How to Make Money on Pinterest and Thrive on the Platform

Pinterest is one of the top social media platforms, with over 400 million monthly active users. It‘s a visual discovery engine where people come to get inspired and find new ideas around their interests. This presents a lucrative opportunity for users to make money.

There are several effective ways to earn an income on Pinterest – by being an influencer, creator or merchant. In this detailed guide, we will explore the various methods, best practices, requirements and earning potential for each avenue.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn a commission when someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link. Given Pinterest‘s commerce-driven user intent and discovery model, it is an excellent platform for affiliate promotions.

How it Works:

  • Join relevant affiliate programs and networks like Rakuten, CJ Affiliate, ShareASale, etc.
  • Choose niche products to promote. For instance – apps, gear for hobbies, kitchen tools etc.
  • Create eye-catching pins showcasing each product. Include your affiliate links.
  • Share why you recommend the products and give authentic reviews.

Tips for Success

  • Clearly disclose that the content is an affiliate recommendation.
  • Use high-quality lifestyle images that fit Pinterest‘s aesthetic.
  • Share affiliate pins consistently and engage with your audience.
  • Promote a range of products at different price points.
  • Use affiliate link management plugins like Pretty Links.

Top affiliates earn upwards of $10000 a month through Pinterest. So it offers tremendous earning potential.

Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

You can get paid by managing Pinterest accounts for bloggers, small business owners and influencers. Rates range from $15 to $50 per hour, based on the tasks and hours involved.

It is especially useful for bloggers running multiple social media channels and ecommerce businesses struggling with the visual platform. As a skilled VA, you can manage –

  • Creating eye-catching pins
  • Organizing boards
  • Running campaigns & promotions
  • Interacting with followers
  • Growth tracking

Requirements are being familiar with the platform, basic graphic design skills and good communication abilities.

Sell Digital Products on Pinterest

Pinterest now allows merchants to directly sell products on its platform without needing an external site.

As a creator, you can leverage this to sell digital products like:

  • eBooks – DIY guides, workbooks, business ebooks, etc.

  • Printables – Planners, wall art, stationery, etc.

  • Stock graphics – Icons, patterns, textures, illustrations, etc.

  • Courses & Trainings

  • Upload products through Pinterest‘s commerce manager

  • Create a board dedicated as your ‘Shop‘

  • Design printable pins showcasing covers, sample pages for each product

  • Redirect users to purchase the product from links in pin descriptions

Top creators generate 6-figure incomes selling digital assets leveraging Pinterest‘s buyer audience open to purchasing helpful resources.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

As an influencer, blogger or business owning a website – Pinterest presents a goldmine for referral traffic. Over 175 million monthly viewers are there to discover content for their interests and hobbies.

You can leverage this built-in demand by:

  • Curating and posting engaging pins
  • Using keywords relevant to your blog posts in pin text
  • Linking to your top-performing website content
  • Sharing pinned content across platforms

This content discovery drives targeted visitors to sign-up, purchase products or read your content.

With smart optimization, bloggers earn anywhere from 5000 to 100,000 site visits monthly through Pinterest.

Join the Pinterest Creator Fund

Pinterest launched a Creator Fund to reward creators contributing original and trend-worthy content.

As part of the fund, you can earn:

  • Up to $25,000 grant
  • Additional advertising credits
  • 1:1 coaching to scale growth & monetization

To qualify, you must:

  • Have at least 1000 engaged monthly viewers
  • Post original content matching Pinterest‘s brand guidelines
  • Produce ideas aligned to content categories identified by Pinterest

The application-based fund aims to support underrepresented creators producing excellent content.

Influencer marketing is hugely popular on Pinterest. Over 75% users rely on influencer recommendations for purchases on the platform.

As an influencer, you can collaborate with brands in your niche and create sponsored pins in exchange for money.

The average payment can range from:

  • Micro influencers with 5000 followers – $75 to $250 per pin
  • Mid-tier with 80,000 followers – $700 per pin
  • Top influencers with 500K+ followers – $2500+ per pin

Using Pinterest‘s Partnership tool, you can disclose paid partnerships on Idea Pins transparently adhering to FTC guidelines.

Join Pinterest‘s Verified Merchant Program

Pinterest provides a Verified Merchant Program (VMP) enabling businesses to showcase their credibility.

As a verified seller, you get:

βœ… Blue verification badge

βœ… Increased visibility in search results

βœ… Expanded presence across Pinterest

βœ… 17% higher conversion rates

To qualify, merchants need:

  • An established website & Pinterest account

  • Company address & contact info added

  • Profile adhering to community guidelines

Over 1 million merchants have gained through verification annually. If selling products through Pinterest, it offers the best foot forward.

Make Your Pins Shoppable

Pinterest provides a built-in feature to tag products within Idea Pins.

As an influencer or brand, you can directly enable users to purchase items from your pins without leaving Pinterest.

Ways to do so:

Affiliate Marketing Pins

  • Choose an affiliate product relevant to your niche
  • Visually showcase it by designing an engaging Idea Pin
  • Enable ‘Add a Price‘ option
  • Tag the product & add your affiliate link

Own Product Pins

  • Select a hero product if you have an ecommerce store
  • Create an eye-catching graphic pin for it
  • Tag your product through ‘Add a Price‘
  • Input product price details from your online store

This seamless browsing experience leads visitors straight to purchase rather than exiting Pinterest.

Top influencers make between $2000 – $17000 per month through shoppable pins driving affiliate sales.

Sell Pinterest Templates

Creative entrepreneurs can generate an income by selling templates for Pinterest ideas. These could be:

  • Editable graphics
  • Planners
  • Social media posts
  • Pin design layouts
  • Marketing templates

Tips to Get Started:

  • Analyze trending content formats on Pinterest
  • Identify templates that could help other users save time
  • Create templates using Canva, InDesign, etc.
  • List for sale on Etsy, Creative Market, Gumroad etc.
  • Promote them actively on your Pinterest profile

Some proven popular templates are fitness trackers, blog planners, mood boards, book covers, vision boards, banner images etc.

By catering to high-demand needs, leading template designers make between $800 – $2500 every month.

How to Boost Your Earnings

To maximize your money-making potential on Pinterest, do focus on:

Convert to a Business Profile

Switch your account to access analytics, promoted pins and special business features.

Optimize Your Pinterest Presence

  • Complete profile
  • Use relevant keywords
  • Consistent pinning
  • Clear website linkage

Analyze Performance

Track analytics to identify:

  • Your top content
  • Best times for engagement
  • Highest traffic sources
  • Popular affiliates

Follow Trends

Stay updated with:

  • Popular niches
  • Emerging content formats
  • Hashtags and keywords
  • Pinterest priority areas

Utilize All Features

  • Enable shoppable pins
  • Run Pinterest ads
  • Use creator & platform tools
  • Test new offerings

This ensures you ride new opportunities and surf every wave of the Pinterest landscape.

Which Route is Best For You?

While the platform offers many money-making avenues, assess your strengths to pick the right approach:

Method Effort Needed Earnings Potential Best For
Affiliate Marketing Medium $500-$5000/month Influencers, Bloggers, Product Reviewers
VA Services Medium $500-$2000/month Skilled Pinterest Users
Selling Products High $1000-$15000/month Creators, Merchant Stores
Traffic Driving Low 10000+ Site Visits Bloggers, Business Websites
Creator Fund Low $8000+ grant value Underrepresented Niche Influencers
Brand Partnerships Medium $250-$5000 per pin Top Influencers, Micro Influencers
Verified Merchant Medium 17% higher conversions Online Product Merchants
Shoppable Pins Medium $2000+ per month Affiliates, Influencers, Brand Stores
Selling Templates Medium $800-$2500/month Designers, Creative Entrepreneurs

Evaluate time commitment, monetary potential and your skills to pick the best avenues or a strategic combination.

Ready to Make Money on Pinterest?

Pinterest offers versatile options for different customer segments to unlock income generation leveraging its platform strengths.

As one of the top channels for product discovery, visual engagement and commerce intent – it is poised perfectly for monetization.

We have detailed the various approaches, step-by-steps, requirements and earning potential through each route in this comprehensive guide.

Now discover where your unique proposition fits, chalk out a game plan and start your journey to build wealth on this high-value platform!