How to Get a Blue Tick on Instagram and Move Towards Social Media Stardom

Hey there! Have you ever wondered what it takes to get that sought after blue verification checkmark on Instagram? You know, the one signalling an official account and scattering your feed on posts by celebrities and influencers you follow.

Well you’re in luck! A recent major change by the platform now means getting a verified badge beside your handle is easier than its ever been before.

In this comprehensive 2.8k + word guide, I’ll clarify everything you need to know as an aspiring online creator on the pathway to securing Instagram verification and ascending to social media stardom in 2023 and beyond!

Here’s a preview of what I’ll cover:

  • A deep dive into what Instagram verification is, its elusive history restricted to VIPs, and exactly why that blue check holds so much weight and allure
  • An overview of Meta’s game changing paid verification program opening badge access up to the masses
  • The multitude of benefits you’ll gain once verified that help accelerate your influence
  • Must-meet requirements to qualify for Meta’s program
  • Step-by-step instructions guiding you through the verification process
  • Pro tips to deeply understand what reviewers look for in a verification approval decision
  • Common application mistakes that could sabotage your verification chances
  • Perspectives on whether chasing a blue badge is truly worth your effort in the end

Let’s get started, shall we?

What Exactly is Instagram Verification and Why Does it Matter?

In its most basic sense, the blue verification badge (AKA the ‘gram equivalent of getting knighted by the Queen) confirms an Instagram account‘s authenticity and official recognition from the platform.

It indicates Meta has manually reviewed and vetted the profile to confirm it legitimately represents the brand, public figure, celebrity or organization it claims to be in the bio.

This distinguishes an account from the myriad of fan pages, parody profiles or shameless impersonators out there hoarding followers.

Prior to being acquired by Meta in 2012, early Instagram operated on a small closed ecosystem of friends sharing photo updates. Verification tools became necessary once influencer culture took off and commercialization hit critical mass mid 2010s.

Initially when verification was introduced in 2014, securing a blue badge was like finding the golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, reserved for elite status tastemakers:

The sought after blue verification badge every influencer wants!

  • Global superstar celebrities like Selena Gomez, Cristiano Ronaldo and Kim Kardashian flaunted their elite checkmarks that became synonymous with household name recognition.

  • Leading brands like Nike, Louis Vuitton and Coca-Cola that attracted millions in advertising dollars were insta-approved.

  • Renowned public figures, politicians, activists and artists considered cultural pioneers in their discipline were handed a coveted blue badge.

The exclusivity of verification remained a hot topic over the years. But it seems parent company Meta got sick of playing favourites and restricting the glue that holds the ‘gram’s social hierarchy together.

In 2023, they’re appeasing demands from Instagram’s creators, visionaries and community builders who keep the platform culturally relevant.

Meta opened verification requests to the public through their paid subscription model called Meta Verified.

For just $12 USD a month on web – less than an expensive acai bowl lunch – anyone can technically apply for an Instagram verification badge.

It aims to enable creators, entrepreneurs, local businesses and public personalities working hard to make an impact in their communities.

But does merely paying a monthly access fee automatically qualify you for verification? Can random accounts now be instantly verified?

Definitely not! Applications still get extensively reviewed before approval to maintain legitimacy. Meta just widened the verification pool beyond globally recognized names.

So while verification criteria is technically more achievable than during Instagram’s six figure follower influencer era, a blue badge still carries immense clout, credibility and privilege.

Let‘s explore why creatives and brands pursue prestigious verification in the first place.

The Value Behind Getting a Verified Badge on Instagram

Apart from solidifying your legitimacy as ‘#official’, here’s why getting a confirmed blue check is hugely beneficial:

It Accelerates Your Audience Growth Velocity

The verification badge piques curiosity around who you are. It signals authority, trust and likely hard won expertise around a topic to earn a check.

According to Instagram marketing intelligent provider HypeAuditor, verified accounts grow +32.1% faster than non-verified peers.

73.6% of users also say they’d follow a verified profile over non-verified, assuming both profiles seem comparable. The badge subtly communicates you offer extra value.

It Strengthens Brand-Consumer Relationships & Loyalty

Followers gravitate towards transparency and knowing exactly who they’re engaging with. Fostering genuine human connections gets harder at scale.

The blue verification badge builds a layer of relatable trust that combats skepticism. You reassure followers you are who you claim behind the content they see daily from you in their feed or Explore page discoveries.

When consumers place deeper trust in your brand ethos, they’ll reward you with unwavering loyalty. They become emotionally invested in supporting your future success.

Recognition as an Authority Figure Within Your Industry

Think of verification as the explicit seal of approval from Meta themselves recognizing your cultural impact.

You level up from just another Instagrammer to a distinguished thought leader within your niche. It marks your transition from emerging amateur into an industry mainstay.

You could leverage this industry authority status to collaborate with complementary brands, speak at events/conferences or attract media publicity.

Exclusive Access to Specialized Instagram Features & Content

Similar to how Twitter operates, verification unlocks special access including:

  • Custom swipe up links in Stories instead of having to hit a certain follower threshold
  • Unique augmented reality filters, stickers and creative tools to amplify your content aesthetic
  • Early pre-release access to new product developments on Instagram to beta test and provide feedback

While anyone can technically apply for verification starting 2023, Instagram still wants to uphold badge credibility aligned to its values.

Next let‘s clarify what baseline expectations your profile realistically needs to meet to pass initial verification screening.

Minimum Requirements Instagram Looks For in a Verified Account

While technically achievable for everyday creators now, verification remains competitive.

Instagram still denies ~30% of Meta Verified requests from applicants not sufficiently meeting these base expectations:

⛔️ Must Represent Authentic Identity

Fake, parody or anonymous profiles don’t qualify. You need convincing evidence confirming the account legitimately represents a real public figure, brand or entity.

Tip: Legally register your business credentials.

⛔️ Public Profile Status

Part of verification involves vetting content contribitions. They can‘t access that if you‘re private. Flip your account public, even temporarily during review.

⛔️ Complete Bio Info

Well rounded profiles signal effort invested into a serious presence. Add locations, URLs, clickable email/contact info to demonstrate legitimacy.

⛔️ Noticeable Online Presence Outside Instagram

Sporadic engagement confined within the app raises skepticism. Are you an actual influencer if no one in the real world is discussing your impact?

Proactively pitch yourself to press, collaborate with brands, author guest posts on industry sites. Make noise amplified beyond just an Instagram profile.

Tip: Grow your hashtag usage off platform on Twitter/Redditaround relevant conversations in your niche.

⛔️ Substantial Following & Engagement Metrics

While Instagram stays vague on actual numbers, reseacher suggests within the 25K – 100K+ follower range seems reasonable depending on your niche. Don‘t submit pre-maturely.

Posting quality content able to organically garner thousands of authentic likes and comments per post conveys public interest around your brand.

Low vanity metrics signals lack of audience connection. Forced fake inflation could provoke rejection. Play it safe scaling up gradually.

⛔️ Posting Account Longevity & Regularity

Sporadic ghost accounts only fire up when you need something from followers looks suspicious rather than serving your community consistently.

Hit posting milestones showing longevity too like 500+ pieces of content, 5K+ followers, multi-year creation date. This proves an actively nurtured audience and personal brand.

Patience growing your account healthily over time is key. Don’t rush the process.

Now that we’ve clarified base requirements, let’s get into the step-by-step of actually submitting your verification request and payment into Meta‘s assessment queue!

How to Get Verified on Instagram in 2023 Through Meta Verified

Gone are the days of endlessly seeking validation from the elusive @Instagram account hoping for a surprise approval! Here is exactly how to sign up:

Step 1: Navigate to Subscription Sign Up

Open your Instagram app and tap your profile picture > Settings > Account Center

Scroll down and tap “Get Meta Verification” to begin registration

Step 2: Select Your Preferred Subscription Tier

Currently Instagram offers both monthly and yearly payment options. Pick whichever suits your budget.

Monthly = $11.99 USD
Yearly = $99.99 (breaks down to $8.33 / month)

Step 3: Input Your Payment Details

Carefully enter your preferred payment method details (credit card, PayPal etc)

Double check accuracy to avoid processing hiccups before submitting!

Step 4: Confirm Your Identity

This step verifies your identity aligned to name, bio and credentials on your Instagram account.

Upload a colour photo of your valid government ID document like drivers license or passport. Double check legibility.

You may also be asked to submit a selfie for facial recognition matching as an extra legitimacy buffer.

Step 5: Agree to Instagram‘s Terms of Service

Meticulously read Instagram’s boilerplate legal terms updated February 2, 2023 including specific callouts around permitted verification usage.

You must accept their universal community guidelines and terms of service to unlock eligibility.

Step 6: Share Why Your Account Should Be Verified

One last chance to pitch why your presence offers value to the app worth formal verification!

Be concise yet compelling in a few sentences tying back to the credentials and online impact in your niche. This context helps reviewers make informed decisions.

Once submitted, you’ll receive an initial confirmation receipt, then likely hear back within 30 days about approval decision. Fingers crossed! 🤞

Pro Tips to Secure a Seamless Verification Approval

I‘ll let you in on some insider expertise to guarantee your verification application adequately shows off your brand‘s cultural value.

Meta wants to see you take the app ecosystem seriously with an account optimized to strengthen community relationships.

Flaunt Organic Engagement

Prioritize content prompting discussion in comments and genuine shares vs vanity metrics easily inflated.

Reply to every single comment from supporters. @ mention them in your Stories. Reshare UGC. The perks of still being small!

Choose Distinct Profile Artwork

Stand out visually with bold colors, imaginative graphic styles and inviting imagery visitors instantly associate with your brand.

Pin Beneficial Link Outs

Convert visitors beyond followers into site traffic, email subscribers and paying customers with cleverly placed links driving action.

Advertise Your Niche Hashtag

Rally supporters under a branded hashtag allowing you to track engagement. Analyze tag performance through free social listening tools.

DM Potential Partners

Use link up opportunities with complementary brands that align ethically. Small collaborations introduce you to each other‘s audiences, amplifying awareness.

These tactics demonstrate an ambassador mindset intent on benefiting the app community overall.

Reviewers take this big picture impact into account since verification grants you more platform influence.

Now I‘ll cover crucial missteps that could completely botch your verification chances:

Avoid These Verification Request Mistakes Crushing Your Chances

While technically straightforward, botching tiny details on an otherwise glowing application derails acceptance.

Using Multiple Accounts

Don‘t spread your identity across various profiles. Condense into one focused presence so engagement isn’t misleadingly fragmented.

Only Commenting, Rarely Posting

Obsessively commenting for attention without sharing original content looks spammy. Diversify how you create value.

Paying for Fake Engagement

Stay far away from shady follower bulk services! Totally violates Instagram‘s community guidelines. Authenticity is priceless long term.

Ignoring Your Audience

Actively engage with supporters and influencer peers via comments, shares, collabs. Don‘t take community support for granted.

Fixing these flaws transforms you from an average account into a leader that enriches their subscribers and moves culture forward.

So I‘ve covered the basics. But should you personally pursue the coveted blue check? Let‘s weigh benefits against effort required.

Is Chasing Instagram Verification Actually Worth It?

Despite innovative efforts expanding badge access, verification remains controversial:

  • Longtime influencers felt slighted when ANY brand could pay to apply rather than earning checks through years cultivating cultural impact
  • Followers may question if their role models “sold out” by having the highest bidder allowed to buy verification
  • Scammers can appear more credible hiding behind a verified badge bought through stolen credit cards

But lowering barriers helps creators and entrepreneurs showcase their expertise to wider audiences hungry to discover them.

It comes down to your intention initiating the verification process:

Worth It If

You approach verification application as formal moment capturing hard work paying off (celebration)

The badge upgrades your existing service helping followers make informed decisions (value add)

You enthusiastically welcome opportunities assisting newcomers in your community (mentor leader mindset)

Not Worth It If

You rush verification simply chasing clout or social media vanity metrics (disingenuous)

Strangers questioning your authority triggers self-doubt or envy (validation seeker)

You’ll resent followers expecting more content or accessibility from you post badge (strings attached)

Hopefully this moves you away from obsessively refreshing your email awaiting rejection or acceptance in vain ego-driven anticipation.

Focus less on the badge itself. Double down sharing useful knowledge and supporting your community through struggles first.

Think bigger picture. If your niche recognizes your cultural impact already, Instagram‘s formal verified stamp will eventually catch up down the road.

So be patient and don’t quit early.

But WHEN approval arrives (manifesting positive vibes your way!) that blue check transforms into rocket fuel accelerating your influence.

It unlocks doors to media features, brand sponsorships and industry events.

The badge telegraphs your personal dedication while attracting high value co-creation opportunities otherwise inaccessible.

Soon you could earn income doing what you love thanks to elevated credibility from that coveted blue verification check!

So chase it for the right reasons – to spread your message farther reaching people needing to discover your service today.

The access flexibility is a game changer. Anyone willing to thoughtfully contribute has verification opportunities like never before!

I hope this 2,800+ word monster guide gave you total clarity on the inner workings of getting verified on Instagram!

To recap key points:

  • Recent changes enable more creators to get verified through Meta‘s paid service
  • Benefits include accelerated growth, deeper trust and industry authority
  • Requirements still uphold account authenticity and accountability
  • Step by step registration tips maximize your likelihood of approval
  • Optimizing your branding signals you take communityimpact seriously
  • Worth weighing benefits vs required effort based on your intentions

Here‘s to manifesting that career changing blue badge in all your ambitious endeavours! Don‘t be shy reaching out below if you have any other questions.

Now get out there creating the amazing, actionable content only you can provide. I‘ll eagerly await your triumphant success story!