTM Academy

Key Topic(s): Solidity, Smart Contracts, Crypto, DeFi, NFTs

This popular course helps you gain in-depth understanding across basic and advanced Web3 concepts. Content is regularly updated to keep up with latest developments.

You’ll Learn

  • Technical foundations like cryptography, data structures etc.
  • Programming decentralised apps with Solidity and Web3.js
  • Concepts like tokens, wallets, oracles, DAOs, DeFi protocols etc.
  • Real-world deployment considerations

Best For: Anyone (developers or non-developers) looking for an A-Z, project-based introduction to Web3 and blockchain app development.

Web3 Development Career Path

Provider: BloomTech

Key Topic(s): Solidity, Smart Contracts, DeFi, Career Guidance

BloomTech‘s Web3 program aims to equip learners with skills needed for a career in blockchain engineering. Spanning 10 sprints over 10-15 weeks.

You’ll Learn

  • Program Smart Contracts with Solidity
  • Develop full stack dApps
  • Concepts like Oracles, DAOs, NFTs etc.
  • 1:1 career coaching for roles like Blockchain Developer, Web3 Engineer etc.

Best For: Aspiring blockchain developers looking for extensive hands-on training and career mentorship.

Blockchain: Foundations & Use Cases

Provider: Coursera

Key Topic(s): Blockchain Fundamentals, Architecture, Use Cases

This beginner-friendly course offers balanced coverage of both theoretical foundations as well as real-world applications. Created by University at Buffalo professor, Dr Suresh Radhakrishnan.

You’ll Learn:

  • Technical components like cryptography, consensus protocols
  • Public/private blockchains, permissioned networks
  • Supply chain, identity, compliance use cases
  • Smart contracts programming introduction

Best For: Learners looking for an extensive yet gentle introduction to blockchain before diving into development.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: An Introduction to Digital Currencies

Provider: Coursera

Key Topic(s): Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Investing

This course focuses on the economics of crypto and teaches research-based techniques to analyze risks and returns of digital currency investment.

You’ll Learn:

  • Different types of cryptocurrencies
  • Underlying blockchain technology mechanics
  • Financial analysis to quantify crypto investment upside/downside
  • Portfolio allocation strategies

Best For: Finance professionals, investors or anyone interested in better understanding crypto from an investment standpoint.

Professional Certificate Program in Blockchain

Provider: Simplilearn

Key Topic(s): Hyperledger, Ethereum, Corda, Quorum

Simplilearn‘s Professional Certificate Program in Blockchain is developed in partnership with IIT Kanpur. The 4-month intensive program focuses on architecting and developing blockchain networks using platforms like Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum and Corda.

You’ll Learn:

  • Design blockchain network architecture
  • Implement decentralized apps and smart contracts
  • Develop blockchain solutions for enterprise needs
  • Industry best practices for architecture, design, security etc.

Best For: Mid-senior level software engineers looking to specialize in enterprise blockchain development.

Getting Started with Ethereum Solidity Development

Provider: Udemy

Key Topic(s): Solidity, Dapp Development, Web3.js

This practical course helps you gain hands-on experience developing a decentralized app on Ethereum with Solidity and Web3 from start to finish.

You’ll Learn:

  • Solidity basics – syntax, data types, functions etc.
  • Develop smart contracts and write tests
  • Connect a web interface with web3.js
  • Deploy the full stack dApp on a test network

Best For: Aspiring dApp developers looking for a hands-on, coding-focused Web3 & Solidity tutorial.

Decentralized Apps on Ethereum with JavaScript & Web3.js

Provider: Udemy

Key Topic(s): dApps, Web3.js, Ethereum

Created by blockchain engineer Imran Bashir, this course helps developers master Web3.js for interacting with Ethereum blockchain to build user interfaces for decentralized apps.

You’ll Learn:

  • Refresh core blockchain concepts
  • Use Metamask browser wallet
  • Make contract calls with Web3.js
  • Develop clean UI/UX for dApps
  • Publish dApp on testnet for public access

Best For: Frontend blockchain app developers looking to level up their Web3.js skills.

Free Web3 Resources

Beyond paid courses, there are plenty of free materials to start learning Web3 basics:

Web3/Blockchain Tutorial for Beginners

Provider: FreeCodeCamp

Popular coding platform FreeCodeCamp has an extensive, free 5.5 hour YouTube course covering blockchain core concepts, Solidity, Dapp development, supply chain examples and more.

Created by blockchain engineer Ravinder Deol, this course offers a coding-focused introduction suitable for beginners.

Web3 Blockchain Fundamentals

Provider: YouTube

This free YouTube course by PhD professor Bill Laboon teaches blockchain concepts required for Web3 development.

Spanning 19 lectures and 3 hours, it covers distributed systems, data integrity, consensus mechanisms, cryptography and more theory-focused topics useful for aspiring Web3 developers.

Key Takeaways

The demand for Web3 literacy and decentralized app development skills is rapidly rising. Learners have ample paid and free resources to choose from based on their experience levels and specific interests like NFTs, DeFi, crypto etc.

While blockchain may seem complex initially, consistent learning focused on building real apps can help demystify many concepts. Learning together with peer groups also boosts motivation and enjoyment.

Even if you don‘t want to become a hardcore blockchain engineer, having basic Web3 understanding will be invaluable to stay relevant as technology continues evolving.

So whatever your motivations are – career change, future-proofing skills or mere intellectual curiosity – use this guide to find the perfect Web3 course and start your decentralized journey today!