Learn AI: 10 Free Courses To Jumpstart Your Cybersecurity Career

We live in an increasingly data-driven world with over 90% unstructured data in the form of images, videos and texts. Making sense of it requires artificial intelligence (AI) to uncover patterns, insights and anomalies accurately. As cyber attacks grow more advanced, over 50% of organizations now rely on AI to analyze threats and secure systems.

The cybersecurity AI market is predicted to reach a valuation of $46B by 2027. As threats get more sophisticated, AI allows security teams to pre-empt attacks and amplify productivity by over 30X!

Hence, combined expertise in cybersecurity and AI can unlock massive opportunities. By learning AI foundations through quality courses, you gain a competitive edge. Let‘s explore the top 10 free resources to power your career!

1. Elements of AI (University of Helsinki)

Created by University of Helsinki and Reaktor, Elements of AI breaks down complex topics using plain language and exercises requiring no complex math. The first course offers intuitions on AI capabilities.

The second dives into algorithms like neural networks. Over 40% learners are women, surpassing tech averages. Sign up to gain crucial AI literacy!

2. IBM AI Foundations for Business

IBM‘s 2 hour course on AI techniques and applications helps strategize implementations across business functions from marketing to cybersecurity.

Intuitive explanations clarify how AI powers fraud analytics, network monitoring, automated reports and more!

3. AI by Columbia University


4. Microsoft Professional Program for Artificial Intelligence


5. Google IT Automation with Python


6. Intro to ML by Kaggle


7. AI Engineering by Udacity


8. IBM AI Foundations for Business


9. AI Product Manager Nanodegree


10. Analytics Vidhya Applied AI Course



The growing integration of AI in safeguarding infrastructure and data makes it invaluable to add relevant skills. Through these well-designed free courses, you can build strong foundations in AI, ML and applications across cybersecurity.

Learning at your own pace, you can upskill without taking time off work. Whether looking to specialize through advanced programs or gain awareness as a leader, it‘s the perfect launchpad!

I hope you found this guide useful. Connect with me if you have any other questions on boosting your cybersecurity career with AI skills!